By LoisLaneWannaBe <>

Rated: PG-13

Submitted: November 2006

Summary: How can Clark go on knowing he was too late? This short WHAM piece explores that reaction.

Taking a break from my usual Waffyness to bring you this little piece of WHAM.

This vignette was inspired by the video done back in March by Rachel (Psychofurball). The lyrics and images inspired me to write my first death fic. (Yes that means a death of a major character is involved, so if you don't like this kind of fiction, please don't read it) I also have this thing lately with Ryan Cabrera songs for my stories. I suggest watching the video Rachel made either before or after reading this. [EIC's note — you can find the video here:;f=13;t=000483 )

Special thanks to Saara B on her "first" beta job well done, Nicole for gushing enough to make this piece feel special, Anna for being nit-picky with the technical stuff and Rachel for making one awesome video. Thank you so much!

PS: It's all about the time zone difference :)

Comments, feedback, yelling, whatever you want to say, just let me know. Don't copy my work, just enjoy!

Authors note: I know there is another story archived here based on that video as well. My take on it is different and having two stories spawn from a music video I think is a huge complement to the movie maker. My complements' to the author of that story too, for it was a nicely written drama.


The rain rolled over the casket in perfect rows. It caressed the sides before dripping off the mahogany edges. The people stood behind him in perfect rows of black and gray, mourning appropriately.

She would have hated it.

She believed in impulsive decisions, quick thinking, and controlled chaos. It was her way.

Now she was gone, and she would never have her way again.

He had just missed her; he was a second too late, and he had paid the price. His greatest fear had come true, and he would have to live on knowing that it was his fault. Life would never be the same.

He was haunted by her memory while he was awake, while he slept. Her eyes had made him feel alive. Her smile had teased and beamed with pride at the simplest accomplishments. Everything about her was chaotic perfection to him. She was truly the only love he had ever known.

Reaching into his suit pocket, he pulled out two small rings. One had a simple, yet elegant, diamond solitaire on it, while the other was a plain gold band. Staring at them, he knew they could never belong to another. He couldn't keep them, he couldn't sell them. It was all just too much to bear.

Closing his eyes, trying to compose himself, a rush of memories flooded his mind.

*At Luthor's ball, with her looking graceful yet seductive enough to make anyone's head turn.*

*The first time she really hugged him in Smallville because she had feared for his life.*

*Dozens of kisses she shared with him.*

*Moments she was sleeping.*

*Moments she was awake.*

*All the different times she cried and he comforted her.*

*All the times she saved and consoled him.*

*The one last time he rescued her, and he was too late.*

Someone accidentally bumped into him, signaling the service was ending. The crowd was now leaving, in perfect fashion.

Looking down at the rings she would never wear again, he walked over to the coffin and placed the rings on top. The words 'until death do us part' echoed in his head like a terrible song as he walked away.

She was worth more than that. She deserved forever and he wasn't able to give it to her. Now she was gone.

He would never love again.