By angelic_editor <>

Rated: G

Submitted: January 2007

Summary: In this teensy vignette, Lois reflects on her love for Clark.

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine; the words are. Please don't take legal action, as recent college graduates aren't worth suing, anyway.

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She brushes an errant curl away from his forehead, watching him sleep soundly next to her.

And then she frowns, lost in thought.

She can't remember the exact moment she fell in love with Clark Kent.

It was more like the culmination of a thousand moments — an encouraging smile six minutes before deadline, a gentle hand against the small of her back, a hot cup of coffee waiting on her desk.

It was all of these, and so much more.

Fierce battles of wit. A tongue-in-cheek grin, flashed while editing her copy. A stubborn streak that could span more than one galaxy.

And inherent goodness.

That fascinates her most. His unwavering optimism balances her own cynicism.

Clark is her constant, even when he speeds away in a red-blue blur with barely a second's notice.

She studies his features, smooth and peaceful in repose.

No, Lois amends, she might not remember when she realized she loved her husband, but the exact moment doesn't really matter.

She always has.