I'm a Believer

By LaraMoon <laramoon@mac.com>

Rated G

Submitted: January 2007

Summary: What if Jason Trask and Fox Mulder had known each other as kids?

Author's Notes:

This was written in response to a challenge posted by Marcus Rowland.

Twenty Minutes with… Jason Trask. http://www.lcficmbs.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=000595

Trask is NOT an easy character to write about. Especially for little old me who just loves to write comedies. ;) I hope you have fun reading this anyway. :)


As a child, Jason Trask had never had many friends. He was opinionated and liked to tell others that they were wrong and why he was the only one who was ever right. The other kids in school hated having to be around him. Even worse, being forced to work with him on homework! This would usually lead to heated arguments and in the end both kids would hand in their work separately, each and every time.

And then, one day, a new kid showed up in the middle of the school year. One who had a reputation for being hardheaded and who had gotten into fights with other kids over his views of the world. Their teacher had immediately known that this would be a match made in heaven. And for a time, it seemed, the boys really did get along.

Until one day, something happened that would irremediably change their lives. One of the boys had witnessed an alien abduction. Or so he believed. Little did they know that this conversation they were about to have would be the one thing the other boy would remember most about his friend as he, himself — now a believer as well — embarked on a lifetime search for extra-terrestrial beings.

"I am telling you, aliens *exist*. I know they do!" he remembered his friend had said.

"No they don't. There's no such thing. You can't prove that they exist, either," he'd replied, certain that his friend had completely lost his mind.

"Yes! Yes, I can. I've seen them. Well, ok, I haven't *seen them*, seen them. But I know they exist. And I've seen what they can do!"

"You're crazy. Shut up! There is no such thing as little green men from Mars. Never has been, never will be. And there aren't any other planets out there capable of supporting life, either. So drop it."

"But I saw them! I saw what they could do!"

"You saw nothing. You think you saw."

"She disappeared! I swear, she did!"

"You think she did. She's just somewhere else."

"No! She's not. She was abducted by aliens. And I saw it happen!"

"Drop it already, Trask. There's no such thing as alien abductees."

"Trust me, Mulder. One day, you will believe, too."

"Yeah, right… They're coming to take over the world. I bet there's a conspiracy involved in this, too?"

"Well, yeah," Trask had answered defeated.

"Right. Let me know when you actually meet one, OK? Oh, and be careful, Trask, cause you know…" he had told his friend, laughing like crazy, "if you piss off the wrong alien, it could get you killed!"


Bottom Dweller's Notes:

This is supposed to take place *before* Mulder's sister is abducted. He was 12 when that event took place, so I'm guessing he's probably 10 or 11, here.

…and I don't know who it is that Trask saw being abducted — feel free to fill in that blank. His mom? His cousin? His neighbor? …I don't think it matters much, does it? Could easily be that his mom left and he's gotten it in his head that she was abducted. He *is* deranged, anyway. *lol*