By Amy <>

Rated: G

Submitted: December, 2006

Summary: What do you do with a precocious 3-year-old who knows a little more than she should? Offer her ice cream, of course!

Usual disclaimers apply, this is just for fun.


Lois took Haley's hand and began walking towards their car.

"Wasn't that exciting, to see Superman save that kitten?" Lois laughed as she knew her husband could hear her mocking him.

"Yes, but I want to go with him in case he finds another one. Maybe that one I can keep."

"Haley, you know you can't go with Superman, it's too dangerous. Besides, that's not how one goes and gets a cat."

"It is *not* too dangerous." Haley pouted.

"Yes it is. Besides, we are on our way to visit Grandma Ellen for lunch, and after that-"

"NOOOOO!" Haley shouted.

"Haley Elizabeth Kent!"

"I want to go with daddy! It is *not* too dangerous, and I don't like Grandma Ellen!!"

Lois' eyes widened, and before she could do anything about it, Haley managed to wriggle out of Lois' grip and started running back through the park. Lois was quick to follow, but Haley already had some of her father's speed. Not enough to draw too much attention, but enough where, if needed, she could get away from anyone — including one furious mother.

Lois shouted after Haley, as Haley shouted for her father. "Daddy!" she cried over and over until she finally reached the crowd surrounding him. Superman turned when he heard her crying, desperately thinking of how to "fix" the situation that was about to unravel. Haley made her way through the crowd and, when faced with her dad, jumped into his arms, sobbing heavily.

"Haley, what's wrong? Where is your mother?"

"Oh, daddy, please don't make me go with her! Can't I come with you and get a cat? Please? It's not too dangerous, and I promise to be good. Please!!" she managed to get out between sobs.

Lois had caught up by now, and though nearly out of breath, had enough energy to yell at her child. (A gift every mother seems to have.) "Haley! I told you to leave Superman alone! Get over here this instant!"

"Hey, Lois — you and Superman have a love child?" one of the reporters for the Sun Times asked.

"What?!" she fired back.

"You heard him. Your little girl just called Superman 'daddy'. What about you, Superman, have any comments?" Leslie Snipes from the Star quipped. "You and Kent haven't been married five years, right?"

"Don't be ridiculous, every kid wants their dad to be Superman. He's a family friend so she is very comfortable with him."

"No, Mommy, don't you know? Daddy is Superman. He just dresses funny sometimes."

Lois and Superman exchanged looks of helplessness. Neither one of them had thought Haley knew. They had been going to wait until next year to tell her…or maybe the year after that.

"Haley — " Superman started to speak, and had intended to lie, but when he looked into his daughter's eyes, he couldn't lie to her. He just looked at her, smiled at her innocence, and hoped to God that what the future now held for them would be safety from the masses and the crazy. "Sweetie, Mommy has known for a long time. It's the rest of the world we hadn't told yet. Like these reporters."

"Superman!" Lois reprimanded.

"Lois, she's three. You want to tell her I'm not her father when she knows that to be true?" Lois' features softened as she looked at her somewhat confused little girl. She looked a lot like Clark right then. She took a deep breath, looked up to the sky as if asking for help, and then turned to the crowd of reporters.

"Ok, here it is. Superman is really just Clark Kent. He and I are married, this is our daughter Haley. We live a private life and we like it that way. You want Superman quotes in the future — or any more information from any one of us — you will respect our privacy. Until then, read tomorrow's Planet. I can only assume it will be our last article for awhile." She then turned back to her family.

"Ok, now what, oh wise one?" she asked her husband. Superman handed Haley to Lois, and then picked the two of them up together.

"How about apple pie?"

"I want mine with ice cream!" Haley added. Lois just laughed despite herself. If they were going to make it through the media frenzy that was sure to come, she was glad she at least had a family with a sense of humor.

(End scene)

(Reopen scene to Lois' face)

"Oh no! Mother!"

(End scene)