Pretty, Pretty Clark

By Laura S. <>

Rated G

Submitted September 2007

Summary: On a routine trip to Smallville, Lois and Clark have some adventures in babysitting and find out some rather remarkable things about their own feelings toward one another. Ficathon fic.


When the phone rang at Lois Lane's desk on Friday afternoon, Clark Kent thought nothing of it.

Reaching out to take a big bite of her doughnut, Lois answered the phone with a slightly muffled "hello?" and Clark grinned. Only vaguely paying attention to Lois, he instead rested his chin on his hand and debated gift ideas.

His mother's sixtieth birthday was coming up this Sunday and he still hadn't managed to find the perfect gift. He tried to sort out his mother's hobbies, but shamefacedly could only call to mind a talent for art. Come on, Kent, he thought fiercely. She's your mother. What has she done in the past sixty years?

His memories all tended to center around him. Argh! How frustrating. He wondered how Lois would react to the news that her invulnerable superhero was as self-centered as the rest of the males on the planet.

"Are you sure?" he dimly heard Lois ask to the person on the phone. She sounded incredulous. "But what about Clark? Well, only if you're sure… I'd love to come."

Clark perked out of his musings at the sound of his name. What would he mind? It took superhuman willpower not to extend his hearing just a bit further. He watched, perplexed, as Lois smiled widely at the phone and set it down after a soft "goodbye."

Expecting his partner to come brief him, Clark waited expectantly. But Lois was… what was she doing? Typing? Munching? Not coming over to tell him what that was all about?

Casual, Clark! Oh so casual, he thought briefly as he made a quick dash to the coffee machine and then sidled over to Lois's desk.

"Hi, Partner," he said, dropping off a hot mug of coffee on her desk. He wasn't so moral as to be immune to the benefits of a little bribery. "Big story?"

"Nope," Lois continued typing, barely glancing at him. "Thanks for the coffee."

"So, do you have any big plans this weekend?" he finally asked, after a long stretch of silence.

"Yes. I just made some travel plans, actually."

White hot jealousy had flooded his system before her words could even trickle through to his consciousness. Scardino. It had to be with Scardino. That's why she had mentioned his own name. She probably wasn't sure where they stood with each other after that blissful "almost first date," and good ol' Dan had reassured her. Clark felt his jaw tighten unbearably.

"Scardino?" he managed to work out of his stiff jaw.

Lois had the audacity to look surprised, and it gnawed at him.

"Dan? No, of course not. I wouldn't go away for a weekend with him."

"You…wouldn't?" This set things in a whole new light. He wanted to dart upstairs and treat Metropolis to a Superman acrobatics show. The only concession to this maelstrom of energy, however, was his slight fidgeting.

Where Lois went on her own private business, was just that, he admitted ruefully. As long as she wasn't out with Scardino, he could relax. Clark glanced up at the clock on the wall. Nearly time to go. Perry probably wouldn't mind if he ducked out a little early. He had procrastinated finding a gift long enough; it was time to face the task.

An idea struck him as he bent down toward Lois to say goodbye. There was a framed picture of the two of them on her desk that he had never seen before. His heart wobbled a little at the thought of her taking the time to buy the frame and pick out a picture. There they were, at the Smallville Corn Festival, Lois had her arms wrapped firmly around her bear and he had one arm around her shoulder, tugging her close. His hair looked a little longer, but she looked exactly the same, still breathtakingly beautiful.

"Hey, Kent, you going to shove off my desk anytime soon?" She asked mildly, pointing to the elbow that was covering up her papers.

Still on a euphoric high because she wasn't leaving with Scardino and because she had apparently found their time in Smallville as precious as he had, Clark leaned over and gave her a short kiss on the cheek.

"Bye, Lois!" He backtracked quickly, before she could catch up with what had just occurred and lecture him about professional work behavior. Nearly jogging now, Clark grabbed his briefcase and caught the elevator, a happy smile on his face. Lois was looking outraged, he noticed. When the heavy doors slid shut, Clark peeked through them with his x-ray vision.

Now that he was gone, she had on the exact same stupid grin he did. Only, she made it look good.

His smile got a little bit wider, if that was possible.

Later, Clark flew over to Kansas, a backpack containing a few necessities and his mother's present slung over his shoulder. The wind whipped through his hair as he took his time flying, savoring the black night. The lights of Metropolis were burning brightly, so much so that they twinkled like stars. The night was cloudy, however and no real stars dotted the sky.

After a few more minutes of flying, he landed with a thump on the doorstep, much like the morning newspaper. He pushed open the unlocked door and found his parents just sitting down for dinner. They looked up as he came in; Martha was out of her chair and hugging him with a speed that bordered on superhuman.

"Hi Mom," he said brightly, hugging her back. "Happy almost birthday."

She gave his cheek a kiss and pulled him to the table. "Sit, sit. I'll get you a plate." She bustled over to the cabinets while Clark gave his dad a hug. Soon there was a plate brimming over the edges with steaming pot roast sitting in front of him. He dug in with relish, falling into an easy banter with his parents.

"Oh, Clark, I nearly forgot to ask you this," Martha said as they stood in the kitchen, washing dishes to hand to Clark to dry. It had been their routine since he was a little boy, and they fell into the old steps without question.

"Hmm?" he replied, floating a little to place the giant metal pan his mother used for the pot roast in its spot on the highest shelf in the closet.

"I told you that Jenna Macavoy has moved back into her folk's home next door after they passed away, right?" Without waiting for Clark to nod, Martha continued. "Anyway, I ran into her at the drugstore and mentioned you were coming up. She asked how I was planning on spending my birthday. Well of course she's invited to the party on Sunday, but I told her about the dinner Jonathan's taking me out for Saturday night. So when she heard you'd be in this big house alone, she wanted me to ask you if you'd mind coming over to watch Tessa for a few hours?"

"Tessa? Gosh, she must be four or five by now, isn't she?"

"Actually, she's seven. But Jenna was so sweet, she kept going on and on about how Tessa couldn't stop talking about you after you babysat her a few years back. I know Tess probably wouldn't remember you now, but apparently you made quite an impression way back when! And it'd be just for a few hours, poor Jenna and Jim haven't gone out in ages."

Clark nodded, already reaching for the phone. He paused, mid-reach. They were so close, he might as well go over there now and give them a proper hello. "Of course I will, mom. That little Tessa was a heartbreaker last time I saw her."

"Well it's a good thing that Lois has completely stolen your heart then, right? Nothing in that big, strong chest to break." Martha tapped his chest to illustrate her point and Clark blushed and rolled his eyes.

"Mo-om," he whined, the situation suspiciously similar to his junior high days. "I'm going over to say hi to the Macavoy's. You'll be up when I get back, right? I won't be long."

Martha gave her son a gentle shove toward the door. "Of course. Have fun. Tell Jim 'hi' for me."

Martha watched Clark's retreating figure and then when she was sure he was out accidental hearing range, she picked up the phone and dialed Lois's number.

"Hello?" There was a crash and a muffled curse over the phone.

Martha bit her lip to hide a smile as Lois's voice came back on. "Sorry Martha, I dropped the phone trying to get this stupid suitcase out of my closet. You'd really think they're make closet doors wider. How did I even get this thing in?" Lois paused and groaned. "Don't answer that. I'm babbling. Thanks for calling."

"Not a problem. Did you manage to get a ticket to Smallville?"

"Yes, I got that deal you told me about. I really appreciate it, Martha, but are you sure you want me there for your birthday? I know how family oriented you guys are. Won't I be in the way?"

"Of course not! First off, you're doing me a huge favor by coming all the way up here. I want Sunday to be a day that I can spend with all of my friends and family and it just wouldn't feel right without you here."

In Metropolis, Lois blushed her pleasure at being included in such a group.

"And besides, you should see how Clark mopes around something awful when he's away from you for too long," Martha said confidentially, aware that Clark would have cheerfully killed her if he had heard her reveal that tidbit. "He'll be absolutely thrilled to have you close by."

Lois murmured something noncommittally, glad that no one was there to witness her fierce blush.

"Thank you, Martha. Anyway, my flight gets into Smallville at five p.m. Do you want me to take a taxi over?" Lois paused. "Are there taxis in Smallville?"

Martha chuckled, delighted at the woman her smart boy had chosen to love. "I don't believe so, but don't be silly. Jonathan or I will come pick you up. I'd suggest Clark, but I just want to see the look on his face when you walk in the door!"

Lois laughed and, after a few moments, said her goodbyes to Clark's mom. She hung up, feeling a strange, bubbly warmth suffuse though her body. The Kents considered her family? Of course, Martha had told her as much after the take out dinner Jonathan had "cooked," but it still sent a thrill through her. Jonathan and Martha were her idea of perfect parents, she thought a little wistfully, and Clark… well… Clark was nothing like her brother, but she loved being with him, nevertheless.

A part of her wished to explore her feelings on the subject, but a larger part shied away from such musings. They were bound to be a jumbled mess and right now she had to pack for a weekend trip. It really should be easy, she thought, staring at her messy apartment. Three days and two night. Piece of cake.

Two hours later, Lois shut her suitcase with a delighted grin. There. She was finally ready to roll.


The next day passed in a blur for Clark as he spent most of the morning and afternoon doing some minor repair jobs around the farm. His father kept following him around, admonishing him for working so hard on his day off, but Clark would hear nothing of it. It wasn't as if the jobs were strenuous to him, and besides, he enjoyed the looks of delight his parents tried so hard to hide as they attempted to convince him to stop.

Finally four o'clock rolled around; the time he had promised Jenna he would arrive to take care of Tessa. He gave his parents a wink and made them promise to behave themselves on their date before he left for their neighbor's. He inhaled the scent of fall as he made his way next door. It was his favorite season and he shoved his hands in his jacket pocket, an unconscious admission to the sharp air. When he knocked on the door, a golden retriever barked madly and he heard the pattering of Tessa's little feet as she threw herself at the door. Tessa opened the door wide a moment later, dropping to her knees and throwing both arms around her dog to keep him from running outside and tackling Clark.

"Hiya, Clark!" She said, panting a little as the retriever fought against her small arms. "Princess, *down*!" she admonished the dog sharply. Clark stepped inside the house, one quite similar to his own, and gave the dog's head a gentle ruffle.

"Hi Tessie, hi Princess," he greeted them both. At her name, Princess broke through her owner's weak hold and placed both paws on Clark's chest. Tessa let out a high pitched giggle, interrupted by an exasperated shout from the back of the house.

"Princess, down!" A moment later, a woman had the dog around the chest, pulling her off Clark with a grunt of exertion. "Hey, Clark," Jenna Macavoy brushed some of the hair out of her eyes and smiled at him. "I'm so glad you could come watch Tessa for us tonight. She's still telling tales to anyone who will listen about the fort you guys made the last time."

Jenna glanced at the clock on the wall and bellowed back to her husband to hurry up. She motioned for Clark to follow her into the kitchen. Tessa and Princess trailed after them, the former speaking a mile a minute and the latter woofing her agreement.

"The emergency numbers are right here. We've got tickets to a play in Wichita, so we might get back a little late. Is that okay?"

"Of course, Jenna. My parents informed me that I wasn't to return home until late anyway," Clark good-naturedly rolled his eyes. "I guess I was cramping their 'alone time.'"

"Then I'm sure you don't want to be anywhere near that house, right?" Jenna said, laughing a little as she pointed to various items in the kitchen. "There are plenty of things for sandwiches in the fridge and frozen things in the freezer. Tessa can have some ice cream if she does a good enough job eating. And then bedtime's at eight. Think you can handle it?"

"Sure I can," he said with a grin. He turned to pick up his charge and whispered something in her ear that caused Tessa to shriek with laughter.

"You mean I can stay up until eight-thirty?!" she asked loudly, grinning with delight at this taboo.

"Shhh! That was supposed to be a secret!" he admonished gently. He gave Jenna a smile, which she returned. Her husband, Jim, entered the kitchen a moment later, shaking out his still wet hair and fiddling with his tie.

"Hey, Clark, thanks for doing this for us," he said, extending a hand to shake.

The Macavoys left in a whirlwind a few moments later, after giving Tessa a big kiss and extracting a promise to be good. When the door shut, Tessa turned to Clark expectantly.


"Well what?" Clark replied.

"Time to make a fort! You can be the ghost and I'll be the camper, okay?"

Their "game," Clark remembered, involved them setting up a sheet as a tent and dragging in "supplies" (a plastic flashlight, some goldfish and a whistle). Then, Tessa would pretend to sleep and Clark would walk around the tent, making ghost sounds.

It could entertain her for hours.

Which it did, until they flopped down, exhausted. Clark had been a nice ghost, a scary ghost, a moaning ghost, and a rhyming ghost, and each time, Tessa would burst out of the tent and shine the flashlight on his chest, causing him to melt and her to remain the victorious ghost buster.

He tried being an ironic ghost as he hummed the first few bars to the "Ghostbusters" theme, but Tessa didn't get the joke and demanded that he act scarier.

Finally, they declared Tessa the Ghostbuster Champion of the World and agreed to play a board game. Clark gave an obligatory horsey ride over to the big closet full of games and they opened the doors. Games were stacked in huge towers, but Tessa seemed to know exactly what she was looking for. She hopped off his back and stood on her tiptoes to reach a pale blue box. Clark quickly caught the rest of the games before they tumbled over and they brought the game back to the table.

"Pretty, Pretty, Princess?" He asked, looking down at the board. "Good choice, Tessa-bear."

They set up the game, which basically consisted of a ringed board with pictures of different pieces of jewelry on every square. They each chose a color; the object of the game was to land on every square and collect the piece of jewelry pictured. After a few minutes, Tessa was beating Clark badly, already decked out with one earring, a ring, a bracelet, and a necklace. He had received a necklace, a clip-on earring and a bracelet that didn't fit his wrist. He wore the necklace and earring, keeping the bracelet on the floor beside him.

Both he and Tessa were competing fiercely for the crown, the "best" piece in the game. After a few minutes, Clark moved to the correct square, and picked up the crown with a triumphant bellow.

"Aha!" He placed the crown jauntily on his head, though it didn't exactly fit. Just then, a knock sounded at the door and he jumped up.

"Hold on a minute, Tessa. Let me go see who this is."

She ran after him, keeping the crown in her line of vision at all times. Perhaps he looked a little silly, with the earring dangling off one ear, the necklace acting as more of a choker around his neck, and the crown perched on his hair, but Tessa didn't notice. Clark looked good, like a princess.

Perhaps if they had time, he could play Princess Ghost before bedtime…

Tessa's musings were cut short as Clark opened the door. And then the most peculiar thing happened. He turned a bright, tomato red and immediately reached up to tug the crown off his head. Tessa caught it in mid-air, delighted with this forfeit. She placed it firmly on her head and then returned her attention to the two adults in the hall. There was a pretty girl on the other side of the door. She had dark hair like herself and Clark. And she couldn't seem to stop laughing.

Clark wanted to sink in a hole and stay there for the rest of his natural life. When he had pulled open the door, seeing his partner on the other side had not been a part of the plan. How had she gotten here? She was thousands of miles away from Metropolis! Even Lois couldn't get lost that badly. And he had answered the door half dressed in drag!

Lois was still giggling at his appearance, having to lean a hand on the doorjamb to steady herself.

"Hi…Clark…" she managed to get out between gasps of laughter. "Nice… crown."

"What are you doing here?" he asked in bewilderment, oblivious to the earring still in his ear and the necklace still around his neck.

"Your mom invited me over for her birthday, but we wanted to surprise you. My plane just got in, and Martha suggested I come spend the evening here, rather than sitting home all night."

"You came all the way out to Smallville for my mom's birthday?"

Lois nodded and then rubbed her arms for warmth. "So you going to stand there and gawk all day or will you let me in?"

"Of course! Of course," Clark said, berating himself for not thinking of it earlier. He gave her a shy smile. "I'm really glad you're here, Lois."

"Clark! Clark! Who is this?" Tessa bounced up and down, curious about the new face.

"Oh, where are my manners?" Clark swept Tessa off her feet, bringing her up to Lois's eye level. "Tessa-bear, meet Lois. Lois Lane, Tessa Macavoy."

Tessa squealed as Clark tickled her ribs gently. "Hi, Lois. You can play Pretty, Pretty, Princess, too, if you want."

"Thank you, Tessa. That's very nice of you!" Lois replied a little awkwardly. She wasn't the greatest around kids. She was certainly unlike Clark, who seemed to fit right in. Clark set down his charge and looked her in the eye.

"Tessa, will you please go check on the game and set up a place for Lois? We'll be with you in a minute."

"Okay! What color?"

"Hmm…" Clark looked at Lois. "I think she looks like a purple, what do you think?"

Tessa nodded her approval and dashed off into the family room, leaving Clark and Lois alone in the foyer for the first time.

"I can't believe you're here," Clark said, shaking his head. "My mom didn't let it slip, and trust me, she usually does."

"I'm glad she invited me," Lois said softly. "We have this long weekend and I didn't really have any other plans. Plus, if I hadn't come, I would have missed the show."


"That jewelry modeling you're doing? Trust me, Clark; don't give up your day job."

"You don't think it brings out my eyes?"

Lois giggled and tugged on the earring. "I don't think this was the look Jimmy had in mind when he told you to get an earring."

Clark groaned and raised his hand to his ear. "Shoot, I forgot I had this on. Does this make me less of a man in your eyes?"

Reduced yet again to a helpless, giggling mess, Lois grabbed his arm and led him the way Tessa had retreated. "I think it makes you the prettiest partner I've ever had."

They entered the family room to find Tessa impatiently sitting by the board, all set to go.

"Come on," she nudged them. "Let's play!"

Three rounds later, Lois's competitive side was starting to show. She landed on the space for the crown and crowed triumphantly as she snatched it from Tessa.

"Lo-is, she's seven-years-old!" Clark muttered under his breath, as Lois gleefully placed the crown atop her head.

Tessa pouted for a moment, but cheered up as Clark handed his ring to her.

"But Clark! This is your ring. It's in your color."

"I think it looks better on you, Tessie."

She couldn't argue with that, so she slid the ring on her middle finger, giving him a wide smile. After a few more minutes of playing, Tessa started in with her questions.

"Lois? Are you Clark's girlfriend?" The seven-year-old cocked her head to the side with real curiosity.

Lois stopped in mid cheer at the question. "Umm…" she stumbled a little, shooting a look at Clark. He merely shrugged, looking at her expectantly. Lois vowed to extract her revenge on the traitor later.

"You don't know?" Tessa asked incredulously. "See, a girl in my class told me a boyfriend is someone you like more than any of the other boys in the whole school. Do you like Clark more than the other boys?"

Something told Lois that the little girl who idolized Clark wouldn't take well to any answer but the affirmative.

"Well, yes, I do," she uttered truthfully, a little nonplussed at the unexpected third degree.

"Do you think he's handsome? Like Aladdin? Clark, you kind of look like Aladdin. But you wear more clothes," Tessa said conversationally to her sitter. "And you don't have a secret identity."

Now Clark was bright red and as flummoxed as Lois.

"Um… Yes. I guess I think he's handsome," Lois ground out a little awkwardly. Tessa paid her no mind.

"Like Aladdin?"

Unsure as to the correct answer to this, Lois nodded.

A thought occurred to Tessa just then and she scrunched her nose in concentration.

"Clark, I like you more than the boys in school and I think you're better than Aladdin. Will you be my boyfriend?"

"I think boys are only supposed to have one girlfriend," Clark said gently. "But I'll be your best friend. Does that sound like a fair deal?"

Tessa thought for a moment and nodded. "Yes."

They continued with their game, both Lois and Clark more subdued after the innocent, yet meaningful questions. Tessa didn't notice, but she did yawn a little. She finally collected all the pieces and declared herself the winner.

"I think it's time for bed, Tessa-bear," Clark said softly. "Go get your jammies on and brush your teeth. Are you too old for stories at bedtime now?"

Tessa shook her head, no, and headed for her bedroom to change. In the silence of her wake, Clark shifted a little awkwardly.

"I'm sorry about all the questions, Lois."

Lois smiled and looked down at her feet. "It's okay, I didn't mind too much. Besides, I do like you better than all the boys at school, what do you think about that?"

"Better than that bully, Scardino?"


Laughing in relief, Clark tugged her close to him and gave her a hug. "I'm glad you're here, Lois."

"Me too, boyfriend."

Just then, Tessa appeared at the doorway, looking somehow smaller in a matching set of pale pink pajamas. She walked over to Clark and lazily lifted her arms. "Piggyback ride?"

Clark nodded and swung her up and on his back. "Say goodnight to Lois."

"'Night, Lois," Tessa responded obediently. She and Clark made their way to her bedroom, her arms wrapped loosely around his neck.

While they were gone, Lois sank into the sofa. If someone had told her on Thursday that she'd find herself babysitting a small, slightly adorable child with Clark and wishing she really were his girlfriend, she would have phoned the mental ward. But right now, she couldn't imagine any place she'd rather be.

She still couldn't get the image of him answering the door, decked out as a princess, out of her mind. The expression on his face had been worth the whole trip. Feeling oddly bereft without his company, Lois ambled slowly down the hall until she heard Clark's rumbling voice in the next room. Walking lightly, Lois peeked into the doorway.

Tessa's room was pink. All pink. Framed ballet posters bedecked the wall, as well as a rack of every color bow imaginable. And there she was, looking lost in the middle of a giant, queen-sized bed. Clark leaned in closely, reading softly from a Nancy Drew book by the light of a small lamp.

The image was so domestic; Lois had to stifle a gasp as it connected with her heart. For a moment, it was very easy to envision Clark as the father of this child. But the thought of some other woman being the mother sent a sharp pang ricocheting around in her rib cage.

Clark switched off the lamp and folded the book on the nightstand, Tessa now fast asleep. He looked up and saw Lois in the doorway, but he didn't speak until they reached the still family room.

"Do you want to watch some TV?" He asked softly as they sank onto the sofa. Lois curled up under his arm, but said no.

"Let's just… talk," she said.

Clark nodded his assent and looked down at her head. "Thanks for babysitting with me."

"You're welcome. You're wonderful with Tessa. Probably all kids. You're going to make a great father some day."

For some reason, her words made him flinch. "Yes, if it's possible, I'd want to be a father more than almost anything."

"Almost?" Lois prodded.

Clark remained silent.

"What else do you want more than being a father, Clark?" She asked again, curious as to what could lay such a fierce claim in her partner's heart.

"You know, I just thought of a great idea for a present for my mom," Clark said quickly. "I bought her an engraved picture frame, but I didn't know what to put in it. Since my mom considers you family already, would you allow me to put a picture of the two of us? I can't think of anything she'd love more."

Inexplicably touched by this, Lois nodded. "That'd be wonderful, Clark. That's a great idea."

"Perfect. We'll have to take one sometime tomorrow. We can take it to get developed sometime before the party."

"You know, you looked very nice all decked out in that plastic jewelry," Lois began, unable to keep her mind far from the image.

Clark groaned and shut his eyes as he let his head slump back on the couch. "Not again. Are you ever going to let me forget that?"

"Never." Lois thought for a moment. "Actually, if you tell me what you want more than being a father, I promise I'll never breathe a word about it again."

Chagrined that Lois had returned to the topic, Clark shook his head. "Nuh-uh, nothing doing."

"Come on, please Clark?"


"You're a big jerk," she pouted playfully. "You won't even tell your girlfriend? I think you're more handsome than Aladdin, after all."

Lois used the word "girlfriend" lightly, but Clark's expression didn't change.

"Is that what you are, really, Lois?"

She hesitated. Was that what she was? She craved his company, yes. She… loved him, yes. But was it just a friendship kind of love? Her mind dwelled on the feelings that had reared up when she thought of Clark someday marrying some other woman.

"I'd like to be your boyfriend, Lois," Clark said softly. "I think you're the nicest girl in the class. And if you had pigtails, I'd probably pull them all recess. I'd break my Double Fudge Crunch Bar in half and give you the bigger piece." He lowered his voice. "And I'd like to hold your hand."

Stifling a laugh and a cry simultaneously behind her hand at his impromptu speech, Lois let out a nervous giggle as she picked up his hand and intertwined their fingers.

"I'd like to be your girlfriend, then, Clark Kent. You had me at the Double Fudge Crunch Bar."

The grin that split Clark's face nearly got in the way of the sweet kiss they shared.

Their new relationship thus chastely cemented, Lois snuggled back into his shoulder and flipped on the TV. They found an old rerun of "I Love Lucy" and watched it, giggling and yawning. Every so often, Clark would brush a kiss very gently on her hair and Lois would give him a sleepy smile.

After an hour and a half of TV, Clark looked down to see Lois fast asleep beside him. Taking his chance while he had it, he spoke very softly to her.

"Lois, you asked me what I could possibly want more than being a father and I wasn't sure if you were ready to hear my answer. But more than being a father, Lois, I'd love to be your husband. That's my dearest wish, sweetheart."

He brushed one more, very light kiss against her forehead and then settled in for the next episode, the black and white light flickering across them in the silent house.


*Some notes*

This was for Elisabeth, who requested this:

Three things I want in my fic:

1: board games

2: Martha Kent

3: embarrassment

Preferred season:

S1, S2 or S3

Three things I don't want:

1: New Kryptonians

2: PG-13 or above

3: Lex Luthor

I hope you liked it!

Laramoon pointed out that she didn't remember Aladdin having a secret identity. I was going by the Disney version, where he dressed up as a Prince so Jasmine would notice him. :)