A Sister Would Know

By LaraMoon <laramoon@mac.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: January 2007

Summary: When she meets her sister's new work partner, Lucy discovers quite a few interesting things about him that Lois has yet to figure out.

Author's Note:

This was written in response to Marcus Rowland's "Twenty Minutes with Lucy Lane" challenge. [http://www.lcficmbs.com/cgi- bin/boards/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=000589]

In reality, it took me less than twenty minutes to write this story. I spent about five of those eating a piece of cheesecake, which appeared in front of my face all of the sudden. I cannot and will not resist cheesecake! So truthfully, I haven't followed the challenge exactly (did it in about 15 minutes instead of 20,) but nevertheless… I have made a few very small changes here and there, to get rid of some repetitiveness and fix a couple errors that I always make when I write this fast. Other than that, the story is unchanged from the version that was posted on the boards.

The characters aren't my own and I do not lay claims to them, I just used them in this silly little tale. The idea behind "the chin" was inspired by something I read in a comic book (Superman Batman Annual #1 — which is so, so worth it!)

I hope you enjoy!


For the last week, every single time Lois had spoken to Lucy on the phone, the very first words out of her mouth after the usual "Hey Luce!" were inevitably "You'll never guess what Clark did." Lucy hadn't met this Clark Kent guy yet. He was the greenhorn Lois was stuck working with these days. And while Lucy could totally see through all of her sister's complaints and annoyances, Lois had apparently not yet realized that she had a thing for the man. That she had managed not to get a clue wasn't really very surprising, though. Lois could solve mysteries with her eyes closed and her hands tied behind her back — she'd done it quite a few times, too; but leave it to her to be completely blind to what was going on when she, herself, was at the center of it.

So, when Lois suggested they should go out for a drink and promised she'd drag Mr. New-Guy-in-Town along, Lucy had given in to her own curiosity and had readily accepted. She'd heard the bad and the ugly about the man already: he kept disappearing at the worst possible time, wore the world's most awful ties and — imagine! — he was really good at the "touchy-feely" stuff that Lois hated so much. Lucy was really looking forward to finding out if there was any good to him. There had to be, she knew, or Lois wouldn't be wasting her breath talking about him all the time.

The second she walked into the bar and laid eyes on him, Lucy had understood everything. Blinding smile, gorgeous eyes, nice broad shoulders. Worse yet, he'd proven to be kind and friendly, even smart and funny. It was also quite obvious that Clark Kent only had eyes for Lois Lane. But Lucy was completely, absolutely certain that Lois was totally oblivious to that fact. She was probably trying very hard to refrain from every little sideways thought she might have about him as well. And if Lois was anything like her sister, she probably was spending lots and lots of time trying to imagine this man's hands on her skin and his lips against hers and…

Lucy excused herself and disappeared into the washroom, in serious need of a little splash of water to help cool her thoughts down a few notches. If Lois didn't wake up soon and reel him in, she'd find herself battling every other single girl in Metropolis for his attention, 'cause they'd be all over him in no time. Lucy would be first in line to jump on the "try and snag Clark" wagon. Oh yeah. Totally.

She stared at her face in the mirror for a while, trying to concentrate on something other than his nicely chiseled jaw line and his strong chin, but it just wasn't working at all.

There was something about this man, she realized with a start. She couldn't put her finger on it exactly, but… there was something familiar about him. She'd seen him before, hadn't she? Lucy racked her brains trying to figure out where she could possibly have seen him. Certainly not in Metropolis… Lois had told her he'd just moved there barely over a week ago. He was from somewhere or other; she couldn't remember.

That's when it suddenly hit her. That mouth, that jaw line, that chin. Yes! Lucy was absolutely certain. There was no way she could be mistaken. Lois was really completely blind, wasn't she? Oh, she would have such a shock when she found out! Lois' new work partner, the guy she kept putting down and complaining about, was a lot more than he appeared to be. Which, considering he appeared to be all that he appeared to be already, had to make him the absolute most eligible bachelor on the face of the Earth. Lucy giggled madly as she tried to imagine her sister's face when she'd find out that Clark Kent was really Batman. Oh, that was going to be absolutely *priceless*.