Wells’ Revenge

By Lynn S. M.

Rated G

Submitted August 2011

Summary: What will happen when Tempus, upon observing Ultra Woman take flight, decides to transfer Superman’s powers to himself?

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Disclaimers: The Lois & Clark universe belongs to Warner Brothers and DC Comics. I’m just borrowing it for a little not-for-profit fun.

This bit of silliness was not beta read.


Tempus peered through the bushes and observed Lois take flight. So, the Newtrich sisters’ power-transfer device had worked. He let himself indulge in the classic villain I’ve-got-a-plan laugh. He would ‘convince’ Wells to create such a device for him. It would need to be much smaller than the Newtrich device, and remote activated, but surely Wells would have no difficulty in developing such a mechanism.


Perfect. The newly-created device was installed atop a garbage can and aimed right at Tempus. All he needed to do was shout for help and Superman would be here. He rubbed his hands together in glee. It was a stroke of genius, if he did say so himself, that he chose to universe-hop to a place where that galactically stupid female reporter couldn’t possibly meddle. He loved the Congo!

His disguise firmly in place, he yelled out a phrase that, in any other context, would have been anathema to him. “Help, Superman!” Even before he uttered the last syllable, there was a sonic boom and the do-gooder appeared before him, concern and confusion writ in equal measures upon his face.

“You needed help, sir?”

Tempus put on his best humble air. “Forgive my presumption, Superman. I just wanted to shake your hand.” As he grasped the bemused hero’s hand with one of his own, he triggered the remote with his free hand. A red light struck the Kryptonian and then enveloped both men.

Something was wrong! Tempus did feel strength enter into him, but also an overwhelming pain. He crumpled to the ground, doubled over and screaming. His last thought before he blacked out was that Wells had tricked him. Not only did Tempus get Superman’s powers, he also got his weakness: An allergy to his home planet … in Tempus’ case, to Earth.