You are Different

By Lynn S. M. < (Replace _at_with @)>

Rated G

Submitted March, 2011

Summary: Lois writes a letter to Clark describing how he is different from everyone else.

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I am borrowing Lois and Clark from Warner Brothers and DC Comics for a little not-for-profit fun.


My Dear Clark,

You are once again feeling down because of your differences, because you cannot give me a child. I have decided to write you this letter so that you can look at it whenever you are feeling blue.

It is true we cannot have children, and I understand why that saddens you. I am saddened as well. But that doesn’t make you different — many couples are in the same situation. We will get through this together, as have many other couples before us.

But you are different. Let me tell you how.

Where other people see the worst in everyone, you see the best.

Where other people become cynical, you remain optimistic.

Where other people who see pain and dying every day on their jobs become hardened in order to survive, you mourn the loss of every life. You lament every person you could not save. You grieve for every child who has lost a parent, every spouse who will never again be completed by their loved one, every parent who has outlived their precious offspring. You mourn their loss, and then you summon the inner strength to pick yourself up and continue being the caring reporter and the daring superhero.

Where other people might help out when it is convenient for them, you never ignore cries of distress, even the most inconvenient ones.

The people of Metropolis and the world are grateful for your differences. And so am I.

When other people only saw Mad Dog Lane, you saw the hurting and vulnerable Lois.

When other people avoided me, you approached me.

When other people just took, you gave.

When other people’s behavior caused me to build up my defenses, you snuck inside them and helped me tear them down.

When other people hurt me, you healed me.

So yes, my darling husband, you are different. And I wouldn’t have you be any other way.