Summer Camp — Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1C

By KenJ <>

Rated: PG-13

Submitted: July 19, 2012

Summary: This story takes place in the Matchmaker Chronicles universe. Lois and Clark have been married for approximately sixteen years. A week after the events of “Hurricane” the Kent clan goes on their vacation starting with a trip to Smallville. This story is a sequel to Hurricane — Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1B

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Disclaimers: The characters in this story are property of DC, December 3rd productions and Warner Bros., except those I created. No copyright infringement is intended. I have just borrowed the characters for a short time.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

A week ago Ultra Woman and Superman had dealt with a tropical storm in the Gulf which had been threatening Pensacola, Florida. This week had been relatively uneventful. Superman had stopped a few minor crimes but there had been no major disasters requiring Ultra Woman to assist.

They had spent the last couple of evenings preparing for their vacation. Now, it was Friday evening and they were getting ready to leave. Jon, Lara, Sean and Celeste all helped move the luggage out to their fifteen-passenger van. This was going to be used in preference to the mini-van because of the luggage. Once all the luggage was packed they had dinner and some family time playing board games. They were still finding missing pieces and misplaced pieces to the games as a result of last week’s in-house hurricane named Lucy.

Sam and Lucy had both been put to bed earlier and after playing several games it was time for Jimmy, Jessie and the twins, Celeste and Sean to head off to bed.

Thirteen year old Jon and eleven year old Lara were both in on the family secret and were both too excited by the upcoming trip to be able to sleep.

At ten o’clock when all six of the younger children were sound asleep it was time to start the trip.

Clark said, “Okay, Jon and Lara the two of you need to keep an eye on things while we are away. We should be back in just a few minutes.”

Clark and Lois both spun into their uniforms and walked upstairs. Lois put on the baby harness and placed fourteen month old Sam in it. Clark picked up the sleeping Lucy and placed her in her child safety seat, buckling her in securely before picking her up, seat and all. They both headed downstairs and out the back door. A few seconds later faint twin sonic booms could be heard and Jon and Lara both clapped in excitement.

Jon said, “I can’t wait till I can fly like that.”

Lara replied, “Neither can I. Why does it take so long?”

“I don’t know, sis. All I know is what Dad told me. We probably won’t be able to fly till we are about eighteen. That’s five more years for me and two more than that for you. At least we are strong and fast and we can hear real good.”

“Hear real well!”

“Aww Sis, you’re just like Mom, correcting me the same way she does Dad.”

A few minutes later Superman and Ultra Woman walked back in through the back door and moved upstairs. This time when they came down Lois had Jessie and Clark had Jimmy and the process was repeated.

With each pair of their siblings that were moved to Smallville the level of excitement that Jon and Lara were experiencing mounted. They tried to watch some TV but that wasn’t even enough of a distraction.

It wasn’t too long until they were back for the twins. Next would be their turn!

This time only Superman showed up. Jon asked, “Where’s Mom? Are you going to have to make two trips?”

“No, Sport, we’ve got a surprise for you two. Let’s go out to the van.” Clark spun out of the Suit and into casual clothes.

When they exited Clark let the kids into the van. He said, “Okay, Jon, you can sit in the driver’s seat. Lara, you ride shotgun.”

Surprised and excited by this change in plan, both kids climbed in. Clark said, “Make sure your seat belts are fastened.” He watched to make sure they did and then he said, “I’ll be right back.” He reentered the townhouse and they could hear him locking up. A few seconds later Superman appeared at the driver’s door and asked, “All strapped in?” Jon and Lara both nodded in the affirmative.

Since the van had a high wheelbase Superman was able to move under the vehicle and grab onto structural members. A few seconds later the van lifted off the ground and started to fly to the absolute delight of the kids.

Lara said, “Wow! Just like in ‘The Incredibles’! Will we do a high speed landing like them?”

Jon looked at his sister and said, “Nah, come on Sis, Dad wouldn’t do anything as stupid as that. That wrecked that camper. We need this van. He’ll be more careful. Besides, the only reason that camper was flying was because Elastigirl was holding on to it and the missile. Dad’s got us.”

Superman was flying ‘at treetop level’ because he needed to stay below five hundred feet. Superman and Ultra Woman showed up as a distinct profile on radar and the Air Traffic Controllers were used to seeing them and ignoring their blips. A flying van would show up like a small plane and would draw undue attention, but, by staying below five hundred feet they would be below the radar sweep.

It was a wild ride and the kids enjoyed it immensely. When they approached the Appalachian Mountains it was like a roller coaster going up and down. Eventually they reached Smallville and landed at the Kent farm. Superman came out from under the van and the kids piled out. Lara jumped up and threw herself into her father’s arms and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She enthused, “That was so much fun! Thanks Daddy. That was almost as much fun as flying in your arms!”

Jon, trying to be a little more ‘grown up’ about it said, “That was sure a lot of fun, Dad. Thanks.”

Clark said, “Mom and I thought you would enjoy a ride. As more of your brothers and sisters are brought in on the family secret you will be sharing the ride.”

Finally Jon broke down and shouted, “All right!! I can’t wait till the next time.”

“Okay Sport, Lara, time to pay for the ride. Why don’t you give me a hand moving the luggage up to the rooms?”

They both replied in unison, “Sure Dad!” Each grabbed a suitcase and carried it upstairs being quiet so as not to disturb Grandma and Grandpa Kent, or their brothers and sisters. When they were finished they each got ready for bed and Lara joined Celeste and Jessie in the room they shared and Jon joined brothers Sean and Jimmy and went to bed.

Clark joined Lois in their room. As soon as he walked in the door she threw her arms around his neck, kissed him and asked, “Well, how did it go?”

“Just like we thought, they loved it.” He started to chuckle as he continued, “I could hear them talking and comparing the ride to that scene in ‘The Incredibles’.”

Tongue firmly planted in cheek Lois said, “I just don’t know what these kids see in that movie. It’s so unrealistic. A super strong man, a woman that can stretch like a rubber band, a little boy that is super fast and a girl that can turn invisible. Gimme a break. Now, a super strong man, or woman, for that matter who can fly, look through solid objects, freeze things with super cold breath and start fires with heat vision, that I can believe.”

Clark had been laughing as Lois had been talking. When she finished he said, “Well as one super powered being to another I think we need to get some sleep. We’re going to need it to keep up with our brood when they get up in the morning. You know how they like it here on the farm.”


The next morning when Lois and Clark came downstairs, Lois was carrying Sam and Clark had Lucy. They found Jon and Lara still at the breakfast table eating pancakes, eggs and bacon. The nine year old twins Sean and Celeste, five year old Jessie and four year old Jimmy were in Grandpa Kent’s lap. Grandpa was grinning from ear to ear as he occasionally tickled one or the other of his grandchildren making them squeal with delighted laughter.

From the table Jon and Lara shouted, “Daddy, can we go swimming today?”

Clark looked at Lois, who nodded and replied, “I think that can be arranged.”

All of the kids let out a shout of approval.

Lois said, “After breakfast, why don’t you all help with the chores so that Grandma and Grandpa can go with us?”

That brought another affirming chorus and the ones that had already finished eating jumped off Jonathan’s lap and started pulling on his hands to get him up out of his easy chair so that they could start the chores. Sean the oldest twin had one hand and said, “C’mon, Grandpa. Let’s go!” His twin sister Celeste had the other hand and added, “Let’s go do chores!”

Jonathan was laughing as he allowed his grandchildren to pull him toward the barn. Looking back over his shoulder he continued to laugh as he said to Clark, “With all this help I should be done really quickly. Clark, after breakfast, why don’t you help me load up the grill? We can take it to the lake with us and have a Bar-B-Que.”

Clark replied, “I’ll be there is a few minutes.”

Jon and Lara hurriedly finished their breakfast and headed for the barn to help out.


A few hours later the Kent family, all of it, was at Smallville Lake. Lois, wearing her bikini, stayed with Sam and Lucy in the shallows. Clark supervised the older kids as they swam and played in the water.

The weather was perfect and they all had a lot of fun.

That evening, back at the farm, Lois and Clark gathered the kids in the living room. Clark said, “Well, how did you all like the start of our vacation?”

All of the kids were enthusing about the day. Finally Clark got them calmed down so that he could continue.

“We’re going to spend another week here in Smallville. Next week all of you except Lucy and Sam are going to go to camp.”

All of the kids had puzzled expressions. Jon asked, “Why do we gotta go to camp?”

Lara corrected him, “Why do we have to go to camp?”

“Aw, Lara, there you go again. Okay, have to. Why do we have to go to camp? Why can’t we just go out and do things?”

Clark tried to be upbeat, “We made special arrangements for this camp. When I was your age I used to go. This is a 4H summer camp. You’re all going to have a lot of fun. It was the highlight of my summers!”

Jon and Lara were both very glum at the prospect and the others were affected by their mood.

Lois chimed in, “Daddy told me all about the activities that go on at these camps and I think you’ll all have a good time. Come on, you haven’t ever been there, give it a chance.”

Resignedly Jon replied, “Aw, okay. I guess if Dad lived through it, it can’t be all that bad.”

Clark said, “Okay Sport, you’ll see. You’re all going to have a lot of fun.”

Martha chose that time to ask, “Who wants to help make dinner?”

All of the girls jumped up and headed for the kitchen grabbing Grandma’s hands and skirt in passing.


Monday morning saw the family in the van headed for the 4H camp area which was on the shore of the lake halfway around away from the swimming area. As they drove up the kids could see that the camp had its own swimming area as well as other recreation areas. Seeing all this, the kids started to get excited and even anxious to explore all that was available. As soon as the van stopped they all piled out.

The camp councilors divided them up by ages and Jon and Lara were together. The twins were together and then Jessie and Jimmy were together. They eagerly went off with their group.

Lois and Clark climbed back into the van and prepared to drive off. Lois said, “Well, it sure looks like they changed their minds.”

Clark laughed and said, “Yeah, as soon as they saw the beach and recreation areas they were hooked. I’m sure they will have a great time. I always liked 4H camp. They are in for some surprises, though.”

“Oh? What kind of surprises?”

Clark chuckled and said, “I’ll let them tell you when they get home.”

“Oh, come on Clark, you know I hate surprises. You’re just being cruel.” She swatted him on the arm.


“Don’t even go there, Kent! You know that didn’t hurt.”

“I’ll tell you this much, there is a camp out on Thursday night where the councilors tell scary stories around a camp fire.”

Lois asked, “Oooh, can I go too?”

Clark laughed and said, “No, kids only.”

“Aw, rats.”

“Besides, we have Sam and Lucy to take care of.”

“Yeah, we have to take care of the munchkins. Okay, you’re forgiven.”

“Wait a minute, what did I do that I need to be forgiven for?”

“I’ll think of something. Now, to make it up to me, you can take me to Maisie’s and get me a Chocolate Fudge Sundae.”

With a smile on his face Clark started the van and started driving to Smallville.


When Lois and Clark picked up the kids they were in high spirits and told Mom and Dad all about the activities which included helping take care of some animals, cows, sheep and pigs. They were all talking about how they liked feeding and petting the animals. Jon and Lara were a little peeved and Lois asked, “Okay, what happened? How come you two are down in the dumps?”

Jon replied, “It was no fun cleaning out the cattle stalls. That was stinky!”

Lara said, “Yeah, that was yucky!”

Clark laughed and said, “It’s all part of working on a farm.”

Jon replied, “I’m just glad that Grandpa doesn’t have any cows anymore.”

Clark teased, “I don’t know, now that he has a couple of experienced farm hands, maybe he’ll buy a couple.”

Jon and Lara both groaned.


Thursday came and they packed the sleeping bags before heading out.

That night there was a big bonfire at the campground. The campers were spread out around the fire in a circle, grouped by ages.

The older kids all had long sticks and were toasting marshmallows and the counselors were making S’mores for the younger kids. The logs were snapping and popping and sparks were flying up from the fire and everyone had a great time. After a while it was time to hit the sack so all of the groups moved off.


Unknown to campers and counselors alike, some of the sparks that had flown up from the fire had still been alight when they landed in the woods which surrounded the camp. Several small fires started.

Jon was the first to smell the smoke and it woke him up. Jon sat up in his sleeping bag and nudged Lara who was sleeping next to him. “Do you smell smoke?”

With a worried tone she said, “Yeah, and I don’t think it’s from the bonfire earlier.” Looking around she could see an orange glow at several spots in the woods. “Jon, I think the woods are on fire!”

Jon took charge, “We need to get everyone up and warn the counselors. Let’s go!” Suiting action to his words he threw off his sleeping bag and jumped up. He moved rapidly over to the counselor and shook her awake, “Miss Darcy, Miss Darcy, wake up! There’s a fire in the woods.”

Lara was rousing the other kids while Jon was awaking Miss Darcy so almost all of them were up when Miss Darcy stood up and looked around. She said, “We have to warn the other groups. Jon, run to the other sites and wake up the counselors.”

Jon shouted to Lara, “Lara, you go left, I’ll go right. Warn the other groups! Tell them to head for the lake!”

“Right, Jon!” She ran off, careful not to use her superspeed until she was out of sight.

Jon did the same thing. He would suddenly appear next to a counselor, shaking them awake. When he got to the group where Sean and Celeste were he woke them up as well and told them to head for the lake.

Lara, when she got to the group with Jessie and Jimmy, did the same thing for her brother and sister, telling them to head for the lake.

All of the campers started moving in that direction. As soon as all of the groups were awoken and moving in the right direction Jon found Lara and pulled her aside. He said, “I’m gonna run and get Mom and Dad. You get the rest of the kids together and make sure they stay together.”

“Okay Jon. I’ll keep them together.”

The fire was completely encircling the camp. There was no way that fire crews would be able to get in to evacuate the campers. In the smoke and chaos Jon slipped away and ran straight through the line of fire. He didn’t stop until he was at the farm. He burst through the door and shouted, “Mom, Dad! Mom, Dad! Help!”

Clark was the first downstairs. “Jon, what is it? Why are you here?”

A little out of breath, but quickly recovering, Jon said, “Fire. Fire at the camp. In the woods. Camp is surrounded.”

Clark shouted, “Lois, let’s go! The kids are in danger,”

Lois was already in uniform as she came downstairs and Clark spun into his uniform. Clark said, “You head back. You need to be there to take care of your brothers and sisters.”

Jon said, “Okay Dad. I’m on my way,” as he ran out the door.

Superman and Ultra Woman took to the air. As soon as they were high enough they could see the extent of the fire. Clark sent a thought, /Lois, follow my lead. Fly fast and low over the lake./

/Okay, lead and I’ll follow./

Clark put on a burst of speed and Lois stayed with him. They flew so fast that their slipstream sucked up water from the lake and pulled it along behind them. When they arrived over the camp they changed direction and headed straight up and slowed to a hover. This allowed the water to fall on the woods and extinguish the fire in that area. They repeated this maneuver several times until all of the fire was doused. Once this was done they landed at the lake shore and the campers all crowded around.

Superman spotted one of the counselors and asked, “How did this happen?”

The lead counselor replied, “It must have started from the sparks from the bonfire. We haven’t had any rain in a couple of weeks and the woods were very dry. Thanks, Superman and Ultra Woman. If you hadn’t been here some of our campers could have been hurt.”

“How is it that all of your campers are here at the lake?”

“A couple of our campers woke up the counselor of their group and then all of the other counselors.” She raised her voice and called, “Jon and Lara Kent! Come over here.”

When they arrived she said, “Jon and Lara Kent, these are Superman and Ultra Woman. Superman and Ultra Woman, Jon and Lara were the campers that woke everyone up. They probably saved a lot of kids from being seriously injured by their prompt action. One of the office workers told me that they are the children of Clark Kent who used to camp here years ago. He was very helpful too, I understand. They are chips off the old block, I’d say.”

Clark had a hard time hiding the pride in his voice as he said, “Oh, we know Jon and Lara Kent. Clark Kent and his family have been friends of ours for years.

Superman knelt down and put out his hand and as he shook Jon’s hand said, “Well done, Jon. I expect I’ll be hearing lots of good things about you in the future. You and Lara both.”

With a wave Superman and Ultra Woman took to the air and flew off.


Friday evening, after all of the kids were home, Lois and Clark took Jon and Lara into their room to have a talk.

Addressing both of them, Clark said, “Mom and I are really proud of both of you.”

Lois continued, “Yes, you both kept your heads in the emergency and because of that you saved a lot of kids from serious harm.”

Clark added, “It won’t be too long, Sport, until you will have all of your powers. The way you kept focused on what you had to do in this situation and used what you could do to help, coming to get us, directing Lara in how best to help speaks well for you in the future. Lara, your help to Jon was very important and what you did also was very impressive.” Turning to Lois he said, “We have a couple of very special kids here. What can we do to recognize their accomplishment?”

Lois thought for a second and offered, “I happen to know that their absolute favorite activity is going to the lake for a day of water fun.” She turned to the kids and asked, “What do you say, want to go to the lake for the day?”

Jon and Lara both leaped for joy. Clark noted that Jon hung there in the air a fraction longer than Lara and thought, <It won’t be long>.