Brief Story: A Lois & Clark/New 52 Crossover of Sorts

By Lynn S. M. < Replace the _at_ with the usual symbol>

Rated PG-13 for some mild discussions of mature topics

Submitted: April 2014

Summary: A discussion with Dr. Klein gives Clark hope that he and Lois might be able to have children after all, provided that he make a simple change.

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This bit of silliness was not beta read. Warner Bros and DC Comics own the characters mentioned herein.


The latest crisis had passed, and Clark was preparing to fly off when he heard Dr. Klein call out requesting a moment of his time. When the two were alone, the doctor started jabbering.

“Superman, I’m so glad I caught you. I was looking over your test results. You know the ones we discussed last week — the ones about your compatibility with an Earth woman? Well of course you know which ones I’m speaking about. What other ones could I be … “

Clark realized that in his obvious discomfiture, Bernie was about to give Lois some competition in the babbling department, so he decided to try to stem the verbal tide. “Yes. I know the ones you mean. What about them?”

“Well, I was looking them over again and I realized something. You and a human woman are not incompatible for reproduction, after all.”

“Then I could have a child with a human woman?”

“I didn’t say that. I said that you weren’t incompatible. The test results did show that you would still have difficulty fathering a child.”

It would be difficult, Dr. Klein had said. Not impossible. There was still hope. Clark, mindful of his current persona, kept his voice as neutral as possible when he asked, “What is the difficulty? Can it be overcome?”

Dr. Klein’s face reddened. “Well, uh, Superman, you see, it’s like this. Your samples aren’t, uh, that is to say, the little guys aren’t active enough, so to speak. I think the problem has a simple solution, though.”

Clark couldn’t keep the excitement out of his voice. “Really? What is it?”

“It’s your clothing. The, uh, red briefs you wear. They’re too tight. If you want to have kids, you’re going to have to get rid of them.”


And now you know the real reason for Superman’s new suit in the New 52 comics.