No Place Like Home

By Lynn S. M. < — replace _at_ with appropriate symbol>

Rated G

Submitted March 2014

Summary: This super-short vignette picks up where the series finale left off…or does it?

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Standard disclaimers apply: The characters presented herein belong to DC Comics and Warner Bros. They are being borrowed for a little not-for-profit fun.


Lois’ heart swelled as she heard her husband read aloud, “Lois and Clark… This child belongs to you.” She gazed at the baby now cradled in her arms and smiled.


Perry looked down at the comatose form of his once-star reporter. Had it really been four years since the Prometheus shuttle disaster? It was a miracle she had survived the explosion. If only she would wake up.

He shook his head as he left her hospital room. He should be grateful for small blessings. To judge by the hint of a smile that had been playing about her lips, at least she was somewhere pleasant.