By NostalgiaKick <feli290412@gmail.com>

Rated G

Submitted May 2016

Summary: Every action has consequences.

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Disclaimer: All recognisable characters, plotlines etc. are the property of DC Comics, Warner Bros and December 3rd Productions. I own nothing.

Author’s note: #29 in the At First Sight series. Set at the end of Bolt From the Blue.

This story is the 29th part of the “At First Sight” series. Please visit the Series Guide for links to all the stories in the series.


My powers are transferable to humans.

I had no idea, and in future I’ll have to be careful that it doesn’t happen again.

It could have been a lot worse.


William Wallace Webster Waldecker was definitely not the ideal person to receive my powers, even temporarily. He used them selfishly, greed his primary motivation.

By all accounts, Waldecker isn’t a bad guy. He’s certainly a loving and devoted brother. I think suddenly having my powers went to his head.

But it made me angry.

I would never use my powers for financial gain. And I certainly would never use them to spy on women’s locker rooms.

It makes me wonder. If I had come into my abilities suddenly, would I have reacted the same way? Is the way I use my powers due to a fundamental difference between me and Waldecker, or is it the result of being raised with them? My parents are good people who definitely did their best to instil their ideas of right and wrong in me. But would that have fallen by the wayside if I’d suddenly acquired superpowers?

I hope it wouldn’t. I hope I’d remember their teachings and still do my best to be a positive force for good in this world.

I’m not perfect, however. As someone who fights for truth and justice, it’s incredibly ironic how much time I spend lying to people. I hate it, but pretending to be two people is the only way I can have a normal life.

I lied to Lois about Waldecker, and she knows it.

She’s furious with me. And for once she’s furious with Superman, not Clark. Superman has slipped a little from the pedestal she’s put him on, and I have to admit I’m glad. I don’t want her to idolise me.

But her reaction worries me. I think that eventually I will tell her my secret; even if our relationship never progresses past the deep and trusting friendship we have now, there is only so long I can hide such a massive part of myself from her. The thing is, I know how much she hates to be lied to. And if she is this angry over a relatively minor matter, what will her reaction be like when I do finally tell her the truth?

I could lose her.

The possibility scares me rigid. Losing Lois would be like losing part of my soul. That’s why I keep shying away from telling her. But the longer I lie to her, the worse it will be when I do eventually come clean.

I just have to hope she’ll understand.