By NostalgiaKick <>

Rated G

Submitted May 2016

Summary: Mayson Drake disturbs Clark — in more ways than one.

Story Size: 426 words (2Kb as text)

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Disclaimer: All recognisable characters, plotlines etc. are the property of DC Comics, Warner Bros and December 3rd Productions. I own nothing.

Author’s note: This is set during the episode “Church of Metropolis,” after Mayson’s conversation with Superman on the steps but before she turns up at Clark’s apartment. #26 in the At First Sight series.

This story is the 26th part of the “At First Sight” series. Please visit the Series Guide for links to all the stories in the series.


Is that really how the justice system in Metropolis sees me? Am I an interloper, getting in the way?

I’ve doubted myself before. Doubted my abilities, doubted that I can do enough to make a difference. But I’ve never doubted that what I do is right.

Until today.


When I first became Superman, I said I was here to help. When it comes to catching criminals, I’ve always categorised my particular brand of help as a sort of citizen’s arrest. For the most part, I do nothing but hold them (one way or another) until the police arrive. But there’s another term that could be applied to my actions, one I’ve strived to avoid. A word that has decidedly negative connotations.


Mayson Drake didn’t exactly come out and use that word today, but she certainly implied it.

The worst part is, it’s not entirely untrue. I don’t read the criminals I catch their rights. Even if I did, I don’t think it would be upheld by the courts. After all, I’m not an officer of the law. Some of the criminals I’ve caught could probably even claim unlawful detainment.

Making things harder for the police is the last thing I want to do. It’s food for thought.

So is Mayson Drake.

She intrigues me. Since becoming Superman almost eighteen months ago, I’ve had to get used to people going into raptures over the superhero and dismissing the ordinary man. Mayson is the first person I’ve met who’s flipped that the other way.

It’s a refreshing change. When you spend your life being ignored in favour of a cardboard cut-out, meeting someone who cares for the real man is a gift.

Mayson made it clear that she was interested in me as more than just a witness. I might be naive, but I’m not blind. Truth be told, I’m attracted to her too. It confuses me- my feelings for Lois haven’t changed, so why does Mayson disturb me?

It looks like the triangular relationship between Lois, Superman and Clark Kent — surely the strangest love triangle in existence — has just added another side.