The Ankle Bone's Connected to…

by Zoomway (

Summary: After having to spend a few hours away from Lois — and on his wedding night too — Clark returns to their hotel room to embark on a new mission of exploration.

I recently had a birthday and Gail Lefkowitz (unbeknownst to me) challenged several people on the IRC to write fanfic for me as a present. She, very wisely, decided that I couldn't be a love interest for Clark — I would have been way too embarrassed and she knows this about me … :^O

Anyway, you will be receiving my "Birthday Presents" along with me over the next few days — I hope you will enjoy them as much as I am.


Clark entered the hotel suite quietly. He was exhausted. He had left the room at ll:15 p.m., and now it was 3:06 a.m. If there was one night it did not pay to be Superman 'and' a groom on his wedding night, this was the one. He looked down with regret at his bride, Lois Lane Kent. She looked so beautiful as the diffused light of the reading lamp washed over her face. There was a book near her hand. He picked it up and smiled. It was the romantic fantasy The Songs of Rhen. His smile broadened as he recalled how he and Lois often snuggled together in his apartment and read the dialog of the romantic leads.

Lois read the part of Rhen, the beautiful heroine of Lakeshore Castle who, with the help of the enchanted elflings, Nikolas and William, kept the castle hidden from the outside world. Their camouflage was brilliant. All visitors journeying to the land would see a foreboding cliff high above an angry swirling sea, but they would never view the castle the illusion protected. Though some were brave enough to walk to the very brink of the cliff, the frightening illusion turned one and all away, and none made trespass inside the castle.

This was where the hero entered story, and consequently where Clark became part of it as well. He read the lines of Sir Robert, a knight who was the sole survivor of the battle of Arlington Moor. Sickened and disheartened for the first time in his life, Robert turned from the battle site and walked away. He never once looked back at his fallen comrades, the enemy, or the forlorn landscape that had become their grave. He was a soldier who no longer wanted to be a soldier, but he lived in a time where men had to be what they were born and trained to be. Robert decided if he could be nothing but a soldier, then he would simply be nothing at all. With this resolve in his heart he stood on the ledge of the cliff that had so cleverly turned travelers away and he looked not with fear, but with comfort at the roiling water below. With a quick prayer of forgiveness, he leaped, but instead of being devoured by the sea, he found himself tumbling to the ground inside the beautiful Lakeshore castle.

Clark felt a sweet ache knowing that this was the part of the story where the romance began. He remembered how he and Lois acted out the love scenes, but despite the temptation, they held to their agreement to save the consummation of their romance for their wedding night. "Tonight," Clark sighed, and set the book on the night table. He wearily began to remove his Superman costume. He removed his boots, cape, and just as he pulled the shirt over his head, his eyes caught a glint of light at the foot of the bed.

He grinned when he noticed Lois was wearing a thin silver ankle bracelet. He knelt next to the bed, and though he had only intended to kiss her ankle softly, and then tuck it under the blanket, he found he derived a bit more pleasure out of kissing her ankle than he had expected. Whether this was due to the lateness of the hour, the remembered love scenes, or just the beautiful contour of the long, shapely leg connected to the ankle, he did not know. However, he did find that he was not as exhausted as he had thought.

He was astounded at how aroused he was becoming by such a non-erotic component of the human body. He also noticed that the more aroused he became, the more acute his senses became. His lips discerned the cool roughness of the chain, and the warmth and silkiness of her skin. Even unscented parts of her body held a fragrance. He began moving his hand up her leg, and just as it had reached the inner thigh, Lois awoke, and smiled, "I never figured you for the ankle fetish type, Clark."

Clark laughed softly against the silver chain and rose to his feet. "Neither did I."

Lois flipped the corner of the blanket back and smiled warmly. As Clark slipped eagerly under the covers, and wrapped his arms around his wife, he realized that he did not have an ankle fetish, so much as he had a Lois fetish, and as she tasted his mouth, and their breath became ragged with excitement, he knew he always would.