By Eva/Supergirl [

Summary: After Clark's gushing remarks embarrass Lois at work, he gets a taste of his own medicine.


* PART 1 *

Clark looked over at Lois' desk where he saw her totally consumed in her work. She was typing, scrumudging through her work, typing, tossing papers, and all Clark could do was chuckle. He had certainly found quite a catch! As he gazed over at her. totally mesmerized by her beauty, he couldn't help but think of the how Lois' feelings for him had changed. From totally ignoring him and being the most obnoxious, self- centered, arrogant, SNOB that he had ever met in all his life. And in some way, that was what first attracted him to Lois. Her uniqueness, her determination, and hey, she did look *great* in a skirt…

Clark put his hands on the sides of his face, sighed, and looked at Lois.

At this point Lois felt eyes watching her and as she turned her head to see her partner-who-was-supposed-to-be-working-on- the- Bradley- case- just gazing at her with those puppy dog eyes she had spent time herself just dreaming about. "What???" Lois giggled apprehensively.

Clark walked over to her desk, bent down and whispered in her ear, "I was just noticing how incredibly beautiful you look today…I just can't seem to be able to concentrate on my work… Do you have any remedies Dr Lane?" And with that he gently and briefly kissed her ear.

Lois squirmed. "Clark!! A remedy…Yes, STOP LOOKING AT ME FOR STARTERS!!" She was not use to this sort of attention and compliments at work from Clark but as much as she asked Clark not to say things like that at work — she loved hearing Clark get all soppy over her.

Clark laughed out loud as he knew he had embarrassed Lois with his comments. He had caught her off guard and he was loving it! Just as he was leaving to go back to his desk he said, "Lois, I'm not an expert on ladies cosmetics but aren't you supposed to only put that blush on your cheeks instead of all over your face?" And with that he had a grin on his face from one side to the other.

Lois sarcastically laughed and then gave him the look of death. "Blush…you wanna see blush, Mr Kent? I'll give you blush," she thought to herself. Lois had something up her sleeve.

"Lois! Have you wrapped up that story on Bradley yet? It's almost 5 o'clock!"

"Not yet, chief…I've.."

"She's been kind of busy, chief…thinking about things that aren't work orientated.." Clark chuckled and smirked at Lois.

"Well what in Elvis' sideburns have you been doing? Get your mind off whatever you were thinking about and get me that story".

"Clark, have you done your segment for the piece?" she said out loud so that Perry could hear.

"Lois, what do you think is in my hand now!"

Lois shriveled in her chair as Clark gave her a cocky little wave. She snickered and got back to work. She just had to conclude the story and she could get back at Clark, because that her was main objective.

By 4:55pm Lois had the report on Perry's desk. She turned around and looked through the window and saw Clark at his desk reading through some papers that Jimmy had just given him. She looked at her reflection in the window , that is, what she could make out, and fixed her hair and make-up. The plan was on its way, and Lois was rearing to go. She walked out and leaned against the side of his desk like she'd normally do when she was talking to him.

"Are you ready to go, Lois?"

"Sure, let me just get my things together."

"Oh, and Lois, sorry for before, just having a little fun!"

"it's O.K…it's kinda funny when you think about it."

"What part," Clark asked curiously.

Lois walked around the desk and now leaned on the front part of the desk so that she as facing Clark. She unbuttoned her top button and let the two lapels of her shirt fall down.

Clark, totally enraptured by this just listened and watched.

"The fact that doing certain things can…" at this point Lois had moved forward and sat on Clark's lap with her arms around his neck. Their faces were only inches apart. "…have an impact…"

Clark swallowed hard and started to breathe faster and Lois could hear this. The people around the Planet had now formed a circle around Clark's desk and waited in awe to see what would happen next. Clark was oblivious to this as he was so mesmerized by Lois and her actions.

Lois began loosening his tie and ran her fingers down his chest. She could feel his heart pounding as she was caressing his chest. He leaned forward to kiss her, but she put her finger on his lips and finished her sentence, " on others.." She leant over to kiss him stopped when her lips could just feel his.

Clark closed his eyes moved forward…

"Ah ah ah…Clarkie, what's the matter with you, getting all romantic at work. Can't you keep your mind on anything else?" With that Lois stood up and walked away swaying her figurely hips from side to side to tease him. "Oh by the way, Clark, I didn't know they made blush for men! And take my advise, it ONLY goes on your cheeks!"

Suddenly there was a roar of laughter as everyone was looking at Clark who was still mesmerized by her. He suddenly snapped back into things and noticed everyone around him and then looked at Lois who waved at him and blew him a kiss and then laughed as well.

"Clark, should we call the fire brigade to hose you down and cool you off?" Jimmy asked and then continued to be in fits of laughter.

"O.K, O.K! Joke's over!" Clark said embarrassed at what had happened. Clark picked up his coat and walked Lois home.

"That was brutal what you did to me in there!" Clark laughed as he said it.

"Well, I needed to prove to you that in the Lois Lane world, you don't go round playing jokes on me without getting a bit of your own medicine back.

They had reached her door when Clark said, "Well, can I get some more of that medicine and if I can, can I buy it in bulk?" Clark said this sheepishly and moved closer in saying it.

Lois leant over kissed him gently on the lips before saying "For you…it's free.." and kissed him again.

Clark reciprocated and pressed his muscley, hard body against hers so that her back was now against the door.

Lois backed off from their embrace. "And what if my medicine doesn't work?"

"Well then…we'll have to try a bit of my own."

With that, Lois laughed and opened her door. She took Clark by the tie and dragged him in to be quite possibly a night of perhaps…doctor's and nurses?

to be continued at a later date