Compromises and Reunions


Summary: Discussing the constant stream of interruptions that play havoc with their quality time, Lois had jokingly suggested to her fiance that they move in together. Now all they have to do is make room in Clark's apartment for Lois' furniture — and overcome their shyness and frayed nerves.

This story deals with the controversy of living together before marriage. I know this is a big debate among FOLCS, and I respect both sides. If you feel strongly against living together before marriage, you might not want to read this story. :-) I hope those of you who have wondered how Lois and Clark would handle this, like my story. I had fun writing it. My thanks to Debby Stark for all of her insight and help with this story. She helped me 'smooth out the wrinkles' and spice up some dialogue that wouldn't move for me. :-)


Lois Lane sat at her desk at the Daily Planet and stared at her screen. She wasn't getting any work done today. In the last five minutes she had looked over at her partner and fiance's empty desk four times. She sighed. 'Concentrate, Lois,' she mumbled to herself.

But she couldn't. She frowned. She knew where Clark was, she'd heard about the possible nuclear reactor leak in Washington. It was just that they hadn't had any time alone together in the past few weeks. Everything seemed to be conspiring against them lately. First, the recent Church activities had taken up their weeknights with surveillance. Neither Lois nor Clark believed Intergang was gone with the downfall of the Churches. They hadn't been able to prove a thing yet, but they believed sooner or later they would.

Then, when they weren't on surveillance, Superman was needed somewhere. The only day of the week they both had off was Sundays, and for the past few weekends, unexpected company had shown up. Lois' sister, Lucy, excited about the engagement, had flown in three weeks ago; two weeks ago an old high school friend of Clark's had shown up; and then last week, Lois' mother had unexpectedly flown in from Paris. Lois and Clark had enjoyed the past three weeks with friends and family, but not having been alone together for any appreciable amount of time for over three weeks now was wearing on their nerves.

Last night on the phone Lois had half jokingly said to Clark that they should move in together if they wanted to enjoy some quality time. When Clark hadn't answered right away Lois had started to say she was kidding. But then Clark had caught her off guard by saying that maybe they should. This had thrown Lois. She knew Clark's hometown upbringing and beliefs, old fashioned as they were, were one of the things that had made her fall in love with her farmboy to begin with.

Now, she wondered if he had been serious. And if he was, was she? Living together? In their line of work, anything could happen. Well, to her at least, and because of the danger inherent in their work she didn't want to miss the chance to spend some time in Clark's arms and life. She also wanted to really get to know Clark before they jumped into marriage, but at the rate they were going, they wouldn't see enough of each other to do this! But live together? That was a big step, even for a city girl like her.

Contrary to what everyone assumed about Lois, she had really had only one intimate relationship, and that had been short and not sweet. Claude! Lois frowned. Well, everyone was entitled to one mistake that big. Well, that kind of mistake, anyhow. She didn't count nearly marrying Lex as that kind of mistake.

Since Claude, Lois had grown up and been much more cautious. Cautious to the point where no one else had gotten close enough to break down her barriers. Not even Lex, whom she had almost married, had gotten that close to her.

Lois frowned again and reached for a Double Fudge Crunch Bar as she contemplated Lex. Okay, so a girl was entitled to two stupid mistakes. At least she hadn't gone through with the marriage, or gone to bed with him. But with Clark…

All the rules had changed with Clark. The barriers Lois had erected against making mistakes, letting herself go, had crumbled, because Clark was different. She trusted Clark completely. No one had ever loved Lois the way Clark did. Lois had never known what love was until Clark. The farmboy from nowheresville had swept this cynical city girl right off her feet. Literally! Lois chuckled.. She was losing it! Get a grip Lane!

Lois looked around again, hoping no one had heard her laughing to herself, and hoping to see Clark had returned, but he still hadn't.

She'd told Perry, Clark was checking out a lead, but she needed to see him. To talk to him about his comment last night, because they'd only gotten to talk for a few minutes this morning. Did he mean it? Had *she* meant it? She was so confused. Part of her wanted to be with Clark, intimately.

But the part of her that had put up the barriers still lurked in the background. She knew if she and Clark did become intimate, it wouldn't be something either would take lightly. They had, for all intent and purpose, pledged their love to each other, forever, when they had gotten engaged. Lois looked down at her ring and smiled. She knew that if anything ever happened to Clark, she'd never find a love like theirs again.

Lois was so deep in thought that she jumped when big, warm hands touched her neck from behind. Her Double Fudge Crunch Bar went flying, and only Clark's quick reflexes caught it before it hit Jimmy, who was passing by.

"Nice catch ,CK," Jimmy grinned and continued past on his way to Perry's office.

"Clark!" Lois spun around and leaped out of the chair and into his arms.

Clark chuckled and enjoyed the feel of Lois in his arms. He still couldn't believe she was at last his to hold just about whenever he wanted to. He'd fantasized about this for years.

"I'm so glad to see you!" Lois whispered and backed up to try to present a more business like attitude.

"Ah, did you find any leads?"

"Yeah," Clark said, and looked deeply into her eyes. He loved her eyes! He always got lost in them.

Lois looked Clark over and smiled a dreamy smile. Clark was in one of his beige suits that looked so good on him, and had a tie with large pineapples on it. Martha was into painting fruit again. Lois loved his bold ties. They represented the repressed wildness of Clark. His hands were now in his pockets, and with his hair falling over one eye, he looked adorable.

"Clark, can we go out to lunch today? We need to talk," Lois asked.

Clark nodded. "Yeah, I was going to suggest the same thing."

"Listen up, everybody!" came the booming voice of their editor and chief, Perry White, from the doorway of his office, "The annual Daily Planet Reunion has been set for two weeks from Saturday. I want all of you there!"

Jimmy came up behind Lois and Clark and smiled. "Hey you'll never guess who called and said he was back in town! Jack! He'll be coming to the reunion."

Lois and Clark smiled. Jack and his brother had gone back to live with their mother in Gotham City. Jack was now taking journalism classes at the community college there. He had kept in touch with Jimmy and Clark, and Perry had helped him get a job at the paper in Gotham.

"That's great, Jimmy. Does he have a place to stay?" Clark asked.

"Yeah, he's gonna stay with me," Jimmy smiled and started away. Then he spun back around. "Oh, guess who else is back in town?"

Lois frowned. From the look of anticipation on Jimmy's face, she knew it couldn't be good.

"I shouldn't ask, but who?" Lois asked with her arms crossed.

Jimmy saw Lois' combative stance and backed up as he gave his news. "Ahh…Cat Grant," He said and ran off. From Lois' mood he could tell he didn't want to stick around to see her reaction.

"Cat! Oh great!" Lois complained. She and Cat had gotten along like oil and water when Cat had worked for the Daily Planet. Cat always seemed to know how to irritate her.

Clark chuckled again. Everything about Lois amused him. He loved all the facets of her personality.

"Oh come on, Lois, it can't be that bad. It'll be good to see all the old faces again," Clark said.

"Old is right. And if she tries to make the moves on you again…"

Clark quickly kissed Lois lightly on the lips to reassure her, and stop her tirade at the same time. Then he frowned. Was she serious?

"What do you mean, Lois? Don't you trust me? Do you really think I was ever interested in Cat? Besides, I'm a big boy and I can take care of myself."

"Big yes, able to take care of yourself against Cat Grant…Don't bet on it farmboy. And it's not that I don't trust you, Clark, it's just that she has the annoying habit of putting her hands all over you. I haven't even gotten to do that yet," Lois smiled and put her arms around Clark.

Clark's eyes flared with passion, and his grip on her waist tightened, at just the thought of what Lois' hands would do.

"Lois, Clark! This is a newspaper!" Perry called from his office. "Let's see some actual work going on!"

As he turned back to his room, Clark saw the pleased smile on their editor's face. Clark knew that Perry was secretly pleased whenever he saw Lois and Clark together.

"Let's get to work if we want to get away from the office for a real lunch." Clark said and moved to his desk.


Clark held open his apartment door for Lois, and then followed her down the steps. Lois had been too quiet on the drive over, and Clark wondered what she was thinking. Was she thinking about the same thing he had all night? Moving in together? When Lois had jokingly mentioned it last night, Clark had started to laugh, but then a voice had said, 'why not'.

Clark placed the Chinese food they had picked up on the way here, on the table and glanced over at Lois. She was pacing the living room.

"Lois?" Clark called to get her attention.

"What? Oh," Lois said, and sat down in the chair Clark held out for her.

While Clark ate, Lois just picked at her food.

Clark watched her and waited, even though he wanted to ask her if she'd been serious about the "moving in together" comment.

Suddenly Lois put down her fork and looked at Clark.

Clark met her eyes and waited.

"Clark…about what I said…and you said…about …" Lois trailed off.

Clark smiled gently. Lois without words. Still a new concept.

"About moving in together," Clark finished for her.

"Yes." Lois sighed, obviously relieved that Clark had been thinking about it, too.

"Lois, did you mean it ? What do you think about living together?" Clark asked.

Lois got up and paced. "I want to but…"

Clark waited.

Lois stopped pacing and faced him again. "What about your parents? What will they think? Will they hate me?" Lois asked.

Clark's heart swelled with emotion when he thought of what his parents' acceptance of Lois had meant to her. Lois had told him when they had first talked to his parents about the engagement, that she finally felt as if she had loving parents, parents who loved her for herself. She was still insecure, however, because of her own upbringing. She still found it hard to believe that when someone really loved you, they didn't just take it back that easily.

Clark pulled Lois down on the couch and held her hands.

"They love you unconditionally, Lois. That means no matter what we decide they will love us and support our decisions. And, personally, I think mom will be thrilled," Clark grinned.

Lois smiled. He was right. Martha would be thrilled for them.

Lois knew from the conversations she'd had with Martha about Clark, that Martha understood their unusual circumstances. She knew how little time these two had with Clark's other life always interfering. She would want them to spend as much time together as they could.

"Lois. I want to be with you."

"Oh, Clark, me too. Are you sure you won't get tired of me…seeing me all day at work, and then coming home to me at night?" Lois asked.

"No, we hardly see each other as it is. As long as you don't snore, even though you'll be in the bedroom and I'll be out here on the couch, it's okay with me," he smiled innocently.

Lois blinked. "Ah, Clark, about the sleeping arrangement…"

Clark chuckled. "The coming home to you at night will be the fringe benefit. I already have no choice about seeing you all day. I might as well get something enjoyable out of it."

Lois saw that special twinkle in his chocolate-colored eyes, that he reserved only for her, and laughed, punching his arm lightly.

"Watch it, farmboy! You can be replaced!"

"Yeah, by who?"

"Oh.. Jack! And he knows how to type, too!"

"Ohmygosh, my competition looms!"

"No, he can't weave, but, Clark, you and I can…!"

"Heh… Ah, okay, Lois…" he took a careful breath. "I think we should do it, move in together."

"Me, too. My place or yours?"

"Mine's bigger," Clark answered.

"That's what I'd like to find out." Lois grinned wickedly, then laughed when Clark raised an eyebrow, trying to hide a grin himself.


The next day Lois and Clark were leaning over Lois' screen going over their copy. Both were tired and frustrated. They had had just enough time yesterday, to eat and finalize the move into Clark's apartment for Sunday, before Perry had paged them to tell them they were to meet Bobby-Big-Mouth there about a scoop.

Then last night, again, they had been on stakeout, and later Superman had been needed. Clark knew it would have been too late to go over to Lois' apartment when he had finished, so they had spent another night apart.

Clark leaned forward to point out something on the screen, and accidentally brushed up against the front of Lois. Both held their breaths, for an instant before releasing it again. The air between them was charged. Lois turned to Clark and their eyes mirrored passion and frustration. Clark slowly leaned forward. Their breaths mingled as Clark lightly touched Lois' lips with his.

"Well, I'd heard you two were an item, but hearing it and seeing it are two different things," an amused voice called from behind Clark.

Both jumped and straightened in surprise. Clark cleared his throat and exchanged a quick amused glance with Lois. 'Timing,' Lois could almost hear him thinking.

Clark turned around to greet Cat Grant. He smiled, and tried to act casual. He put his hands in his pockets and leaned against Lois' desk.

"Cat, good to see you again."

Cat looked him over and smiled. "As usual, it's good to see you too, Clark," she said in a husky voice.

Lois couldn't help but smile. Some things about Cat would never change. Although Lois and Cat had verbally challenged each other at every turn when Cat had worked at the planet, Lois had secretly admired Cat's love of life. Cat embraced life openly, and this included men. Cat just loved men.

Lois had secretly envied Cat her carefree attitude. Although she knew Cat, too, had had her share of bad relationships, it didn't seem to stop Cat Grant. Lois couldn't get past the hurt enough to fully embrace life like Cat did. Until Clark that is. Lois smiled at how much she had changed in the last two years. The "oh great' remark she had made yesterday when she'd heard Cat was back had been more out of habit than real unhappiness.

Lois knew that Cat didn't go after men who were taken, so she wasn't really jealous. She had always envied Cat's way with people, too. Lois usually didn't know how to act in social situations, and tended to feel like a fish out of water. But she could now admire someone who was different from her, instead of throwing out sarcastic comments. Two years ago she might have had a sarcastic remark to greet Cat with, but now, she found herself looking forward to talking to Cat about her exciting career abroad.

"Welcome back, Cat." Lois said with a smile, and stood up to lean against her desk, too.

Cat looked Lois over and smiled. She seemed to sense the change in Lois, and didn't throw out a sarcastic comment either.

"Hello, Lois."

Clark's eyes smiled approvingly at Lois, and he put an arm around her shoulder in a casual gesture, giving it a quick squeeze. He left his arm around Lois' shoulder as he turned to Cat.

"How do you like life abroad, Cat? I hear you've really stirred things up."

"Yes, you've got that French ambassador pinned for murder! How *did* you do that? It must have been a fascinating piece of investigative journalism!" Lois added.

Lois saw the real Cat Grant emerge, the one underneath the flashy clothes, and carefree attitude. Cat's eyes lit up with excitement, and pleasure at the praise.

"To tell the truth, if I hadn't figured out what was wrong with the orchids…I mean, they simply don't grow that variety in that area…and that his so-called nuclear physicist was all wrong about the reaction times and the amount of dueterium they could flush out to that dime-store reactor, well, I wouldn't have gotten my first clue that something fishy was happening!"

Lois slipped her arm around Clark's waist, the move seeming unconscious, yet natural, and nodded.

"I still can't believe that you crept under the embassy through the sewers just to look for that secret entrance. Rats don't scare me much, but armed guards usually make me a nervous!" Lois admitted with a smile.

"Well, at least you've got Superman to back you up, but *somebody* had to get in there and save the ambassador's daughter and, hey? has anyone ever accused me of being constrained by diplomatic niceties? Not moi!" Cat laughed, her bejeweled hand flung out for emphasis.

Both Lois and Clark laughed, and Clark looked at Cat warmly.

"Nice work Cat, but then somehow it doesn't surprise me that you managed to catch a murderer, and save the day."

Cat smiled appreciatively and turned to Lois. "You've got yourself a real find here Lois, I've always known Clark was a diamond in the rough. You're one lucky girl." Cat sighed.

Lois and Clark's eyes met, and they shared a warm, loving look.

"And I always thought you had the hots for Superman, Lois?" Cat said with amusement in her voice.

Lois, her eyes still on Clark, remarked, "Superman who?"

Clark raised an eyebrow and half smiled, knowingly at Lois.


It was Sunday, almost a week after they had decided to make the big leap to live together. They were in Clark's apartment.

Lois smiled as she placed a dress in the closet next to a suit of Clark's. She ran her hand down the suit and sighed. She had *never* shared an apartment, never mind a closet, with a man before. It was exciting and scary all at once.

What happens if this doesn't work out? Lois thought. Then she gave a disgusted sigh and went back out into the living room to get another suitcase of clothes. Stop that, Lois. There you go again, always thinking the worst. But then again, hadn't everyone else given up on her? All of her family had moved away, and hardly talked, except for Lucy. Maybe she was impossible to live with.

She and Clark had already argued over where things should go. Clark had planned it all out ahead of time, but Lois, as usual, hadn't liked that. Both of them were emotionally tired, and Lois was physically tired as well. Neither had slept much last night. Lois had been cooking at her place for tonight, and packing last minute things, and Clark had been rearranging his furniture to fit all of Lois' stuff in his apartment.

So, with mixed emotions, both excitement, and trepidation about tonight and the future , their tempers were frayed. Lois was experiencing so many emotions. Fear, that it wouldn't work; excitement at the thought of being with Clark; and passion that was simmering just below the surface for both of them.

"Ahhh, Lois? Where do you want this?"

Lois turned from unpacking her teddy bear and smiled. She still found it hard to believe that Clark was Superman but when she saw him doing things like this, holding up her dresser with one hand, she tended to give credit where credit was due.

"Clark, it's got my clothes in it, where do you *think* I want it?" Lois said with a twinkle in her eye.

Clark sighed and set the dresser down in the living room among all the boxes. Hands on his jean clad hips, and muscles bulging through his black t-shirt made it difficult for Lois to concentrate on what he was saying.

"Lois…you already have a dresser in there. And I'm already going to have to add on to my closet. This won't fit," he tried to be patient.

Imagining them curled up together tonight, and thinking of how to get Clark out of his clothes made Lois only catch the end of what he was saying. The way he looked all muscular and frustrated was cute.

"What…?" Lois asked dreamily.

Clark sighed and rolled his eyes. Then, realizing what was distracting Lois, he felt his heart start to race.

Clark gave Lois the once over too, and noticed how great she looked in her jeans shorts, and a red halter top. She was sweating, and the perspiration running down the front of her open blouse caused Clark to sweat. Sweat was something he had never experienced until he'd met Lois.

They were going to be alone tonight! From now on! She wouldn't be going back to her apartment tonight, or any other night. Clark's temperature rose, and so did he.

Lois was mesmerized by the look in Clark's eyes as he went from frustration to desire. It took a minute for her to register that he was levitating slightly. She smiled and approached him.

"I'm flattered Clark. But we probably should get the rest of my apartment out of the street first," she teased to break the tension. Some of Lois' furniture and boxes were still out on the sidewalk.

Clark came back to the ground with a thud and blushed. Lois loved that about Clark and had to force herself to turn away before she forgot about the stuff on the street and just attacked him.

"What was it you wanted, Clark?" she asked, clearing her throat.

Clark, remembering the conversation and realizing it might be a continuous battle trying to think rationally when Lois was around, sighed again.

"Lois, This won't fit in my…ahh…our room," he said softly when he corrected himself.

Lois frowned in thought. "It has to, Clark," she said simply.

Clark tried to stay calm. "It won't, Lois," he answered just as simply.

They were at a stand still. Then Lois' eyes brightened and Clark knew she had a plan. He looked worried as he followed her into the bedroom.

"Lois…what are you…"

"Here, Clark, we can move this big piece of furniture, and it will go nicely right here," she turned to him and smiled, pleased with herself.

Clark's promise to stay calm was quickly diminishing.

"Lois that's my dresser, my only dresser!" he exclaimed.

"That! That huge hunk of…what is it, Clark?" she asked.

"I bought that in a little village in Saudi Arabia, from a sheik. It's a fine piece of work, Lois, and it's staying!" Clark stated firmly.

"But Clark, I *need* my dresser!"

Clark knew that Lois' nerves were making her continually argue over everything, but his own were no better. One minute she was arguing, and the next she was looking at him hotly . His own emotions were on a rollercoaster. One minute he wanted to strangle her, and the next, he wanted to forget unpacking, and throw her on the bed.

He tried again. "Lois, I asked you for an itemized list of all of your furniture, and this second dresser was *not* on your list," he tried to explain.

Lois threw up her hands. Clark was too logical and systematic sometimes. So she had forgotten the old dresser she had stuffed in her closet. One little mistake, and 'Mr. Perfect' couldn't deal with it.

Lois put her hands on her hips. "Can't you get a smaller dresser? Clark, you can't possibly need all that space! You're a man and you don't need as much room for clothes as I do; of course you do wear a lot of nice things, Clark, and you are better dressed and neater than most men I know, but really Clark…"

Clark interrupted her ramblings. His own frayed nerves won out. He'd been arguing with Lois, on and off, all morning.

"Get rid of my *only* dresser so you can have two! Lois, I already have to cut into my bathroom to add closet space!" Clark exclaimed frustrated.

"Well if you didn't have to have so much of your closet hidden with the blue tights, you wouldn't need to do that! Don't blame that on me, Clark!" Lois stood in the bedroom hands on her hips.

"Fine, Lois, okay, fine! What else would you like me to move out! Me maybe?" Clark shouted now. He had to shout, or he'd strangle her.

"Well maybe that would make it easier! Why didn't you tell me this was going to be a problem, Clark. Maybe you've changed your mind and don't have the nerve to tell me!"

" That's ridiculous Lois! I haven't changed my mind, but maybe you've changed yours."

"Me! You're the one who's being so unreasonable."

"I'm being unreasonable? Me! You want me to get rid of…aghhhh!" Clark finished, threw up his hands, crossed through the living room and stormed out the door.

"Clark! Where are you going? You can't leave my stuff in the street!" Lois shouted out the door as Clark stormed down the street.

"Fine! Just fine! Don't bother coming back, Clark, I'm changing the locks! I can't get my apartment back, it's already rented, so you go find another one!" Lois shouted, then stopped. Clark could hear her without her shouting, so why waste her voice screaming.

"Good riddance!" she whispered and slammed the door.

The apartment was suddenly quiet, except for the hum of the refrigerator and her fish tank. Lois remembered how Clark had gently brought it in first, having had a place all set for it.

He had proudly showed her how he had rearranged things to fit her fish. Lois' eyes filled with tears. Clark was right. He only had the one dresser. Lois what is wrong with you?!

She sat on the couch and hoped she hadn't made Clark really change his mind about this. She wouldn't blame him. Giving up your freedom was tough, but giving up your space was difficult too. Clark had been so excited this morning when he'd shown her how he'd rearranged the bathroom and planned on extending the closet. He had spent half the night moving his furniture around in the living room, to accommodate hers. Even the fish tank and her lava lamp, that she knew he thought was ugly, had a place.

She thought of what Dr. Friskin had told her about her aggression towards people. She tested people. She wanted to know if they were going to leave her, so she gave them every opportunity to do so before she became attached. Only in Clark's case, she couldn't be more attached. She guessed that if he couldn't live with her, she wanted him to decide that now, instead of later. She sobbed and curled up on the couch.

Clark would be back. She knew that. If he had survived her cruelty when he'd first come to town, and still loved her, than she knew she hadn't lost him. Unless this was the last straw. Did he realize that they just wouldn't work. How much more could a guy take.

"I'm sorry, Clark, come back," she whispered, hugging the pillow and sitting up.

"I'm sorry too, Lois," Clark said from the doorway.

Lois jumped up and ran into his arms. Clark held her close and closed his eyes. He let Lois cry, and then led her back to the couch.

"I don't know what's wrong with me, Clark. I don't need that dresser. I…"

"No Lois, you're right, it is a big piece of furniture, and I can get a smaller one for the things I have in it. "

Lois sat up and looked into his eyes. "No really, Clark, mine's just a piece of junk. I only kept it around so I'd have something to keep my winter clothes in. I've wanted to get rid of it for awhile. It's an eye sore. I can just put my winter clothes in the hidden closet with your blue tights, okay?" she asked with a sniff.

Clark gently cupped her chin and smiled softly. "I love you, Lois Lane…soon to be Kent," he whispered.

"I love you too, Clark Kent Lane!"


"Hey, CK? Lois?" a call came from the open front door.

Lois peeked out of the bedroom where she was arranging her clothes in the closet, and saw Jimmy in the open doorway. She brightened when she saw who was behind him.

"Jimmy, Jack! Clark, it's Jimmy, and he's brought Jack," Lois called to Clark who was adding more closet room, at superspeed, from the bathroom.

Lois ran out to meet Jimmy and Jack before they went into the bedroom and saw what Clark was doing.

"Hey, stranger!" Lois smiled and gave Jack a hug. She stepped back and looked at him. "You've grown."

"Hey Jimmy, Jack!" Clark called as he too came out of the bedroom.

Jack was grabbed in another bear hug and he laughed.

"Hey, if I'd known the welcome I was going to get, I'd have come back sooner!" he grinned.

"Come on in guys, would you like something to drink?" Clark asked.

He headed for the kitchen but Jimmy stopped him.

"That's okay, we didn't come over to get in the way, we came to help you move Lois in. I figured you could use the help, CK," Jimmy looked around at the almost completed apartment.

"Wow, how'd you do so much already?" he asked surprised.

Jack looked from Lois to Clark, and shrugged. "I tried to tell Jimmy you didn't need our help or you would have asked," Jack met Clark's eyes with meaning.

Clark had never confirmed Jack's suspicions, but he knew Jack suspected he was Superman.

"Well, Jimmy, you know me. I couldn't sleep last night with all I had to do, so I woke Clark up and we started then," Lois explained, and put an arm around Clark.

Clark met her eyes and smiled.

"Ahh, Jimmy, maybe we should come back tomorrow, I'm sure these two are tired if they've been up most of the night," Jack grinned.

"Yeah, right. See you guys tomorrow," Jimmy agreed.

"Thanks for the offer Jimmy, Jack. Why don't you both come for dinner tomorrow night. We can catch up on what's been going on with you, Jack." Lois offered.

"You sure it's no problem, Lois? You just moved in…" Jack started.

"Don't be silly, you two come over around 7 tomorrow night," Lois interrupted Jack and hugged the two goodbye.

Clark thanked them too and closing the door, he turned to Lois with a soft smile on his face.

"What?" Lois asked shyly. She always got shy when Clark looked at her with that soft, warm look.

"It's just nice to hear you inviting somebody over to dinner at *our* place," Clark admitted.

Lois smiled back at Clark, and then realized they were alone and night was approaching.

"Oh…gosh look at the time! Clark, I have a surprise for you. Let me go shower real quick and then I'll start dinner," Lois said as she headed for the bathroom.

"Lois, why don't you let me cook, that way you don't have to rush in the shower," Clark followed her to the doorway of the bedroom.

Lois turned around. "No, Clark, that's my surprise! Don't you dare make dinner! It's already made! I'll be right out! Ohhh, wait let me heat it first…no then it will be too dry.."

"Lois…" Clark interrupted her ramblings. He put his hands on her shoulders and met her eyes.

"Relax. We have plenty of time to eat. I'll finish up with the closet and straighten the apartment while you're in the shower. Take your time," he suggested.

"Oh no, Clark, I don't want you to have to clean the whole place yourself, it's my stuff that messed the place. I…"

"Lois…I can do it really fast, and get it done in no time, it's no bother," he smiled.

"Oh…okay," Lois tilted her head and grinned. She was pleased with the idea of not having to clean up right now. Especially since it wouldn't be a problem for Clark.

"I can get used to this," she said with a smile, and wrapped her arms around Clark's neck.

"Good," Clark smiled softly and pulled her closer.

Lois leaned closer and Clark leaned down.

She realized that if they didn't stop now, they would be on the bed. The tension had been building pleasantly between them all day, and they couldn't wait much longer.

"Ahh Clark, I need to take a shower first, I'm all sweaty," Lois said quickly.

Clark wanted this first night to be extra special, and he had plans of his own, so he released her.

"You're right. Go take your shower."


Lois came out of the bathroom and looked around. Clark was zipping around the living room, and so she took her time dressing in the black dress that she had worn on their first date. She smiled as she thought of the night ahead. She had prepared this meal all last night, and wanted it to be perfect. After the meal, they would listen to some music and then glide into the bedroom. Lois finished dressing and turned to find Clark in the doorway.

Lois smiled. She loved him so much.

Clark looked at Lois, all soft, and sweet smelling, and swallowed.

"You're beautiful," he said hoarsely.

"Thank you, Clark."

Clark wanted to take her in his arms, but he needed a shower first.

"I'll just be a second," he explained.

"Take your time, I have to heat the food," Lois said and headed into the kitchen.

She stopped short when she saw the lights low, and the table set with candles and roses in the middle. Lois smiled and went into the kitchen to heat the meal. 'Great minds think a like' she thought.

While the food was heating Lois hummed as she took out the wine she had brought for the meal. She had spent half the night planning and making a meal that would keep overnight, and yet still be special tonight.

Suddenly soft music filled the air and she spun around.

Lois caught her breath at the sight of Clark. He was dressed in the charcoal suit from their first date and looked breathtaking. His hair was still wet, and one side, as usual, had fallen forward. He was her Clark, glasses and all. Lois smiled. Her heart picked up when Clark looked her over the same way.

"It's…It's ready," Lois said and swallowed. The air was thick with tension.

"Great!" Clark replied, not taking his eyes off of her. "It smells wonderful." he smiled again.

Lois turned back to the counter to retrieve the plates. She sucked in when she felt Clark's big warm body brush up against hers from behind, as he reached to take the dishes from her.

"Here…let me," he said in a deep mummer from above her.

Lois didn't move. He felt so good. So strong and solid. Lois automatically leaned back against Clark, and both sighed.

Clark groaned and turned Lois around slowly. Their mouths met and Clark surprised Lois by only sampling her lips gently and releasing her.

Both were hungry and aching. The electricity humming between them was almost visible. Lois' eyes questioned him as he made himself pull away.

"You've spent so much time planning this meal I thought.."

Clark placed the food on the table and held out the chair for her, smiling gently. Lois could see the banked passion simmering in Clark's eyes and realized that he wanted this night to be perfect for them, too.

They ate little, spending more time gazing at each other and letting the passion build. Lois noticed all of her senses were humming.

She had placed a bowl of strawberries on the table for dessert and started to reach for one. Clark took it, and dipping it in the wine, he placed it to Lois' lips.

Lois opened her mouth to accept the strawberry and her eyes widened as Clark traced her lips with it first.

Clark lifted his gaze from her lips and their eyes met and clung. Both smiled.

Suddenly neither was hungry any longer. They had been anticipating this night for two years.

"Dance with me?" Clark asked softly, holding out his hand to her.

Lois was drowning in his warm gaze which hadn't left hers, as she placed her hand in his.

Clark led her into the living room, and they glided into each others arms. They closed their eyes and just enjoyed the feel of the music and the sway of their bodies.

"Lois…" Clark murmured near her ear.

"Hmmm?" Lois replied, too content to speak.

"This isn't dancing you know," he said with amusement in his voice.

Lois' eyes opened and she met his eyes with twinkling ones. "It isn't?" she played along.

"No…this is," Clark finished.

Lois threw back her head and laughed as they began to leave the ground. As she met Clark's eyes again, she saw the passion burning in his, and holding him tightly she sighed. "Clark…"

Clark needed nothing else. He glided them back to the ground and lifted Lois into his arms.

With gazes still locked, Clark carried Lois into their bedroom.

Lois notice the dim lights and saw candles set up and burning. A large bouquet of roses were on the bed, with a bottle of champagne cooling in a bucket. She gasped in surprise. Lois felt a lump in her throat, and when she tried to swallow, she felt a tear run down her cheek.

Clark smiled gently and wiped it away.

"Welcome home, Lois," Clark whispered, captured her mouth with his as he laid her down on the bed.