The Confession

By Emerald Shine (

Summary: When Lois catches Clark coming out of the shower with his hair slicked back and no glasses on (he's wearing a towel!), well, he's got some major splainin' to do.

In the (fictitious) episodes prior to this, a lot has happened for Lois and Clark. Lois has FINALLY told Clark that she loves him, and Clark, the same. (Actually, in my mind, they said it in unison!) But what will happen when the truth untold finds its way of being exposed? Hence comes "The Confession"…


TEASER SCENE: Daily Planet Newsroom

(Lois is shoving some papers into her bag, when Clark comes up behind her and puts his arm around her. Lois leans backwards into Clark.)

Clark: All ready for our day off?

Lois: Oooohhh, I need one! (she turns around to face Clark) What should we do?

Clark: Ah ah ah! (smiles) You said its "your turn to plan a date", remember?

(They start walking towards the elevator)

Lois: I did say that, didn't I? (she pushes the elevator button)

Clark: (nods and steps onto the elevator with Lois) So, what're we doing?

Lois: (thinks, then smiles) It's a surprise!

SCENE: Clark's Place, Front Door

(It's the next day, Lois and Clark's day off. It is early morning. Lois is at Clark's door, a brown bag filled with donuts in one hand. She is trying to pick the lock. She unlocks the door, steps inside, shuts the door, and descends down the stairs. A shower running in the background is heard.) (Clark's glasses are on the table in the living room. The shower stops. Lois sees Clark's glasses and picks them up, setting the bag of donuts onto the table.)

(The scene goes to Clark's bedroom.)

(Clark comes out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. Realizing that Lois will probably be coming over soon, he looks around for his glasses. He remembers that the glasses are in the living room, and exits the bedroom.)

(The scene returns to the living room.)

(As the scene unfolds, you can see Lois lying on the couch, out of view from anyone behind her, still holding Clark's glasses. Clark enters the scene, and doesn't see Lois lying on the couch.)

Lois: I hope you don't mind, Clark. (she sits up and turns around) I came over early to surprise… (she sees Clark, his hair wet and slicked back, without his glasses and looking just as shocked as Lois now looks) … you.



(Lois is staring at Clark, open mouthed. Clark recovers from his initial shock, and starts walking toward Lois to retrieve his glasses. Lois, still in shock, gets to her feet almost zombie- like, and backs away. Clark follows her in a circle around the couch.)

Lois: (gasping) Ohmigod.

(Clark stops following Lois.)

Clark: Lois…

Lois: Don't even say it! I don't want to hear it!

(Lois starts toward the front door. She looks at the glasses in her hand, and throws them viciously at Clark. She opens the door.)

Clark: Lois, wait!

(The door slams. Clark runs to the door and opens it. Lois' car is heard starting.)

Clark: Lois!

(Clark starts to step outside. He looks down only to discover that he's still in his towel, and quickly steps back inside, shutting the door. He runs to his bedroom, super- changes into normal clothes, and races out to the living room. He unconsciously grabs the forgotten donut bag — as well as his keys — and runs out the front door. You can hear his car starting from within the empty home.)

SCENE: Hallway of Lois' apartment building

(Clark approaches apartment 501, Lois' place, donut bag in hand. He uses his X-ray vision to see through the door. The scene reveals Lois, curled up in a ball on the couch. There is Kleenex everywhere, and she appears to be crying — something very un-Lois-like. The vision ends and the scene returns to Clark. Clark knocks on the door.)

Clark: Lois?

(There is no answer.)

Clark: Lois, c'mon. I know you're in there.

(Several seconds pass, then the door is cracked open, but not far enough to reveal Lois. A sheet of paper is handed out by Lois, who suddenly and swiftly snatches the donut bag from Clark. The door closes.)

The paper reads, "Good for you".

Clark: (knocks on the door) Lois, we HAVE to talk. Please let me in.

Lois: (calling from inside the apartment, sarcastically) If you want in so badly, why don't you just use your superpowers?!

Clark: (exasperated) If you really want me to…

(Lois opens the door, and you can see her tear streaked, annoyed face. She leans against the door frame and crosses her arms.)

Lois: (ticked off and impatient) Okay Supe, let's hear it!

Clark: (quietly) Lois, to the rest of the world, I may be Superman, but me — the "real" me — is Clark.

Lois: Yeah, when you're not flying around in tights and a cape, being "Mr. Save the World" and lying to everyone else!

Clark: Lo—

Lois: There's nothing worse than a liar! They're the scum of the earth! Congratulations, "Scum", you now have a THIRD identity!

(Lois slams the door.)

(Clark's expression is one of hurt, anger at himself, and most of all, heartbreak. On Lois' side of the door, you see her leaning against the door, also heartbroken, but angry.)



SCENE: Daily Planet Newsroom

(The next day, Clark looks up hopefully from his desk when Lois steps off the elevator. Lois sees Clark, glares at him, then turns her head away. She refuses to meet Clark's pleading gaze, and makes her way to her desk. As she's organizing some things on her desk — the Lois way — and reading through something, Clark hesitantly approaches her desk. Lois hears Clark coming, and immediately starts walking in the other direction, still pretending to be immersed in what she's reading. Clark follows her, and tries to talk to her, [starting sentences, trying to get her to look at him or at least like she's hearing what he's saying,] has no luck, and ends up playing a variation of "Follow the Leader" around the newsroom.) (The scene goes to Jimmy noticing Lois & Clark from across the newsroom, with an amused smile upon his face. He starts to follow them, and catches up to them just outside of Perry's office, where all three of them come to a halt.)

Jimmy: (grins) Let me guess. Yesterday did not go too well! Bad date, huh?

Clark: You could say that.

Jimmy: So you thought a fun way to settle this would be a game of "Follow the Leader" around the newsroom? Good choice, CK! (still grinning)

Clark: Actually, (he looks at Lois who is still pretending to ignore the events happening around her) I just want to talk. There's a few things I need to explain.

Lois: (turns to Jimmy and says sweetly) Jimmy, would you please tell Clark that there's really no reason for him to explain anything to me, because I'm not speaking to him, NOW OR EVER!!!

Jimmy: (turns to Clark) CK, there's really no—

Clark: (to Jimmy) I heard what she said. (he turns to Lois) Lois, c'mon. Would you just give me a chance? There's some things I have to say.

(Clark waits expectantly while Lois — who is still facing Jimmy — hums. Clark rolls his eyes.)

Jimmy: (to Lois) Clark says, "Lois, c'mon. Would you just give me a chance? There's some things I have to say."

Lois: (to Jimmy) There's nothing left to say.

Clark: There's a lot I have to say.

(Lois finally turns around to face Clark. Jimmy just looks on, interested now, instead of amused.)

Lois: (to Clark) Like what? Just say it!

Clark: (in a low voice) You know what I have to say. But we have to go somewhere.

Lois: (shrieking) Why can't you just say it here?

Clark: You KNOW why I can't say it here!

(Perry is seen coming to the door of his office.)

Lois: (hysterical and hyper) Why? Just because you don't want the whole world knowing you're—

(Perry steps out of his office and interrupts Lois.)

Perry: What in the name of Elvis' blue suede shoes is going on out here? (he waits impatiently for an answer)

Lois: (to Perry) Why don't you ask Clark? He seems to be in a story-telling mood today! (she stalks off to her desk)

(Clark rolls his eyes and throws his hands up in the air in exasperation. He walks to his desk.)

Perry: (turns to Jimmy, who is watching "Wheel of Fortune" on one of the TV monitors) Could I buy a vowel?

Jimmy: Sorry Chief, I'm as bankrupt as you! (walks away)

Perry: Lois, Clark! In my office, NOW!!! (turns and enters his office)

(Lois and Clark get up from their desks. Clark is looking at Lois, Lois is ignoring Clark. They walk to the office door, Clark arriving first. He waits for Lois. Lois approaches, makes a face and pushes past Clark into Perry's office in a huff. Clark follows behind her.) (Lois sits in the left chair facing Perry's desk, Clark in the one beside her. Lois stands up and moves to the couch, sits down and crosses her arms. Perry makes a face.)

Perry: Are you two quite finished?

(Lois and Clark are silent.)

Perry: Good. (pause) Now listen you two, I know something's up. I think that just about every living creature from here to Graceland has got that figured out by now! But I'm not going to ask what you're arguing about, that's not my place. My job IS to run this place like a newsroom, not a DAYCARE CENTER!!!

(Perry pauses to look at Lois & Clark. Lois is looking down, fidgeting, stony silent. Clark is turned around in his chair, looking at Lois with a longing, pleading expression. Neither is paying any attention to Perry.)

Perry: (clears his throat) Somehow, my gut is telling me that as professional as you two have the, uh, POTENTIAL to be, this is NOT going to work. Now normally I'd tell you to work this out and not let it affect the quality of your work or this newspaper, but I think today I'll make an exception. I have this feeling that you two working together isn't in the best interests of anyone, on this earth or with Elvis!

(Perry pauses to look at Lois & Clark, who are now sort of paying attention to him.)

Perry: For the next few days, you will both be working on your own. Fair?

(Lois nods, Clark seems to give up.)

(Jimmy enters the office, and just stands there, looking at everyone while a moment passes.)

Jimmy: Whoa, intense! That must have been some disagreement!

(Another moment passes)

Perry: Uh, Jimmy? Can I help you with something?

Jimmy: Ummmm… No?

Perry: Listen, son,… GET OUT!!!

Jimmy: (meekly) Yes Chief. (he hurries out)

(Perry gazes at Lois & Clark. Clark looks miserable and defeated, Lois appears to be annoyed.)

Perry: (awkwardly) Well, I suppose I should give you your assignments then?

Lois: I guess so.

Perry: Okay, Lois? I believe you mentioned something about a meeting with Bobby Bigmouth this morning?

Lois: Right, Chief.

Perry: And Clark? You'll be investigating the police cover-up on the resignation of Lieutenant Nordell?

Clark: (distracted) Yeah.

(Clark's superhearing fades in. You can hear somebody crying for help. Lois notices the distracted look on Clark's face, and now knowing what it means, she rolls her eyes and looks at Clark in disgust.)

Clark: Okay, Chief, I think I know where to start. I'll get right on it! (he dashes out of Perry's office)

Lois: (mumbling to herself) There he goes, off to save the world; to serve justice for all! (she makes a face)

(Perry overhears Lois' mumbling.)

Perry: Uh, Lois? As much as I'd, uh, hope that a story in my paper could have that much… IMPACT… It IS just a story! Clark investigating a policeman gone wrong is NOT Superman saving the day!

(Lois stares at Perry.)

Perry: Now don't you have a meeting to get to? As much as I'm concerned about you and Clark, this is a newspaper I'm running, not hosting "The Love Connection"!

(Lois sighs unenthusiastically.)

Lois: (in a bored monotone) I'll get right on it, Chief.

Perry: (sarcastically) Well, thank you very much!

(Lois exits.)

(Perry leans back in his chair, hands behind his head and feet propped up on his desk.)

Perry: Judas Priest! There goes my whole newsroom… AGAIN!!!


ACT THREE SCENE: Clark's Place

(Clark is stepping through the front door when the phone rings. He goes down the stairs, walks over to the phone, and answers it.)

Clark: Hello?

(The scene switches to Martha and Jonathan Kent, in their house in Smallville.)

Martha: Hi Clark!

(Scene returns to Clark.) (He relaxes slightly, and sits down on the couch.)

Clark: Mom! How's everything with you and Dad?

(Scene returns to Martha and Jonathan.)

Martha: Oh, we're just fine! Listen, Clark, I was wondering if you and Lois would like to come out for dinner on Sunday?

(There is a long, silent pause.)

Martha: Clark?

Clark: (voice only) Yeah, Mom?

Martha: Did you hear what I said?

(There is another long pause. Martha looks at Jonathan worriedly.)

Martha: Clark? Is everything all right?

(Scene returns to Clark.)

Clark: Yes… (pause) No. Lois hates me.

Martha: (voice only) Again?

Clark: Mom… she knows.

(Scene returns to Martha and Jonathan.)

Martha: You told her? Well, Clark, that's wonderful! I knew you'd eventually see there was no way of getting around that!

(Scene returns to Clark.)

Clark: No, Mom. I didn't tell her. She found out. (pause) Yesterday, she came over really early. I was in the shower and didn't hear her come in. When I got out of the shower, I realized that my glasses were in the living room, so I went to get them. I didn't see Lois lying on the couch, holding my glasses. She sat up and saw me, then… she knew.

(Scene returns to Martha and Jonathan.)

(Jonathan puts his hand out for the phone. Martha hands the phone to him.)

Jonathan: Clark? Listen, son, it's not as bad as you think! You say Lois hates you, but somehow I don't think that's possible. She loved you as Superman, and she loved you as Clark. So really, she loved you for you. Eventually, I think she'll see that and come around.

(Scene returns to Clark.)

Clark: I hope so.

(Scene returns to Martha and Jonathan.)

Jonathan: Don't give up. Bye, son.

(Scene returns to Clark, who now looks thoughtful.)

Clark: Bye.

(Clark hangs up the phone, then picks it up and dials Lois' number.)

(Scene goes to Lois' apartment.)

(Lois is searching through the kitchen cupboards, when the phone rings. She walks over to the phone and answers it.)

Lois: Hello?

Clark: (voice only) Lois? I HAVE to talk to you. Please lis—

(Lois drops the phone in shock. Her expression is one of disbelief and stress. She sinks down onto the couch, dazed.)

(Scene returns to Clark.)

(He hangs up the phone, slowly. Suddenly, frustration sets in. He smashes an empty soda can into aluminum dust.)

Clark: Damn!

(He takes a couple of deep breaths to calm down. He picks up the phone and dials Lois' number. Her answering machine picks up.)

Answering Machine: "Hi, this is Lois. I can't take your call right now, so please leave a message and I'll get back to you… *beep*

Clark: Lois, please listen to me. I know you're there. Please pick up. (a moment passes) Okay then, just please hear me. We have to talk. We work together, we're best friends,… and we were dating. You can't avoid me forever. Lois, I love you…

(Scene returns to Lois.)

(Lois picks up the telephone receiver.)

Lois: (in a shaky voice) Clark, I don't want to talk to you.

(Lois slams sown the phone. As an afterthought, she takes the phone off the hook.)

(Scene returns to Clark.)

(Clark dials Lois' number again, and gets a busy signal. He slams the phone down, hard.) (He sits down on the couch, head in hands.)

SCENE: Lois' Apartment

(Lois is eating, her fork in mid-air, when a realization occurs.)

Lois: (staring straight ahead) I don't really hate him…

(She sets down the fork.)

Lois: Oh, God. I don't hate him! How could I have thought I hated him? I — I — I love him! (pause) I love him as Clark,… I loved him as Superman… (she drops her head into her hands) What have I been doing?

(She stands up and walks around.)

Lois: No, wait a minute! Oh no, he's not getting off that easily! He lied to me… But I still love him, and,… and,… and I'm talking to myself!

(Frustrated, she flings herself down onto the couch, and lies there with her hands over her face.) (A moment passes, Lois sits up and props her head up with her hands.)

Lois: What do I do? What do I say? (mimicking herself) "Sorry, Clark, for acting like such a complete idiot, but I don't really hate you. I'm just really…" CONFUSED! (pause) I'm still mad at him! He lied to me. How can I trust him if he didn't even trust me? (pause) But I still love him…

Lois: Well, this is just wonderful! How can I love him if I don't even trust him? How can I tell him how I really feel?

(She looks at the phone, picks it up, and cradles it in her lap. She takes a deep breath, picks up the receiver, and punches in Clark's number. There is one ring, but Lois loses her nerve and hangs up the phone. She nervously rakes one hand through her hair.)

Lois: I can't talk to him…

(She looks at a teddy bear Clark gave her — which is sitting on the corner of the couch — and picks it up.)

Lois: (to teddy bear) What should I do?

(Lois sees a notepad and pen on the table in front of her, and picks them up. She thinks for a moment, taps the pen against her mouth, and begins to write:)

THE CONFESSION a story for Clark and Superman by Lois Lane

Once upon a time, an incredible event happened. I met you. I know you're asking yourself, "Who? Clark or Superman?" but hear me out. I met you as Clark Kent, the so- called "farmboy", and as the one and only "Man of Steel", Superman. But of course, you already know that. Although to the world, my great love was Superman, on the inside — all those months — it was you, Clark. Like this repeating phrase echoing in my head, over and over, "Superman is what you can do, Clark is who you are," I loved both of you, individually. With you as Superman, it was safe to show my feelings. So close, yet so far away. Security. For you as who you are — Clark — uncertainty. But maybe that's what true love is… confusion. These past two days, I've been more confused than ever before in my life. I know to you it must've seemed like hate: For awhile, I believed it was. I was kidding myself though: back to the old safety. Now, I'm taking a risk — please forgive me? No, that's not right. It's not my fault. Not that I'm blaming you, but… Oh, forget it. I've always expressed myself best through writing, but sometimes feelings are more than words. When I saw you without your disguise, something in me snapped. I felt betrayed, like I couldn't trust you. I was lonely, feeling like I didn't really know you at all. That shouldn't have been true though, because now I know you better than I ever did. All those lame excuses for running off on me, not listening to my intimate feelings — I thought it was just me. I wonder how you felt, listening to me lecture you; complaining all the time? Not once did you reveal anything — except for those occasional slip-ups. My question to you is: Why didn't you tell me? Why? If you truly loved me as much as you've said, why? I keep having these weird feelings of deja vu, like maybe we've been through this all before. But wouldn't I have remembered? Does this feel as weird to you as it does to me? Knowing we can never go back, just look ahead? I wish I could apologize for the way I've been acting, but somehow, I just can't. I hope you understand. I hope I understand. I hope WE understand.

I love both you, both of you, simply you, Lois

(Lois looks off into space, somewhat emotional. When she comes back to reality, she sees an envelope on the table. She folds her story and puts it into the envelope, then places the envelope inside her bag, which is resting next to the couch.) (She stretches out on the couch, holding the teddy bear.)



SCENE: Daily Planet Newsroom

(The elevator door opens, Lois steps out and walks directly to Clark's desk. In the background, you see Clark watching Lois carefully. Lois leaves the envelope containing her story on Clark's desk. She returns to her own desk, and sits down. She finds a single red rose on the desktop, and a message on the computer screen from Clark.)

The Message reads: "I love you. We NEED to talk."

(Lois looks up at Clark who has just finished super-reading her story. Their gaze meets.) (Lois stands up slowly, still looking at Clark. Her expression is very emotional. Lois & Clark walk uncertainly towards each other, meeting in the middle. They are unsure of what to do until Clark holds out his arms. Lois collapses into them, and they stay locked in the embrace. Lois buries her head in Clark's shoulder.)

Lois: (in a muffled, emotional voice) Clark.

Clark: (softly and tenderly) Lois, it's okay. (pause) We have to talk.

(Lois looks up at Clark. Clark wipes a tear from her cheek.)

Lois: Oh God, I know.

(Scene switches to Jimmy's view of what's happening. He has been watching Lois & Clark from a distance, and sees they are working things out. He observes Lois returning to her desk. Lois picks up her bag and the rose. Clark is beside Lois, holding her hand, and has her story in his other hand. They leave the office together.)

SCENE: Clark's Place

(Lois & Clark enter through the front door, Lois ahead of Clark. Lois is clutching the rose. She appears to be slightly emotionally drained, hesitant, and stressed. Clark is worried about how he's finally going to explain himself.) (Lois walks into the living room and sits down on the couch where everything began. She pretends to be picking lint from it, avoiding meeting Clark's gaze. Clark remains standing.)

(They begin to speak at the same time.)

Clark: Lois— Lois: Clark—

Lois & Clark: You go first…

Clark: Okay. (he takes a deep breath) Lois, I love you. I never wanted to hurt you in any way.

(Lois looks at Clark.)

Lois: You lied to me, Clark. That hurt a lot.

Clark: I never lied to you, I just…

Lois: You just WHAT? C'mon, Clark, I want to hear this!

Clark: Lois, please don't do this.

Lois: Don't do what? (pause) No, you're right. I'm doing it again, and I'm sorry. I just can't help it.

Clark: I guess I don't have to ask how you feel. (he holds up Lois' story) And, I guess maybe I feel the same way… Confused.

Lois: What do you have to be confused about?

Clark: Actually, everything. (pause) I think to myself, "how did this happen? Why did everything become such a mess?"

Lois: Because you lied.

Clark: (shakes head) No, Lois, because I wanted to be normal.

(Clark crosses over to the couch and sits beside Lois.)

Clark: I met you and my whole world changed. I love you. These feelings I have for you… I wanted you to feel the same way. At first I thought that if you knew, you could never have those feelings for me. By the time I found out it was Superman you were in love with, it was too late.

Lois: You ARE Superman.

Clark: No, Lois.

(A dreamlike look appears on Lois' face, as if suddenly remembering something she's not quite sure ever really happened.)

Lois: (trance-like) Superman is what you can do, Clark is who you are… (startled) Where has that been coming from?

Clark: (continues) Everything got so complicated.

(In the background, the last verse from the Rymes With Orange song, "Trapped in the Machine" can be heard…) (… My world is disappearing and I don't know what to do, I pour my arms around you, baby, everything's true. I can't believe that I felt this way, You're taking my world and we'll turn it away from me. Oh yeah, we're trapped in the machine, We're trapped in the machine…)

Clark: Maybe I should've told you, I don't know.

Lois: (muttering to herself) You're damn right you should've!

(Clark takes Lois' hands, Lois looks at Clark.)

Clark: No matter what I've said or what I've done… (softer tone) I love you.

Lois: (whispering) I love you, too. (pause) I guess all along, I've always loved you. There were just times when I didn't know it. (pause) And I guess all along, you've known me a little better than I thought, huh?

(Lois gives Clark a weak smile.)

Clark: (softly) I guess so.

(A long moment passes where they look intently at each other. They draw toward each other in a long, impassioned kiss.) (Lois tilts her head downward, resting it against Clark's chest. Clark puts his arms around Lois. They remain that way, both silent, both understanding and needing each other.)