Dream Escape

By Rich Lester (rich@m-net.arbornet.org)

Summary: Lois' dreams of passion with Superman somehow end up making her think of Clark.


He drew her toward him, their lips met in a soft warm embrace. Her hands roamed his muscular back. Deep in her mind she knew she was dreaming, but she also knew that this was the only way. During the day Superman belonged to the world, but at night, in her dreams he was hers. How many women must want what she has, she owns, the Man of Steel's dreams.

Lois knew that it was not healthy, but she made no attempt to change her thoughts, day dreams, night dreams. They were all the same, they allowed her an outlet for her passion.

As dream Lois drew back from their impassioned kiss to look into his eyes, she found herself staring into glasses instead. No longer was she in the arms of Superman, but in the arms of Clark.

The sudden change was enough to wake Lois. She found herself drenched in sweat, breathing heavily. She looked to the clock, 5:25am its silent numbers told her. It was nearly an hour before she usually awoke, but she decided to stay up so unnerved she was by the dream.

About 10 minutes later Lois was under the hot water of a nice bubble bath, trying desperately to forget. He was her best friend, right? She should not be thinking these thoughts. Should not be feeling these feelings. Somehow though it felt right.

As she dried herself she began to think, more and more about her and Clark, of course it occurred to her. On their first story she had the occasion to see him nearly naked, something that she had relived again and again. He was actively pursued by every woman in the office, except her.

"My career is too important," Lois said aloud, pouting to herself. "I mean Clark is a great guy, but he is no Superman."

Her thoughts raced back to their first working dinner. Chinese, authentic Chinese, he still would not disclose where he got it. But it was not the food, it was the thoughts behind the food. He took the time and did something nice for her. For no other reason than to do something nice.

She remembered Jack, now away at school, and how he had unselfishly helped Jack and his brother. And hadn't he put his life on the line for her many a time? What Superman did, he did for everyone. What Clark did, he did for her.

Making hot chocolate, she kept thinking about Clark, and about Superman. Her therapist kept telling her to stop looking for what wasn't there. To try and find someone who can love her back.

She abruptly stood up, walked over the phone and dialed Clark's familiar number.

"Hello," Clark's weary voice answered.

"Hi, Clark, it's Lois, can I buy you breakfast?" her voice was cheery and light, but even as she asked him her resolve faded, she knew today was not the day Clark would find out how she felt.