Here's Looking at You, Lois and Clark

By Nina (

Summary: Clark's young cousin, Sam, who sings in a band, comes to Metropolis for a gig. Jimmy is smitten by Sam and goes along with her plan to give Lois and Clark an engagement party.

[Nina is the 14 year old sister of my [Angie's] e-mail buddy, Maria, in Denmark. Maria is 16. English is their second language, and yet they needed very little assistance in grammar, spelling, and word usage. I am very impressed with these two girls. They are very kind and interesting people. I hope that the rest of the FoLCs enjoy the story as much as I did. Angie (]

Author's Note: I'll bet that there are other L&C fans than me, who feel sorry for Jimmy, and are irritated that he never is lucky where love is concerned. That's why I wrote this fanfic. Any comments, compliments, etc. can be sent to me at:


It was a hot summer day at the Daily Planet. News was slow, it seemed as if even the criminals were too hot to do anything. Lois stood leaning over Clark's shoulder. They were reading something on his computer. Jimmy was lying on his back trying to put in a screw in a desk. The only thing you could see of him was his legs. He crept out when he heard somebody clear her throat. When he was out, still lying on his back he was looking straight into some long, tanned, lady legs. He looked up and saw a girl in a small pair of cowboy shorts and a just as small blouse. Around her neck she wore a silver necklace with a small silver heart in it. On her head she had a red cap with her hair tucked in.

"Instead of gawking at me like that, can you tell me where Clark Kent is?" she asked.

"Who?" Jimmy hadn't heard a word of what she had just said.

"Never mind," she sighed. "I'll find him myself." She went up to the elevators where she could see the entire news room and yelled at the top of her lungs, "CLARK!" Everybody, including Lois and Clark looked up.

"Sam!?!" Clark exclaimed, and got up.

"Who?" Lois asked, but he didn't hear her. He was running towards the girl who had called. When Sam saw him, she gave a shriek of joy and ran to him. When she jumped into Clark's arms and he twirled her around her hat fell of and landed in Jimmy's lap. When Clark put Sam down Lois was by their side, her arms crossed, and with her typical skeptical look in her eyes.

"Oh, Lois," Clark said, noticing her. "This is my cousin, Samantha Kent."

"Oh!" Lois said. "Pleased to meet you." She put out her hand for Sam to take. Sam shook it smiling.

"Sam, this is my fiancee, Lois Lane."

"Ms Lane! I've heard so much about you from Aunt Martha." Sam said.

"Tell me something, Miss Kent…"

"Sam, please," she corrected her.

"Okay, tell me, Sam, have you been sent by your family to ask me all sorts of questions to see if I'm good enough for Clark?" Not that it matters, she thought, but I would like to know'

"Nope, I only have one question for you. Do you love him?"

"Of course I do!"

"Great! Then only one more question before I wish you the best of luck. Clark, do you love her?" Clark opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted. "No, you don't have to answer that. The goofy way you look at her is enough." Clark closed his mouth and smiled at her. Just then Jimmy caught his eye.

"Sam, I'd like you to meet our photographer, Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy, this is my cousin, Sam."

"Here you dropped this." Jimmy gave the hat she had lost back to her.

"Oh, thank you."

"What are you doing here in Metropolis anyway?" Clark asked.

"My band got a gig to play in a club here."

"That's great!" Clark replied, then he turned and explained to the others. "Sam is the lead singer in a band called *Forever*"

"But there is kind of a problem…" Sam started, but stopped and bit her lip. Clark, who knew that face started to cross his arms, but quickly but them down again as he realized what he was doing.


"All the other band members have a friend to stay with, but I haven't, so I was wondering if…"

"If you could stay with me." Clark interrupted her.

"Yes?" she said in a meek voice.

"Of course you can! I would be offended if you hadn't asked," Clark was smiling. "Well, Lois and I better get back to our work, otherwise Pe…"Before he could finished his sentence Perry interrupted him.

"Lois, Clark, Jimmy! Back to work, remember we have a newspaper to run!"

"Chief, this is my cousin, Samantha Kent. I was just telling her that we had to get back to work. Sam, this is my employer, Perry White."

"Hello Mr. White. Clark always sends me a copy of the Daily Planet. Honestly, I think it's the best newspaper I've ever read."

"Really?" Perry smiled the way he always does when he is flattered. "I'm glad you think so." Sam nodded but suddenly she looked over his shoulder into Perry's office.

"Oh my goodness. Is that really Elvis?!? I've been trying to get hold of one of these pictures for ages!"

"You like The King?"

"Are you kidding? I love him!"

"In that case, I have some things you might be interested in seeing…" While Perry was dragging her into his office she turned to Clark, put her thumb and first finger together so it formed an O and winked. Clark smiled and turned back to his computer.

"Nice girl, your cousin." Lois said.

"Yeah she is, isn't she. Well, we better get back to work."

"Uhmmm Clark?"

"Yes Jimmy?"

"Your cousin… eh… does she have a boyfriend?"

"I don't think so, but I don't know. Why don't you ask her out?"

"I just might do that!" With that, Jimmy turned back to the desk and almost forgotten screw. Lois and Clark smiled at him. They knew perfectly well what was going on.

"Remember first time we met?" Lois had placed herself on his lap.

"How could I forget?" Clark retorted smiling. Lois put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Whistles and cheering filled the news room. They could never get tired of teasing the couple.

When Sam returned from Perry's office she couldn't find Lois or Clark. Jimmy approached her to ask her on a date, but before he opened his mouth, Sam had asked him where they were.

"He and Lois just left. A new story I think. Clark asked me to show you around Metropolis."

"You got a car?"

"I have a motorbike."

"That's even better!"

"All right, let's go." Jimmy was amazed. He was so used to just being a nobody and here was a girl who wanted to go see the city with him. Impulsively, Jimmy grabbed her hand and they went down to his bike and got on. Sam put her arms around Jimmy and they where off.


After having seen quite a lot of Metropolis they stopped for an ice cream.

"Jimmy, I was thinking, has anybody given Lois and Clark an engagement party?"

"No, I don't think so. If that was the case. I wasn't invited at least."

"Well, I'm only gonna be here for 10 days or so and I definitely don't want to miss this, so…"

"So… what?"

"So, why don't we arrange an engagement party for them?"

"You think they'd like that?"

"They have to! Jimmy, I know a bit about parties, but I don't know any of their friends so you will have to help me there."


"Great!" She finished the last of her ice cream. "Well, have I seen all there is to see in Metropolis?"

"Not even half."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's ride."


It was about 6 o'clock when they came home to Clark's apartment, still Clark wasn't home yet.

"Now what do we do?" asked Jimmy.

"If I know a sensible guy like Clark right," Sam said and bent down. "He would hide a key under the door mat, and viola!" Triumphantly she pulled out a key. "Won't you come in?"

"Sure, if you think it is okay with Clark."

"I'm certain it is. Come on in."


The first thing Lois and Clark heard when they stepped into Clark's apartment was a cry of pain from Sam.

"What happened?" Clark asked as he ran down towards the kitchen.

"Clark, why don't you have any pot holders? This is the fifth time I've burned myself while making dinner."

"I ought to have a pair somewhere…" Clark said and started roaming the kitchen in search for them.

"Never mind," she sighed. "I'll find something else."

"I still think you should try using a kitchen towel," Jimmy said.

"All right." Sam soon finished making dinner.

"How did the interview go?" Jimmy asked.

"Terrible!" Lois said and reached for the rice. She and Clark told the two others what they had been doing while Jimmy and Sam where touring Metropolis.

"Well, I better go," Jimmy said after dinner.

"I'll walk you out," Sam got up too. She went out to his bike with him. "Jimmy, I have to go to rehearsal tomorrow, but after that I'll start planning the party, and you start thinking about the guests, okay?"


"By the way Jimmy, thank you for a great day, I really enjoyed it."

"So did I."

"It must have been the great company you had," Sam said smiling.

"It probably was." Jimmy took a deep breath, grabbed Sam around her neck, pulled her toward him and gave her a kiss. Not a slow one but not a quick one either. Quickly he got on his bike and was off. Sam stood back looking after him, with a smile. When Sam got back in she found Lois and Clark kissing. The phone rang.

"Don't let it interrupt you. I'll get it." She said and grabbed the receiver. "Clark Kent's residence, Sam speaking. —Oh hello Mr. White. Clark… well, he's rather busy at the moment." Clark let go of Lois and got up. "What he's doing?… Well…" Clark was heading towards her, so she started to walk backwards. "Is it very important, or may I have him call you back later?" At this point Clark was chasing her around the couch, but lucky for her the phone cord was pretty long. While Sam was busy avoiding Clark she didn't notice Lois who was right behind her.

"Got ya!" she said and started to tickle her. Sam screamed with laughter. Clark caught the receiver and while covering it, he kissed Lois on the forehead.

"Well done my love. Hi this is Clark… yes…uh huh… okay I'll tell her." Clark hung up the phone.

"What did Perry want?" Lois asked.

"Tell us that one of his sources had called him and wanted to meet him tomorrow. He knows something about all the empty oil cans."

"Great. Well, I better get home." Lois put on her coat.

"I'll walk you out."


Sam was desperately trying to make herself comfortable on Clark's couch, when she heard somebody walking around. She opened her eyes a little bit and to her astonishment she saw Clark spin around and leap out of the window. She jumped up and ran to the window just in time to see Clark fly off.

"This is unbelievable! I just saw my cousin flying out of the window wearing tights!" She raised an eyebrow. "He looks good in tights! -Wait a second! He had an *S* on his suit," She sat down quickly as her knees became wobbly under her. " My cousin is Superman!" She said under her breath.


"Good morning." Sam came out dressed in a very short skirt, and an ALMOST see through blouse. Sam gave Clark a kiss on the cheek and sat down opposite him. "Does Lois know?"

"Know what?"

"That you're Superman." It was very hard for Sam to act casually.


"Does… Lois… know… that… you… are… Superman?"

"What makes you think that I am?" Now he was the one having difficulties acting casually.

"Oh, small things. That you don't own any kettle holders."

"I do too. I just can't find them."

"That you didn't use your shaver this morning. Still you're clean shaven."

"How do you know I didn't use it?"

"I hid it under my pillow." She didn't give him time to think about that for long. "How did you make your eggs this morning?"

"On a pan of course." Sam got the pan out from underneath the couch. Clark tried to smile.

"But the thing that made me completely sure was to see you fly out the window last night."

"You saw me?"

Sam nodded. "Clark, what made you think you could hide it from me? We've been best friends for as long as I remember. I was looking at some photos of Superman last night. You have the same eyes. And, Clark…" Sam bent her head. "There's something I've never told you. Once you were in a very bad mood. Your mother asked me to try and cheer you up. You didn't see me coming, but I saw you kick a football into hyperspace." Sam smiled at the memory. "When I told Aunt Martha she told me to go and lie down."

"You would make one hell of a detective, Sam."

"Thank you. But to get back to my question, does Lois know?"

"Yes, she told me she knew for certain the day I proposed."

"It's all very romantic to hear, but you're gonna be late for work unless you fly."

"Yikes, you're right. I'm off, take care."

"Bye. Oh, and Clark?"

He turned in the door. "Yes?"

"You look good in tights!"

"It cuts down wind resistance."


After her rehearsal Sam asked the rest of the band to stick around.

"You guys all know my cousin, Clark Kent, right? Well, he has gotten engaged and I have decided to host an engagement party for them, but I'll need your help, okay?" Everybody loved the idea of throwing a party for a celebrity, so Sam went on. "I've decided to make it a surprise party and I thought we could play." The rest of the gang were getting excited. "I'm going to try to get this club for the party. You think that is possible?"

"You're gonna need all your charm, Sam-girl!"

"I know!"


"Remind me to be careful next time I have house guests.". Lois and Clark were driving up to Central Park where they would meet Perry's source.

"What do you mean?" Lois asked, not taking her eyes off her notes.

"Sam discovered it!"

"Discovered what?" At this point, her notes were still more interesting than their conversation.

"That I'm… you know."

"She did?!?" Suddenly, she lost all interest in her notes. "How?"

"By small things, no kettle holders, not using my shaver or frying pan, but I think the thing that gave it away was that she saw me flying off last night."

"She saw you?!" Lois asked and put her hand on his shoulder. "Do you mind that she knows?"

"Not really. I'm actually glad. We've been friends forever. I remember when she was born. I was six and I somehow knew we would be friends, even though she was a girl. One of the reasons that we became such good friends was that she was different. Not like I am, but in the way she dressed, talked and acted. She never cared what people thought."

Lois looked at Clark with loving eyes, leaned over and kissed him.

"Hey, I'm trying to drive." he said laughing.


After Sam had talked to the band about the party and gotten permission to use the club for a small amount of money, she went over to the Daily Planet. When she stepped in she saw Jimmy buying a candy bar.

"Jimmy." Jimmy dropped his candy bar. Was it her skirt length or just the fact that a girl, or perhaps this special girl was talking to him that made him drop his candy bar?

"Oh, hi Sam!" he said. Sam bent down and picked up his candy bar.

"Here. Where are Lois and Clark?"

"Out somewhere talking to some source."

"Great. Is Perry in?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I am going to let him in on our little secret." Sam ran to the elevators. Jimmy followed her. There was something he just had to talk with her about before he got cold feet, so he put his hand on the door so it wouldn't close.

"Sam, about the kiss yesterday." Sam grabbed his shirt, pulled him in, kissed him and pushed him away so the door could close.

"Wow!" Jimmy turned to the stairs and ran up. When the elevator opened on the news room floor Jimmy grabbed Sam, pulled her out and kissed her.

"How did you come up here so fast?"

"I ran."

"You ran all the way up here and beat the elevator?"


"The elevator stopped on every single floor, but when the doors opened nobody was there. How do you plead?"

"Guilty as charged."

Sam laughed. "I better go and find Perry." she said a took her hands from his shoulders. Luckily Perry was in his office.

"Can I come in, Mr. White?"

"Of course, come in, Sam. What can I do for you?"

"Mr. White, I'm planning an engagement party for Lois and Clark. I have found a place and *Forever* is going to play, but I need to borrow some money for food and renting the club. I was going to ask if you would be my accomplice and lend it to me?" Sam had said all of this in a great rush. She wasn't totally sure of her charm.

"Lend you money! Hell no! I'm going to give it to you. I'd do anything to get those crazy kids happily married."

"Great! I am going to start planning everything today, so I'll just let you know how much. I'll need it as soon as possible?"


"By the way," Sam turned in the door. "I asked Jimmy to make the guest list, maybe you would help him?"


"Okay. Bye, Mr. White."

"Good-bye, Sam."

"How did it go?" Jimmy was waiting outside the door to Perry's office.

"Better than I had expected. He is not only going to lend me the money, he is going to give it to me!"

"That's great!"

"Jimmy, Forever is gonna play tonight. Want to come and hear us?"

"Would you really like me to come?" Jimmy said surprised.

"Of course I would." The smile in her eyes showed him that she meant it. This was something he was not exactly used to so it made him very confused. He ran his fingers through his hair and managed to say what he really meant, "I would love to."

"Okay, I'll call you and give you the address. Hey, there's Lois and Clark." Sam raised her hand and waved at them.

"Hi Sam, what are you doing here?"

"Looking for you. It's my band's opening night tonight. You two lovebirds are coming to see us, aren't you?"

"Of course," Lois said and let go of Clark's hand.

"Great! Jimmy is coming too." Clark look at Jimmy and raised his eyebrows.


"Sam?" Clark called.

"I'm in the bathroom, but come on in I'm just fixing my hair." Clark went into the bathroom and found Sam with her mouth full of hairpins.

"Sam, I'd like to talk to you about Jimmy."

"What about him?" Sam asked out of the side of her mouth.

"Well, do you like him?"

"Boy, I hate it when you play my big brother." Sam said with a sigh.

"Well, I'm the closest thing you've got to one, and you don't hate it, you love that I care for you like a brother."

"How do you know?"

"You told me so."

"Oh. Why do you want to know how I feel about Jimmy?"

"He is my friend and I'd hate it if he got hurt."

"You don't have a very high opinion of me, do you."

"Are you gonna tell me or do I have to grab your leg and shake it out of you? You know that I can do it."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Oh, wouldn't I?" Clark reached for her leg.

"All right, I'll tell you." Sam said pulling her leg away.


"But only because I don't want my hair messed up. Yes, I like him."

"How like?"

"Really like."

Clark smiled. "I'm happy for you."

"Thank you, but there is a catch."


"I'm going away soon and I don't know when I'm coming back."

"I know what my mom would say."


"If you care enough about each other then being apart is only gonna make your love stronger."

"Aunt Martha is a smart woman."

"She is but you better hurry or else you're gonna be late."

"You're right. Meet you there." Sam gave Clark a quick kiss.


When Clark picked Lois up that evening, he was stunned.

"Lois, you look…" he stuttered. Lois was wearing a small pair of black leather shorts and a small trendy blouse. She smiled, she liked the effect her clothes had on Clark.

"Well, we're going to a night club and I always say: When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

"You look gorgeous, actually too gorgeous. You better not run off with some other guy because I am very strong and very jealous."


At the club they met Jimmy.

"You are just in time," he said when he saw them. Just then the light hit a man with a microphone.

"And now," he yelled. "It is my extreme pleasure to present.. *FOREVER*!"

The band came out and started playing.

"They are good." Jimmy said, drumming the beat on the table with his hand.

"They sure are." Clark agreed.

"Come on, let's dance." Lois grabbed Clark's hand and pulled him out on the dance floor.

When the band took a break, Sam came out and joined them. "Well, how do you like us?"

"You are terrific!" Jimmy said seriously.

Lois nodded. "I remember when I was a teenager, I wanted to be in a band. But as I grew, that dream faded away, and I became a reporter instead."

"And a good one too." Clark said and put his arm around Lois.

Sam smiled. "I better get back."


"All right, everyone." Sam said over the microphone. at the end of the night. "This is the last song tonight and I'd like to dedicate it to a very special couple I love very much. You know who you are. This one's for you." The song that followed was a beautiful love-song. The guy at the keyboard had written the music and Sam the words.

Clark put his arms around Lois and drew her nearer. "I love you." he gently whispered in her ear. Lois smiled happily and rested her head on his shoulder.

During the entire song Sam and Jimmy didn't take their eyes off each other.


The next couple of days, Sam spend her mornings at rehearsal with her band, the afternoons planning and shopping for the party and her nights at the club playing. Jimmy and Perry had finished the guest- list, so all the invitations were sent out. Jimmy help Sam a lot and their feelings for each other grew. Lois and Clark were working on an interesting story so they didn't notice a thing.

Two nights before the party Clark came home and found Sam asleep at the table with a lot of paper around her. He brushed gently some hair away from her head. He sure loved that girl. Carefully he lifted her up, carried her to the couch, put her down and tucked the blanket around her. Suddenly he noticed something on her right little finger. It was a tiny silver ring. He wondered why he hadn't noticed that before. Then he remembered. He had given her that ring. On the day he left for college as a symbol of their friendship. When he returned from college she was still away at hers, and when she came back he was out exploring the world. Suddenly he realized how long time it had been since they had seen each other last. At least they were both good letter- writers. Softly he kissed her good night. It was lucky he didn't pay any attention to the papers on the table, because then he would know all about the surprise party and the special song she'd been writing.


"What am I going to give them?" Sam asked Jimmy. Tomorrow was the big night.

"I can't help you there. I can't think of anything myself." Sam was riding with Jimmy on his motorbike. Perry had given him the day off so they could get the last minute things in place.

"Everybody is coming?" Sam asked.


"What on earth can we give them? Of course we could give them something boring but necessary like a set of plates or something like that. But I'd like to give them something special, something that will mean something, something…"

"I've got it!" Jimmy said and quickly made an U- turn.

"Jimmy, are you crazy? Where are we going?"

"To my apartment"

A little while later Jimmy opened the door to his apartment. Without noticing the mess he rushed over to the drawers where he kept all his photographs. Sam, being too polite to mention the mess, followed him.

"What are you looking for?" she asked, but he didn't hear her.

"Here it is!" he said at last.

"What?" Jimmy showed her a picture of Lois and Clark with an arm around each other, smiling like they owned the world. Sam took the picture.

"I figured we could blow it up and put it in a nice frame or something."

"Jimmy, you're a genius!" Sam threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Come on, we better hurry if we want to get this blown up before the shop closes."

"Don't worry, I can do that for you."

"I'm impressed, but we still need to by a frame."


The day of the party came. Martha and Jonathan, Lois' mum and sister, and a lot of other friends of Lois and Clark's had flown in. They were staying at hotels so Lois and Clark wouldn't wonder why they were in Metropolis. They were reporters, so there was no doubt that they would figure out about the surprise party.

Clark and Lois had just prepared their story for printing and it was pretty late.

"Lois, Clark. You're still here." Perry came over to them.

"Yes, we just finished the story."

"Okay. By the way, Sam asked me to tell you to get over to the club when you were done. I'm thinking of going there myself so why don't I drive you?"

"Thank you, chief, but you really don't have to…"

"Ah-ah. Don't argue with your editor. Come, let's go." Clark shrugged.


When they stepped into the club it was totally dark.

"What's going on?" Lois wondered and jumped a mile when she heard a drum roll. It ended with a smashing sound from the hi-hat and somebody turned on the lights. Everybody shouted "SURPRISE!"

"What's this?" Clark asked and gave his mother a kiss.

"A surprise engagement party." Sam said with a huge smile on her face.

"But we haven't even set the date yet."

"I know, but I'm so often on the road that I can't know where I would be when you settled on a date. I figured there was no way on earth I wanted to miss this, and threw it myself, with help from Jimmy and Mr. White."

"Thank-you!" Lois gave her a hug.

"Time for the presents!" Jimmy shouted.

"This one is from Jimmy and me." Sam gave them the present and slipped her hand into Jimmy's. Lois tore off the paper.

"Oh my goodness. It's wonderful!" she cried when she saw it.

"Listen up everybody!" Sam said over the microphone. "There is some food over there if you are hungry. While Clark and Lois open the rest of their presents Forever is going to play, so you are more than welcome to dance."

After eating some hors d'oeuvres, opening a _lot_ of presents, dancing and fun games, Sam asked for everyone's attention.

"A lot of you out there are reporters, and I bet you all have tried to stay up till late at night to finish a story and you know that even though you finished it after midnight it is good! Well I am no reporter, and I don't write for a newspaper, but I do know what it is like to stay up till late at night writing a song, and when I'm done know that it is good. Jimmy and I are going to sing this song for you." There was a surprised murmur from the crowd. "Yes, Jimmy! You probably don't know this, but he is a great singer. We actually asked him to join the band. But unfortunately for Forever and fortunately for the Daily Planet he turned the offer down. He said that he was more comfortable with a camera than with a microphone in his hand. Anyway, Lois and Clark, to quote my favourite actor - Humphrey Bogart - Here's looking at you!"


After the song ended Clark gave Sam a big hug. "Sam, you are great! How can we ever thank you?"

"By inviting me to the wedding."

"That goes without saying."

"You will be our guest of honor." Lois said and gave her one more hug.

"I didn't know you could sing." Clark said to Jimmy.

"I guess all that singing in the church choir finally paid off." Lois laughed and gave him a hug.

"Sam, my friend would like to talk to you and the rest of the band."

"Sure thing, Mr. White. YO' GUYS!" Perry raised his and to his ear. "Get down here. Somebody wants to talk to us." When the band had gathered Perry's friend started to speak.

"My name is John Thomsen. I work at Hot Names."

"The big record company?" Bob, the drummer asked.

"Yes. We are always looking for new talented bands, and I think I just found one."

"You mean you are going to sign us?"

"Absolutely!" The band started screaming and hugging each other. Suddenly Sam caught Jimmy's eye.

"This will mean that I have to leave you." She said.

"I know."

"Look, Jimmy, if you…"

"Sam, this is your dream come true, go for it."



Sam kissed him. She too could feel the bitter sweetness of the moment. She searched his eyes to read his real feelings. What she found there made her for ONCE speechless. Jimmy took her hand and they joined the rest of the band in celebration.


"You know, Clark. It seems as if the two of us are always saying good-bye." Sam said. She was leaving for Los Angeles where Hot Names studio was. She was at the Daily Planet saying good-bye.

"But before every good-bye there must have been a hello," Clark said hugging his cousin.

"The band and I can never thank you enough for bringing Mr. Thomsen to the party, Mr. White."

"It's my duty as an Elvis fan of first degree, to help any band that knows and sings his songs. Good-bye, Sam."

"Good-bye, Mr. White. Good-bye, Lois. I'll be looking forward to the wedding and seeing you again."

"Me too!" Lois gave Sam one last hug.

"Well, this is good-bye, Jimmy." Sam turned to Jimmy. The others left to give them some privacy.

"I'm going to miss you, Sam!"

"I'll miss you too, Jimmy. Here," Sam took off her silver necklace, put it in Jimmy's hand and closed it. "Take this to remember me by."

"Thanks. Promise me you won't forget me."

"Never! I'll write as often as possible."

"Remember to send me your address."

"I will. Good-bye." Sam put her arms around Jimmy's neck and kissed him. Jimmy held her tight.

"Good-bye, Sam!" he whispered as he watched the elevator doors close behind her. "You've got one hell of a cousin, CK."

"I know. Boy, do I know." Clark said smiling.


(for the time being…)