Morning Pick-Me-Up

By Dave Lane

Summary: Lois Lane starts off her day at the Daily Planet by embarrassing Clark.

This is my first attempt at fan fiction so any comment or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. A Lois and Clark Vignette.


"Great, Chief. I'll get right on it," answered Clark as he closed the door to Perry's office. Walking to his desk, Clark noticed that the other staff members were gradually trickling in. It was Tuesday; the day after a long weekend. Some walked with purpose and a sense of enthusiasm, straight to their desks; ready for the day and anything that it threw at them. While others shuffled in, prolonging the arrival at their desks as long as possible. The difference between the morning people and the night people was sharply defined. Clark had always been a morning person. Now, whether this was due to his Kryptonian physiology or growing up on a farm in Kansas, and having to rise before dawn to do his farm chores is anybody's guess. He simply found morning to be a refreshing time of day. Others, however, were not so fortunate.

Lois Lane fit into that category.

The elevator arrived, delivering the other half of the Daily Planet's top reporting team to the newsroom. "Morning," she said blandly, to no one in particular. There was no enthusiasm or exuberance in her voice; her tone indicating she was still half-asleep. Walking down the steps toward her desk, Lois grumbled, complaining about the traffic and the 'moronic drivers' that populated Metropolis.

As she approached, Clark's face broke into a broad smile. He loved to tease her when she was in a bad mood. And today was definitely one of those days. With a loud thump, Lois threw her briefcase and coat onto her chair. "Gee, Lois," he said, teasingly, "you're looking cheerful this morning."

Ignoring the comment, Lois continued her advance toward her laughing partner. Raising her hands to Clark's chest, Lois wrapped her fingers around the cloth of his lapels and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. Their embrace lasted a full thirty seconds, even though both could have cared less how much time had past. Their location also meant nothing; the passion of the moment overriding reason. The planet newsroom, normally filled with the sounds of conversation and hands on keyboards, ground to a halt to watch the exchange.

Releasing him, Lois stepped back and began to shudder, as if someone had dropped an ice cube down her back. "Whoa!" she gasped, her eyelids popping open. The cloudiness in her eyes disappeared, replaced with the usual sharp glint. Clark stood motionless, stunned by Lois' uncharacteristic behavior and the intensity of the kiss.

Finding his voice, Clark stammered, "What was that for?"

"Well," she replied, fixing him with a stare that weakened his knees. "I needed a morning pick-me-up to start the day, and *you* do the trick better than a double espresso." With a sly grin, she excused herself to go to the ladies room, leaving a red-faced Clark to endure the giggles and chuckles echoing in the newsroom.