Is This an Opening?

By Ruth Ellison (

Summary: Lois tries to figure out Clark's trick to opening doors protected by keypad locks.


The door was solid - metal, not wood - and had no visible hinges or locks. It did, however, have a keypad suggestively located at arm height next to it.

"Mine, I think," Clark murmured, and raised his hand to the keypad.

Something about Lois's stance bothered him, so he turned to confront her rather strange expression. "What?" he asked.

"Nothing. I just want to see how you do this - since I was obviously never looking in the right direction before." When he continued to look at her quizzically, she went on, "Clark, I'm an investigative reporter. Just exercising my professional curiosity, OK?"

"OK," he said mildly, and turned back.

A moment later he was looking at her again. "Lois, I think you're having an adverse effect on my performance."

"Stop being temperamental and get on with it. Unless you'd rather bulldoze the door down completely?"

"OK, OK," he muttered. He punched in a few combinations, starting with the most obvious, and was gratified when the door made a 'ping' sound and slid open. He turned back to Lois expectantly.

All he got was a crisp "Hmmph!" as she strode through the doorway. He paused briefly to watch her. Even had the contours of her hips not brought a smile to his face, her studied air of indifference would have forced it there.

He caught up with her on the other side of the door. "You were supposed to be impressed," he sulked.

"I never promised to be impressed. I just said I wanted to know how you did it. Besides," she went on, "why should I be impressed? Are you impressed that I can walk, or talk? Why should I be impressed with something that comes naturally to you?"

"Flying comes naturally to me too," he pointed out, resting his hands on her shoulders.

It was her turn to admit defeat with a smile. "OK, I was impressed with the flying," she conceded. "But just don't push your luck, alright?"