Season's Greetings: Poem

By Jello (

Summary: A poem that describes the events in the episode "Season's Greedings."

I hope someone likes this. It's obviously based on the episode, the last parts of it. Send your opinions.


"Season's Greetings: The L&C Way"

She was all dressed
And prepared a great feast
In hopes that Superman
Would be there at least.

The candles blew out
She cried in the dark
Then who should appear
But good ol' Clark.

She asked why he'd come
After he had said no
He said his plane
Was stopped by the snow.

She found out he lied
But she didn't mind
A smile on her face
Was all he could find.

She led him to the food
She was excited, very much
But suddenly he stopped her
With his gentle touch.

He handed her a box
Oh what could it be
She carefully opened it
And was surprised to see—

A star from above
Such a beautiful thing
Nothing could describe
What she was feeling within.

She placed it on
The tree, high above.
She wished that somehow
It was a gift of his love.

But nothing could prepare her
For what she did next.
I think it gave all of us
A look of perplex.

She took his hand
And held it in hers
Not knowing the feelings
In them both she had spurred,

They gazed at each other
With love in their eyes
Lois truly looked
As if she would cry.

Holding hands was enough
No words were spoken
All our hopes rose high
But sadly, the spell was broken—

Those DARN carolers
Broke the spell of love
L&C went to the window
To gaze from above.

Lois lifted their hands
It was growing colder
But she was kept warm
As she laid on Clark's shoulder.

This show was really great
But there was something missing.
A bunch of mistletoe and…
L&C kissing!!!!!!!!


Hope you all liked it!!