Superman's Song

By Lara Koch (73764.2611@compuserve)

Summary: A Lois & Clark song sung to the tune of "American Pie."

Superman's Song To the tune of "American Pie"


A Long, Long time ago, I can still remember
How that show used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my way We could see it everyday
And maybe We'd be happy for awhile

But May sweeps made me shiver with all the preemptions
they'd deliver ABC made me cry
I couldn't see my man fly
I can't remember if I cried when I read about Clark's new bride
But something touched me deep inside
The days I saw Superman fly


Fly, Fly, Superman come fly with me
the Daily Planet's waiting
But with Lois is he And good old Perry drops to his knees
"Great Shades of Elvis!" sings he "Great Shades of Elvis!" sings he

Did you read Lois's book and do you know why
Cat they took at the end of the season
And do you believe in Superman and Lex Luthor's faulty plan
And can you teach me how to fly, real slow

Well I know that she's in love with him
'Cause I talked to their good friend, Jim
They both love each other
But will they marry another?

She was a lonely teen out on the prowl
with a little notebook and a permanent scowl
but all that changed with wipe of the towel
The day she saw Superman Fly


Now for three weeks We've been on our own
dust grows thick on the remote control
But that's not how it used to be When Lois sang for the nightclub crowd
It was Clark who was very proud although he didn't say it very loud

And while Superman was looking down
It was Vatman who stole his sacred crown
LexCorp was adjourned
until that Lex returned

And while Jimmy read the book of love and Mayson looked down from above
It was Lois' turn to give Clark a shove
The day we saw Superman Fly


Helter Skelter, Luthor made up swelter
Superman flew off to the cool-down shelter
Eight miles high, it would have been a melter

And as Dan tried to make a pass
Superman was just too fast
Put Calvin on the sidelines in a cast

Oh the Carnival air was sweet perfume
and the band struck up a dancing tune
Lois got up to dance But she never got the chance

Intergang tried to take the field
Lex Luthor refused to yield
Do you recall what was the deal
That day We saw Superman fly


Oh and there they were all in one place
A reporting team lost in space
they had no time to start again

So come on, Clark be nimble, Clark be quick
Dr. Leit sat on a candlestick
Because fire is the Prankster's only friend

And as I watched him in the air his blue suit and slicked back hair
no hero born on earth could know Superman's true worth

and as he flew up higher into the night
Lois looked up for a better sight
I saw Luthor laughing with delight
That day we saw Superman fly


I met a girl who wrote the news so I asked her for her latest views
she just smiled and turned away

I went down to the city room floor
where I had heard they worked just beyond the door
but Perry said Clark had just walked away
and in the streets the children screamed
Mayson cried, and Jimmy dreamed
But not a word was written
Lois was just to smitten
and the three men I admire most
Superman, Clark, and Kal-El's ghost
they're on the front page of the post
Come on, Superman fly


Thanks to Don Mclean for letting me use some of his words and his tune!