Lois & Clark Trivia Test

By Lynn Baldwin (LBALD@aol.com)

Summary: A Lois & Clark trivia quiz for FoLCs.

The topic of Lois & Clark trivia came up recently on an AOL chat, so I decided to write a trivia quiz for all of you FOLCs. Good luck!


1. Throughout the episodes, Lois often makes Freudian slips of the tongue. Fill in the blank in this quote from THE PILOT: "I said, nine, I thought you'd be___________ - … ready."

A. Superman
B. dressed
C. muscular
D. naked

2. What is Clark's middle name?

A. Jerry
B. James
C. Jerome
D. Gerald

3. A lot of FOLCs noticed a spelling error on the front page of the Daily Planet in THE PHOENIX. What was it?

A. Lois Lane was misspelled as Lois Laine
B. Lex Luthor was misspelled as Lex Luther
C. Lois Lane was misspelled as Los Lane
D. Lex Luthor was misspelled as Lexx Luthor

4. When Clark goes undercover at the Metro Club in I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU, his alias is:

A. Charlie King
B. Kent Childs
C. Calvin Klein
D. Curt Kravitz

5. In WALL OF SOUND, Lois sports a tattoo of a:

A. serpent
B. cross
C. panther
D. rose

6. In BOLT FROM THE BLUE, Waldecker criticizes Superman by saying:

A. Didn't your mother tell you that red boots make your feet look bigger?
B. Didn't anyone ever tell you that two primary colors just do not work together?
C. Don't you read GLAMOUR - long capes are definitely a *don't*
D. What is that grease in your hair?

7. In FLY HARD , what does Clark pretend to use to heal Lex's bullet wound?

A. breath mints and ice cubes
B. an apple, rubber bands and coffee
C. an orange, chewing gum and tea bags
D. a rubber eraser and a straw

8. What is the name of Lucy Lane's boyfriend in METALLO?

A. Joe Shuster
B. Johnny Corbin
C. Johnny Bravo
D. Johnny Pancetti

9. In THE PHOENIX, where did the Chinese food that made Lois sick come from?

A. Ralph's Pagoda
B. House of Hunan
C. Paul's Palace
D. Chang's Delight

10. In which episode did Lois and Clark first kiss?


11.What did Lois originally want to call Kryptonite?

A. Kryptonix
B. Krytorocks
C. Kryptonium
D. Krystalite

12. In VATMAN, how does Lois know that the clone is not the real Superman?

A. by the way he flies
B. by the way he says her name
C. by the way he stands
D. by the way he kisses her

13. What movie do Lois & Clark start to watch in THE PRANKSTER?

A. Lethal Weapon 1
B. Lethal Weapon 2
C. Lethal Weapon 3
D. Hamlet

14. In CHURCH OF METROPOLIS, Jimmy gets dumped. Where does his ex-girlfriends's new boyfriend live?

A. Smallville
B. Sweden
C. Switzerland
D. Salt Lake City

15. During their stakeout in HONEYMOON IN METROPOLIS, what game don't Lois and Clark play?

A. Scrabble
B. Monopoly
C. gin
D. Clue

16. In OPERATION BLACKOUT, what is the title of Molly Flynn's book?

A. Turned off of Technology
B. Terminate Technology
C. Stop the Technology
D. Technology is Killing Us

17. In WITNESS, Barbara Trevino appears on the cover of what magazine?

A. Tempo
B. Time
C. Metropolis Now
D. Metro

18. In MAN OF STEEL BARS, Metropolis suffers an unusual heat spell for the month of:

A. December
B. February
C. November
D. January

19. In PHEROMONE, MY LOVELY, with what song does Perry serenade Rajelia?

A. Burning Love
B. Blue Suede Shoes
C. Jailhouse Rock
D. Love Me Tender

20. In IDES OF METROPOLIS, what kind of flowers does Jonathan give to Martha?

A. daisies
B. peonies
C. roses
D. tulips


1. D naked 2. C Jerome 3. B. Lex Luthor was misspelled as Lex Luther 4. A Charlie King 5. D rose 6. B Didn't anyone ever tell that two primary colors just do not work together? 7. C an orange, chewing gum and tea bags 8. B Johnny Corbin 9. A Ralph's Pagoda 10. B STRANGE VISITOR (FROM ANOTHER PLANET) 11. C Kryptonium 12. D by the way he kisses her 13. A Lethal Weapon 1 14. C Switzerland 15. D Clue 16. D Technology is Killing Us 17. A Tempo 18. C November 19. A Burning Love 20 B peonies


17-20: Super-dooper: Great shades of Elvis! You have a super memory! Either that, or you've been doing some investigating in which case you deserve a Kerth Award!

13-17: Superb: You're definitely a big fan, but you need to work on your L&C Trivia IQ (kind of like the way that Clark needs to work on his disappearance excuses) Keep up the good work!

12 and under: Super: Any FOLC is at least super, and that's nothing to be ashamed of! But are you sure you've been hanging out in Metropolis, and not in Gotham City? Don't despair: this is the perfect excuse to rewatch some of those old episodes!