The Discovery

By Lynn S. M. < (Replace _at_with@)>

Submitted May 2015

Rated: G

Summary: When a spaceship lands in Shuster’s Field, Jonathan and Martha Kent get more than they bargained for.

Story Size: 211 words (1Kb as text)

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Standard disclaimers apply: The characters herein belong to Warner Bros and DC Comics and are just being borrowed for some not-for-profit fun.


“Jonathan, did you see that? Something just landed in Shuster’s Field.”

“I didn’t see anything; I was watching the road. It was probably just a vulture or something.”

“No, Jonathan. It was a bright light. Pull over. I’d like a closer look.”

“OK, Martha. We’re in no hurry. Let’s find out what you saw.”

Jonathan parked the car on the edge of the field and husband and wife held hands as they traipsed towards a small object. As they approached, they saw that it was unlike anything they had ever encountered. It looked like some sort of a spaceship, but one too small to hold an astronaut.

They drew back suddenly when the hatch opened. As they peered in, they could discern a small, tan figure with elongated digits. In a high but raspy voice it croaked, “Phone home.”


April Fools!

(This story was originally posted on the eve of April 1st.)