Thoughts on Facebook

By Lynn S. M. < (Replace_at_with@)>

Rated: G

Submitted: December 2015

Summary: What would the main characters of “Lois & Clark” think of Facebook? A super short written for the 2014 fund-raiser for the Lois & Clark message board.

Story Size: 182 words (1Kb as text)

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Disclaimer: All characters mentioned herein belong to Warner Bros and DC Comics. I am borrowing them for some not-for-profit fun. (All proceeds to go toward the maintenance of the aforementioned message board.)


Interview question: What do you think of Facebook?

Lois: I just got used to e-mail. Why would I want Facebook?

Clark: There’s a “Superman Sightings” page. So much for privacy.

Perry: The King would have ruled Facebook.

Jimmy: It’s a terrific research tool.

Martha: Did you know I’m writing poetry now? Facebook would be a wonderful way to share it.

Jonathan: If it makes Martha happy…

Bobby Bigmouth: Do they have restaurant menus on Facebook?

Lex: How can I use it to my maximum advantage?

Ralph: What a great way to meet babes.

Cat: Who needs Facebook to meet guys? I’d rather have more purrrsonal encounters with them.