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CC Aiken

In a Better Place Get epub | Get mobi - 86,040 words - Published August 2006
A villain with a plan puts a love story on fast-forward and a world on the brink of extinction. Plus, there are donuts.

The Late, Great Lois Lane Get epub | Get mobi - 87,120 words - Published November 2004
Still learning to live as the exposed Superman in the altUniverse, Clark Kent meets his world's Lois Lane. She is newly returned from the Congo. He is married to Lana Lang. How late is too late?

Alicia U

Medical Miracles Get epub | Get mobi - 58,320 words - Published June 2003
H.G. Wells does some universe and time travelling in his efforts to assist Lois and Clark in overcoming their fertility problem and finds some intriguing help in an alternate world's Metropolis Institute of Technology.

Nightmare Get epub | Get mobi - 55,980 words - Published October 2004
Why would Lois wake up in Clark's bed without any memory of the previous day? Chances are, Miranda's pheromone spray is to blame.

Trials of the Heart Get epub | Get mobi - 52,920 words - Published February 2000
Nine months into their married life, Clark is having to spend a lot of time as Superman and Lois thinks she has the flu. A major revision of the author's “Better Family Hour” and “Silent Fears.”

Gerry Anklewicz and ML Thompson

Roadtrekking Get epub | Get mobi - 49,320 words - Published July 2002
In this elseworld tale, Lois and Clark find themselves involved in an investigation of mysterious drugs and kidnapping.

Annie M

Anybody's Baby Get epub | Get mobi - 76,500 words - Published January 2002
When Lois has a baby unexpectedly dumped on her doorstep, she and Clark have to juggle taking care of the baby and solving the mystery of his origins. Meanwhile, they must deal with their evolving relationships – both with each other and with the baby.


The Boy in Black Get epub | Get mobi - 145,260 words - Published March 2010
Clark starts doing “super-rescues” as a teenager. What does that mean for Lois and Clark?

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Get epub | Get mobi - 106,560 words - Published August 2009
What happens when Lois' life takes a different turn long before she ever meets Clark?

Ten Years in the Making Get epub | Get mobi - 74,520 words - Published May 2008
When Clark is shot in “That Old Gang of Mine”, he decides to stay dead.

A Triangle With Three Sides Get epub | Get mobi - 186,120 words - Published December 2008
An alt-world story: What if Clark decided not to become Superman?


And Then There Was Light Get epub | Get mobi - 142,200 words - Published September 2011
Thinking he was responsible for the heat-wave, Superman left, taking Clark with him. Now, two months later, Lois is still struggling to move on alone without both men, a feat made harder when she's kidnapped by Luthor and thrown in a cell with…Clark?

Lethal Qualities Get epub | Get mobi - 56,340 words - Published October 2011
Following his encounter with red Kryptonite in the episode “Lethal Weapon,” Clark struggles with his sense of guilt, Lois blames Metropolis for the green Kryptonite bullet, and Intergang mounts their own deadly assault.

Chrys Apruzese

Jungle Love Get epub | Get mobi - 58,140 words - Published July 2004
In this Alt-Universe tale, Alt Clark travels to the Congo to locate Alt Lois Lane, lost for nearly a decade as a refugee from the civil unrest in that war-ridden country. Now that there is a chance that they might finally be together, can they escape the dangers that conspire to keep Lois from ever returning to the United States alive?


Waking a Miracle Get epub | Get mobi - 104,760 words - Published December 2004
Clark Kent, in an attempt to escape his past and start over, moves to Metropolis, but his efforts are in vain. In this rewrite of The Pilot, ghosts of the past are never far behind, and neither is a sparking collision with Lois Lane…

Becky Bain

Timeless Get epub | Get mobi - 88,740 words - Published July 1999
An innocent gift – or is it? – leads Lois and Clark to a world where someone kills by slashing…. A compelling Beauty and the Beast crossover.


Stony Ways Get epub | Get mobi - 121,320 words - Published June 2007
Metropolis is the place where he will settle down, finally. Clark has made this huge promise to his little daughter Rebecca. And as he meets the woman of his life, he is even more willing to keep it. Unfortunately, Lois Lane isn't the easiest person to deal with, and Rebecca doesn't like her at all. A series of arson attacks make it impossible for Clark to stay hidden, and there are more problems to solve than keeping his powers a secret.

Bob Bartholomew

And the Truth Shall Set You Free Get epub | Get mobi - 51,840 words - Published February 2011
If Clark really loved Lois as much as he claimed, he should have known that marriage to Lex would make her miserable. He might have risked his ultimate secret to give her a chance to know the truth about her fiance – even at the cost of his own future.

The Return of Ultrawoman Get epub | Get mobi - 49,500 words - Published July 2009
As a result of the incidents that occurred in “Luck and Consequences,” Lois has recovered the powers that she had as Ultra Woman. However, now it's several years later and she has a daughter to consider. What will she do?

When the Sky Falls Get epub | Get mobi - 115,560 words - Published April 2010
In the episode “All Shook Up” what might have happened if EPRAD and the military had used some technology to improve the chance for a successful Nightfall mission? In the aftermath of a failed Nightfall mission, amnesia and disaster might lead to opportunities for Lois and Clark.


Master of Disguise Get epub | Get mobi - 127,800 words - Published October 2009
An Elseworld tale. If Clark Kent never arrives in Metropolis and Lois Lane marries Lex Luthor, what will happen when Lois starts to suspect her husband's true nature? And without Lois, will Clark ever create his super disguise?

Jeff Brogden

Lost and Found Get epub | Get mobi - 67,500 words - Published November 2000
In this Elseworlds story, Lois gets stranded in a blizzard near Smallville, Kansas, and is rescued by a handsome young stranger who, little does she know, is about to change her life forever.

Kathy Brown

When Lovers Become More Get epub | Get mobi - 49,500 words - Published August 2002
In this sequel to “When Friends Become Lovers” and rewrite of the second season episode, “The Phoenix,” Lois and Clark work through their insecurities as they struggle with the question of where their relationship is headed. Finding the answer together becomes difficult, however, when Lex Luthor returns from the dead with plans to kill Superman and take back Lois Lane.

Kathy Brown and Demi

When Friends Become Lovers Get epub | Get mobi - 92,520 words - Published June 2000
Lois and Clark's relationship changes forever after an emotional night spent together. Following directly from the second season episode, “That Old Gang of Mine,” this story follows the couple through breathtaking highs and devastating lows as they deal with the highly-charged issues only their romance could produce.

Carol M

Falling Slowly Get epub | Get mobi - 64,980 words - Published May 2009
When rookie Lois Lane meets drifter Clark Kent in a small Arkansas town, the consequences are far-reaching.

First Night Get epub | Get mobi - 77,400 words - Published June 2001
In an alternate take on the events of the Pilot, find out what might have happened if Lois and Clark had met years before their encounter at the Daily Planet, and found themselves together again with a little help from H.G. Wells.

Learning to Love Get epub | Get mobi - 250,020 words - Published September 2008
A NaNoWriMo, Elseworlds story where Lois and Clark take very different paths from the ones seen on the show. But no matter how many things are different, some things never change.

Learning to Love: Lucy's Story Get epub | Get mobi - 88,020 words - Published November 2008
The companion piece to the author's “Learning to Love”; the events of that story are told from Lucy's perspective.

On the Other Hand Get epub | Get mobi - 383,220 words - Published February 2009
Metropolis University freshmen Lois Lane and Clark Kent are destined to meet, but are they destined to fall in love? Set in the early twenty-first century, will they end up together or will Utopia have to find another way?

Shaken Not Stirred Get epub | Get mobi - 57,060 words - Published April 2009
High school sweethearts Lois Lane and Clark Kent find that the road to love isn't always smooth.

Unanswered Prayers Get epub | Get mobi - 101,700 words - Published August 2009
In this sequel to the fanfic “On the Other Hand,” Lois and Clark adjust to life without threats hanging over them. In the process, they get more than a glimpse of what might have been if just one little thing had gone differently. A 2008 Nanowrimo fic.

Caroline K

If I Were You Get epub | Get mobi - 71,460 words - Published July 2006
In this alternate take on the end of Season 1, Clark may be furious with Lois for her rejection of him. But the author reworks L&C canon to remedy a host of fan complaints. And at least Lois doesn't accept Luthor's proposal….

Stardust Get epub | Get mobi - 92,520 words - Published June 2007
After being turned down for a job at the Daily Planet, a dejected Clark Kent attempts to drown his sorrows at the Stardust Lounge, where he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman calling herself Wanda Detroit. A re-working of “The Pilot” episode.

Chris Carr

An Extraordinary Man II: Trials and Triumphs Get epub | Get mobi - 129,600 words - Published August 2003
After spending ten days with Lois and Clark, CJ Kent returns to his own world. The powers he has gained will not last long, and CJ knows that he will have to work fast if he is to save his world's Lois Lane from a gunman, forge an alliance with the prickly reporter, and bring Luthor down before his power reserves run out. Will he manage to do it? And will he find time to fall in love along the way? (Sequel to “An Extraordinary Man”)

Learning Curves Get epub | Get mobi - 77,400 words - Published March 2000
Taking off from the first season episode “Strange Visitor,” Lois stumbles across some information about Superman that he doesn't even know himself. As they embark on a quest to discover more about Superman's alien origins, Lois and Clark find plenty of other lessons to learn as well.

Yvonne Connell

Addicted Get epub | Get mobi - 53,820 words - Published January 2004
An alternative universe story in which altClark struggles to come to terms with life without his own Lois.

Clark Kent, This Is Your Life Get epub | Get mobi - 92,520 words - Published October 2005
Mixed-up Clarks. One Lana. Two Loises. Add in a couple of universes, a pair of scientists, and you get one big mess. Will everyone find their way home? Read on and find out.

Damaged Get epub | Get mobi - 89,460 words - Published October 2004
In this sequel to the author's “Addicted,” Lois makes the arduous journey from lonely victim to cherished and much loved survivor – with a little help from Clark.

Fear of Discovery II: Nowhere to Hide Get epub | Get mobi - 59,220 words - Published December 1999
For readers who wanted to know how Clark2 coped when he went back to his own universe… here is his story, that of a lonely superhero. However, there are a few surprises in store for him. Part two in the author's “Fear of Discovery” series.

Fear of Discovery III: Coming Home Get epub | Get mobi - 124,380 words - Published December 2000
Continuing this author's excellent series, Alt-Clark thinks he's found Lois at last. Only she's calling herself Wanda Detroit, singing in a sleazy nightclub … and dating Lex Luthor!

Fear of Discovery IV: Lois and Clark and Clark and Lois Get epub | Get mobi - 100,800 words - Published December 2001
Clark returns from the Alt-Universe, relieved to be home at last after the emotional strain of events in “Fear of Discovery II.” However, soon it becomes clear that a lot still needs to be resolved back in the other universe. In addition to unresolved issues between himself and altClark, his friend is having a very tough time dealing with Lex Luthor, and there's even more trouble brewing for both altClark and his new girlfriend, altLois. It takes the combined skills of both sets of Lois and Clarks to sort everything out, and everyone learns a few lessons about themselves along the way.

Kidnapped Get epub | Get mobi - 98,280 words - Published November 2003
A story offering a new explanation for the baby at the end of the series. The tragic but well-meaning interference of a third party forces difficult decisions upon Lois, Clark, and the baby's natural father.

Misery Get epub | Get mobi - 98,640 words - Published December 2002
In this alternative beginnings story, Clark's parents make a disastrous, though understandable, mistake which has unfortunate consequences on his childhood and early adulthood. External forces also have a hand in his future, but in the end, he overcomes adversity to rediscover his true destiny.

Purity Get epub | Get mobi - 96,480 words - Published June 2001
Lois and Clark are about to face an enormous challenge that could have dire consequences on their future life together.


A World Without Superman Get epub | Get mobi - 140,040 words - Published January 2009
As Clark struggles to recover his memories, the world mourns the loss of Superman. But life goes on for the reporting team of Lane and Kent.

Laura Davies

Forever and All Eternity II: Kismet Get epub | Get mobi - 51,120 words - Published May 2003
Clark has gone with Zara and Ching to protect New Krypton from Nor. What effect will it have on Lois and their children? Will they be safe? A sequel to the author's “Forever And All Eternity I: Fate.”

Little Girl Lost Get epub | Get mobi - 60,840 words - Published September 2003
Lois and Clark come to the aid of a desperate little girl and, as they help her with her problems, she helps them solve one of their own.

Deadly Chakram

Contractually Bound Get epub | Get mobi - 117,000 words - Published July 2012
They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. No statement is ever truer than when Kal-El, Prince of Krypton, is forced into a marriage that he never knew about. But it may just be the best thing that has ever happened to him, if he only lets it be. An alternate universe story.

Soul Desire Get epub | Get mobi - 63,360 words - Published January 2012
A great evil is loose in Metropolis, seeking to steal Superman's soul in order to bring about the end of the world. The fate of the world – and Superman – rests in the hands of four ancient heroes. Sequel to “Clarkus Maximus.”

Jenni Debbage

The Forgotten Get epub | Get mobi - 136,440 words - Published December 2006
Lois and her children must face life without Clark and the world must face the future without a Superman when he goes missing in North Korea. Meanwhile, a man awakes in a prison cell and discovers he has no memories – only hazy dreams of a beautiful woman in between frightening tests and pain. Will Clark be forgotten forever?

A Kent Family Christmas Tale Get epub | Get mobi - 53,640 words - Published May 2003
Having survived Joel and Clara's serious illness, the Kent family is looking forward to a peaceful and happy holiday season. But old foes, a troubled child and a case of puppy love make things more eventful than the family had planned. The eighth story in the Debbage, Jenni's “Kent Family” series.

The Master Race Get epub | Get mobi - 51,120 words - Published December 1998
The disappearance of two of their dear friends leads Lois and Clark, along with their children and the elder Kents, to the British countryside, where they encounter a man whose plan for Superman could put the whole family in danger…. The third story in the author's “Kent Family” series.

My Wife, the Boss Get epub | Get mobi - 122,400 words - Published October 2009
In this sequel to “The Forgotten,” Clark tries to regain his role as husband, father and reporter. Lois also discovers that Clark's return to work, though welcome, brings some need for readjustment on her part, while Matt faces challenges of his own as he takes on the mantle of Superman. Life for all of them is complicated by the escalating crimes of an unknown villain, whose acts of revenge are threatening Metropolis' inhabitants. Can Clark's investigative skills discover the truth in time to rescue his family from deadly jeopardy?

Poisoned Legacy Get epub | Get mobi - 119,520 words - Published November 2002
When a couple of villains from Lois and Clark's past arrive in Metropolis, it spells disaster for two of the Kent children. Can their family and friends save Joel and Clara? The seventh story in the author's “Kent Family” series.

Red Sky Get epub | Get mobi - 79,740 words - Published September 2000
The Kents travel to an island paradise in the hopes of a relaxing vacation, but soon find themselves facing the threat of a volcanic eruption … without the help of Superman. The sixth story in the author's “Kent Family” series.

Suffer the Little Children Get epub | Get mobi - 59,760 words - Published January 1999
Holiday-season stresses of adjusting to new work and family responsibilities pale for Lois and Clark when their children are threatened by the actions of a terrorist group seeking retribution against Americans. Events are complicated by the couple's new friends and the homecoming of newly-wed Jimmy Olsen. The fourth story in the author's “Kent Family” series.

The Tears of a Clone Get epub | Get mobi - 50,220 words - Published May 1999
A family crisis leads Lois and Clark to sinister occurrences at a local hospital, in a case that every member of the Kent/Lane family is soon mixed up in. The fifth story in the author's “Kent Family” series.

A Universal Union - Book Three, Part One Get epub | Get mobi - 71,280 words - Published November 2001
In a continuation of the author's “Universal Union” series, Lois and Kal are faced with new challenges, including charges of treason and a threat to Krypton's security, as they continue their plans to bring new ideas to the society.

A Universal Union - Book Three, Part Two Get epub | Get mobi - 83,700 words - Published November 2001
In the conclusion of Book 3, when news reaches Krypton that the evil Rad-Nor has attacked Earth, Lois and Kal must devise a plan to stop him – a matter complicated by Lois' pregnancy and a traitor within the palace.

Deja Vu

Some Things Are Meant To Be Get epub | Get mobi - 120,780 words - Published August 2011
A painful experience has made Clark fight his destiny, but he finally allows himself to pursue his dream of being a reporter. Despite his intentions to restrict himself, however, he finds out that some things are meant to be.

Doc Klein's Labrat

Are You Lonesome Tonight…? Get epub | Get mobi - 89,280 words - Published December 2000
The threat of Nightfall looms over the world in this adaptation of the episode “All Shook Up.” As time runs out, two people, alone and afraid, take solace in one another, try to find some shred of meaning in their lives … and find that hope and love are shining constants in even the seemingly most disasterous of times.

Burnout Get epub | Get mobi - 92,160 words - Published May 1999
Temperatures rise and impulse takes over when Lois and Clark find themselves locked in a garage while on assignment at an Indy meet. But Clark's bliss at the change in their relationship and his hopes for the future are dashed by misunderstanding, conflict and the ghosts of Lois' emotional past. A story set in season one.

Caped Fear Get epub | Get mobi - 180,360 words - Published October 1999
Lois and Clark investigate a series of strange suicides in Metropolis … but it soon becomes clear that danger is much closer to home than they ever imagined.

Masques Get epub | Get mobi - 278,280 words - Published January 2003
In this replacement for the Wedding Arc, Clark is plunged into a nightmare on his honeymoon night which sends him on a desperate search for his abducted fiancee. Meanwhile, trapped by Luthor, Lois has her own terrifying battles to fight….

Irene Dutch

Hiding in the Shadows Get epub | Get mobi - 63,720 words - Published 01994
In this sequel to “Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt,” Marty is forced to deal with the aftermath of a horrible ordeal. Can the love of those around her help her through it?

In Cat's Corner Get epub | Get mobi - 82,980 words - Published March 2002
When she discovers the man she has been seeing is engaged, Cat is devastated. But when the man becomes the victim of a brutal murder, she must work, with the help of Lois, Clark and her new friend Joe, to find his killer and solve a mystery that presents a grave danger to the world.

Irene Dutch and Wendy Richards

Strange Visitor Revisited Get epub | Get mobi - 84,600 words - Published September 2000
In this adaptation of several first season episodes, Lois knows and Clark knows she knows. This awareness brings a different perspective to the events which follow, as both Lois and Clark begin a process of reassessment, not just about their changing relationship but also about themselves.

Female Hawk

Awaken My Heart Get epub | Get mobi - 170,640 words - Published June 2011
Lois Lane travels into space as the reporter aboard EPRAD's Mission to Mars. When something goes terribly wrong, her life pod crashes in a strange land. At gunpoint, she is taken before the Supreme Ruler – Kal-El.

Time To Love 4: So Many Questions Get epub | Get mobi - 62,280 words - Published October 2011
Clark has a question he wants to ask Lois. But then Lois discovers that Clark's proposal is only the first of many questions.

Trusting Me, Trusting You Get epub | Get mobi - 400,680 words - Published October 2011
Clark Kent has been trapped in a cell for seven years. Government agent Lois Lane is tormented by grief and traumatic memories. She is assigned to guard the alien prisoner, and together, Lois and Clark find the strength to travel the long journey to healing, trust, love, and freedom.

Missy Gallant

Strangers III: When Two Hearts Collide Get epub | Get mobi - 56,160 words - Published December 2001
Interesting chemistry abounds when Lois Lane meets Clark Kent while the two reporters separately investigate Mayor Luthor. Just as things start to heat up, a certain green rock and Lois's special friend Kal complicate the situation.

Strangers IV: Tender Mercies Get epub | Get mobi - 48,960 words - Published January 2004
In the fourth installment of the author's “Strangers” series, the investigation of Mayor Luthor brings Lois and Clark together under dangerous circumstances. Will they and their budding relationship survive?

Strangers V: Kissing Friends Get epub | Get mobi - 50,940 words - Published January 2004
In this final story in the “Strangers” series, Lois struggles with a choice between her friendship with Kal and her physical attraction to Clark. After Kal and Lois share their first kiss, the dilemma becomes even more complicated. Could Lois actually be in love with two men at the same time?

Michael Haney

Just One Bad Day Away Get epub | Get mobi - 71,100 words - Published December 2004
Different back story, same old Lois and Clark romantic entanglements. This Elseworld tale pays homage to the original story of Superman while putting Clark in the center of a mystery that teams him up with a very distracting fellow reporter. The story starts in Smallville, but moves on into Metropolis where Superman must face Intergang, a rogues' gallery of villains, traumatic memories from the past and, most frightening of all, feelings for Lois Lane, who not only wants the story on Intergang, but also to know more about the mystery that is Clark Kent.


Foreshadowing Get epub | Get mobi - 54,540 words - Published July 2009
Superman's been in town for a month, and Lois Lane is in love. In her daydreams, he is hers, and she is his. What will she do when she suddenly finds her dream has come true? Will she like it as well as she thought? Or can a new dream take its place?

The Man Under The Suit Get epub | Get mobi - 118,620 words - Published September 2011
Clark Kent is a master of disguise, with more aliases than you can shake a stick at, so you can imagine his surprise when one insightful reporter sees right through his most flashy disguise of all.

Pam Jernigan

Hearts Divided Get epub | Get mobi - 85,680 words - Published December 2001
In this Elseworlds story, Lieutenant L.J. Lane of the U.S. Army goes undercover at the Metro Club and meets Kal, an amazingly handsome and charming stranger, who turns out to be much more than she expected.


Near Wild Heaven - Half a World Away Get epub | Get mobi - 103,320 words - Published December 2000
After he witnesses Lois accepting Lex's proposal in the episode “Barbarians at the Planet,” Clark Kent leaves Metropolis, dispirited and lonely, to begin a new life in Paris. Lois, too, is finding life less than blissful. But fate is about to step in and take a hand in turning their lives around…

Smallville 39 Get epub | Get mobi - 108,000 words - Published November 2001
In this alternate beginnings story, Lois Lane finds that all her clues in her new assignment lead to a small town in Kansas…and a handsome stranger for whom she seems to have a more than passing attraction.


In Dreams Get epub | Get mobi - 69,120 words - Published November 2002
Alone in life, they share a connection for nine bittersweet nights a year. But as reality blurs with dreams and they discover the reasons for their link, will they find it a blessing or a curse?


Borrowed Time: The Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 2 Get epub | Get mobi - 58,500 words - Published April 2012
This story starts approximately two years after the events in 'The Family Hour.' Lois and Clark are still under the impression that they will be unable to have children. We move forward to the time when Lois and Clark have been married for approximately thirty years. They are visited by H.G. Wells, who is trying to iron out some discrepancies in the historical record of the Kent family of the L&C canon Universe. We continue to move through their lives to the point of Lois' death from old age. We explore the possibility of Clark being reunited with his soul mate again.

Erin Klingler

The Accidental Husband Get epub | Get mobi - 72,360 words - Published October 2001
With her wedding to Lex only two weeks away, Lois is shocked to discover that, according to city records, she and Clark are married. But as she struggles to resolve the situation in time, she learns some very startling things about the men in her life. Will she be able to break through the red tape in time? Or will she even want to?

The Darkest Hour (Before the Dawn) Get epub | Get mobi - 115,740 words - Published October 2000
In this thrilling and enthralling story, Lois and Clark discover that finding some quality time together isn't as easy as it might seem when old enemies resurface to turn their idyllic weekend away into the vacation from hell. Can Clark save Lois and himself from the hands of a madman?

The Long Road Home Get epub | Get mobi - 230,760 words - Published September 2005
In this Elseworlds story, two reporters on opposite coasts are seeking something to fill the void in their lives. Fate draws them together, but their happiness – and their lives – are soon threatened when a bicoastal investigation leads them to a formidable enemy. Will their tender new relationship be able to weather the storms ahead?

What It Means to Love You Get epub | Get mobi - 66,240 words - Published January 1999
Lois and Clark's relationship is progressing well, until three things happen: Clark proposes, Lois is injured, and she finds out a secret. They have to learn to understand each other and rebuild their relationship after these shattering events.

Meredith Knight

Night Errant Get epub | Get mobi - 66,420 words - Published January 2003
Exhausted after a prolonged spell of Superman duty, Clark makes the mistake of falling asleep in Lois's living room. Events spiral rapidly out of control, ably assisted by Lex Luthor and Lois's old rival, Linda King.

Sara Kraft

Away From the Sun Get epub | Get mobi - 86,220 words - Published May 2006
In this sequel to the author's “Wherever You Will Go,” alt Clark returns home to find that his taste of what could have been has only made things worse. Not even love is enough to pull him from darkness and despair. How can he be a hero when he can't even save himself? Falling in love is only half the journey, and it's not as easy as it seems.

Wherever You Will Go Get epub | Get mobi - 60,480 words - Published December 2004
When Clark leaves for New Krypton, he leaves Lois with a little something to remember him by. But when H.G. Wells interferes, things may become too difficult to handle, especially when it looks like Clark may not make it home.


Long, Strange Trip Get epub | Get mobi - 247,680 words - Published March 2006
Alt-Clark never imagined that *his* Lois had been forced into an alternate world by Tempus years ago. Thanks to the benevolent intervention of Herb Wells, Lois returns home, much changed. Years of suffering at the hands of Clark's dark doppelganger – Lord Kal-El – have left their mark. Can she ever overcome her trauma to recognize her soulmate wearing the face and form of her tormentor, or will she succeed in destroying his standing amongst humanity definitively?

Christy Landrum

The Hand That Rocks Get epub | Get mobi - 60,120 words - Published June 2001
A devious enemy of Superman makes Clark a danger to everyone he meets – literally! And that includes Clark's fiancee, Lois…


Reversal of Fortune Get epub | Get mobi - 49,320 words - Published January 2007
What if Clark had been a rich man and Lex a small-time reporter? Would Lois still find her way to the man she's meant to be with?

Terry Leatherwood

The Circle Squared Get epub | Get mobi - 64,080 words - Published October 2004
Clark Kent applies for a job at the Daily Planet, but Perry White doesn't have anything available. So he follows an attractive reporter to an interview and gets involved in Lex Luthor's latest schemes to make money and gain power. But things are not what they might seem…

Further on Down the Road Get epub | Get mobi - 220,320 words - Published August 2008
After Lana Lang-Kent's death, both Lois and Clark must deal with the aftereffects of her loss. Their relationship is complicated by other people, a murder attempt, and some unique facets of their relationship. A direct sequel to “The Road Taken.”

The Maysonry of Life Get epub | Get mobi - 52,560 words - Published June 2004
Lois's stunned silence in response to Clark's withdrawal of his declaration of love at the end of Season One was a reasonable response, but what if she'd reacted differently? What if she'd blown up at Clark and shoved him out of her life? What would Clark have done? How different might their relationship have been?

Play Some Mountain Music Get epub | Get mobi - 97,920 words - Published August 2009
When Clark goes undercover at the Metro Club, he meets a beautiful brunette musician who intrigues him beyond the parameters of his investigation. But when he finds out that she's not quite who she claims to be, he decides to investigate Lois Lane in greater depth. An alternate beginning to the greatest love story in fiction.

Rebuilding Superman Get epub | Get mobi - 114,660 words - Published June 2007
After three years of hiding from the world, Clark decides to face justice for what he did to Bill Church. But what Lois thought would be a mere formality turns into a trial – where Superman is accused of murder! Sequel to “The Masonry of Life.”

The Road Taken Get epub | Get mobi - 86,580 words - Published November 2005
What might have happened to Clark if Lana Lang had accepted him despite his differences? How might their lives have turned out? How would Lois Lane have fit into his world? Maybe, it might have happened something like this story suggests.

That One Great Love Get epub | Get mobi - 52,740 words - Published May 2010
Clark Kent and Lois Lane were meant to be together. But what if each of them loved someone else before they met? An alternate beginning to this great love story.

The Wonder of Love Get epub | Get mobi - 70,200 words - Published January 2011
On their fifth anniversary, Clark and Lois find their marriage under attack from both without and within. External events put doubts in Lois' mind about whether she should really be Superman's wife. And another woman is trying to force a wedge between them – but not just with her feminine wiles.

The Write Stuff Get epub | Get mobi - 61,020 words - Published March 2006
Lois scores a plum assignment covering the celebration surrounding the second anniversary of the colonists' arrival on the space station Prometheus. But a brutal murder wrecks her plans and puts her in the killer's sights. With Superman back on Earth, can Lois get the story without becoming the next victim?

Cindy Leuch

Bolt From Dubuque Get epub | Get mobi - 84,960 words - Published May 2004
In this alt-world take on the episode “Bolt From the Blue,” plain old Kevin Jones is involved in an incident which helps to inspire the creation of our favourite superhero.

Meet Sam Wayne Get epub | Get mobi - 103,860 words - Published September 2006
In this installment of the “Dawn of Discovery” series, CJ Kent, fresh out of college and recently home from his honeymoon, is ready to enter the real world with a couple of new jobs waiting for him in Gotham City. He quickly finds out that his new life will be different, and much more difficult, than he had bargained for.

Personal Loyalties Get epub | Get mobi - 79,740 words - Published January 2001
In this fourth installment of the C. Leuch's new generation series, Metropolis' superheroes are faced with a deadly threat against their family and betrayal as loyalties are tested to the limit.

Professional Loyalties Get epub | Get mobi - 49,900 words - Published October 2000
When she finally meets her son CJ's girlfriend, Lois takes an instant liking to Jenny, most likely because she has Lois's nose for journalism – and trouble. The two women soon find themselves in over their heads in a local university scandal, and with his dad and brother tending to superhero duties out of the country, it's up to CJ to save his mom and girlfriend. The third story in the author's “Dawn of Discovery” series.

Shades of Gray Get epub | Get mobi - 100,620 words - Published February 2002
In this Elseworlds story Lois, a private investigator, is haunted by past memories. Her meeting with Clark will change their lives forever. They both learn that sometimes things aren't black or white but a shade of gray.


The Wild Rose Get epub | Get mobi - 78,480 words - Published February 2003
In this Medieval Elseworld story, Lois rescues a stranger who has collapsed at her doorstep, an event that leads her to the discovery of love, lies, betrayals, and ultimately, her identity.

Wounded Angels Get epub | Get mobi - 75,780 words - Published February 2002
Working undercover at her alma mater, Lois reevaluates her life while struggling to confront issues brought about by her last investigation.

Lote and Jon Wolff

Strangers and Friends Get epub | Get mobi - 61,560 words - Published March 2003
After years of corresponding Lois finally meets her pen pal CJ and eventually discovers his true identity. What barriers do they need to overcome? Will their relationship survive? (This version of the story is revised and expanded with new new material and consolidates the previous three parts.)

Sarah Luddy

Path to the Congo Get epub | Get mobi - 140,580 words - Published November 2002
Glimpses of the young lives of Lois, Clark, and Lex Luthor show the path that leads them to their inevitable meeting – in the Congo.

Lynn M.

The Butterfly Legacy Get epub | Get mobi - 85,860 words - Published December 2004
His job gone with the destruction of the Daily Planet and Lois about to marry Lex Luthor, Clark Kent finds himself at a crossroads. The future, once so bright, now seems to hold nothing but pain. When an earthquake brings him to a remote village deep in the Andes jungle, can he find a new life … as Superman?

Carol Malo

Connections: An Alternate Story Get epub | Get mobi - 96,120 words - Published May 2000
In the alternate universe, Clark Kent's struggle to lead a normal life after becoming Superman becomes more complicated when he discovers he's been under surveillance by three separate individuals, each with a different agenda.

Recognition: Justice Get epub | Get mobi - 52,200 words - Published July 1998
In this sequel to the fanfic “Recognition (Truth),” Lois and Clark try to bring an old mystery to its necessary close while they discover the true depth of their love. Their future happiness depends on examining and understanding past events from the perspective of present truths.

Yesterday, Upon the Stair Get epub | Get mobi - 85,680 words - Published October 2003
The Daily Planet is struggling to rebuild after Luthor's destruction, Lois is trying to regain her credibility as a reporter, and Clark is facing his own demons when a run-of-the-mill robbery triggers a chain of events that changes everything.


50 First Revelations Get epub | Get mobi - 101,160 words - Published April 2007
Lois wakes up one morning having memory problems. Is she merely trying to block out a painful experience or is something else behind her mysterious amnesia? (Inspired by the concept of “50 First Dates”) A multiauthored story by MetroRhodes and Sue S.

House of Cards Get epub | Get mobi - 101,700 words - Published August 2007
Lois is having doubts about getting married to Luthor. Superman is slowly dying in a Kryptonite cage. Both realize how much the other means to them, but is there any hope of realizing both their dreams… or is it too late?

Supermen United Get epub | Get mobi - 58,140 words - Published November 2006
What's going on in Metropolis? Four Supermen? Three Lois Lanes? Add in a few Jimmys and a couple of Perrys and things are bound to get interesting. Written in response to a challenge fic.

Ann McBride

Growing Pains Get epub | Get mobi - 60,480 words - Published October 2000
This rewrite of the episode “Top Copy” is a sequel to the author's “A Triangle Built for Two” and takes place about three months after “Triangle.” It finds Lois and Clark working out a few of the details of their relationship while dealing with the threat that Diana Stride poses to Clark and Superman.

Philip Mogul

Across Time and Space Get epub | Get mobi - 50,940 words - Published August 2007
Lois and Clark help create a super group of super individuals who form the nucleus of the HG Wells prophecy that would eventually lead to a Utopian society. As the population of super individuals increases, they construct a small sanctuary below the Kent and Irig farms. Some children from the Smallville sanctuary are summoned more than two hundred thousand years into the future. These time travelers become involved in political and romantic intrigue with their descendents from star kingdoms existing throughout the Milky Way.

Clark, With Children Get epub | Get mobi - 76,680 words - Published April 2003
This Elsewhere Tale waxes philosophical in its exploration of good vs. evil. We see Clark as a new age Renaissance Man, battling the insidious iniquity of the nefarious Lex Luthor. The story is written in the same genre as the author's “Two From Beyond,” but it is a complete story in itself, taking place in its own unique universe.

A Cosmic Kismit: An Elseworld Tale Get epub | Get mobi - 91,080 words - Published June 2004
The author explores the mysticism of the soulmate concept and the creation of the incredible Utopian society envisioned by Wells. The effectuation of the Wellian society is fraught with the looming threats of Luthor and Trask on Earth and Nor and reptilian locusts on New Krypton. In tumultuous combat, the Kryptonian family must confront their malevolent foes before a new and astounding world order can be created.

Newsworthy - an Elseworld Tale Get epub | Get mobi - 82,440 words - Published August 2003
A Kent family saga: When Linda King discovers “the secret,” she threatens to publish an expose unless Clark agrees to marry her. Clark's decision will be a catalyst to a chain of events that will determine the fate of the world.

There and Back Again Get epub | Get mobi - 80,460 words - Published May 2006
A Kryptonian history describing several generations of Kryptonians and chronicling the key events leading up to and beyond the demise of the Planet Krypton – An El family saga.

Philip Mogul and Carolyn Schnall

Two From Beyond: An Elseworld Tale Get epub | Get mobi - 126,900 words - Published August 2002
An Elseworld tale that tells the story of the last survivors of the doomed planet Krypton, Kal-El and his cousin Ailah-El, their escape from an exploding planet, their lives on Earth and the beginnings of Utopia they create with the help of friends, family and their soulmates – including a feisty reporter named Lois Lane.

Sara Mooney

A Box of Swiss Chocolates Get epub | Get mobi - 74,340 words - Published February 2009
Forrest Gump said, “Life is a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get.” Kiley Kent finds out this is certainly true when she starts dating Swiss chocolate shop owner – Larry Luthor!


Mr and Mrs. Kent Get epub | Get mobi - 58,680 words - Published April 2011
Lois and Clark both have their secrets. Can one night of passion be enough to bring them together – even if Lois happens to be an assassin?

Chris Mulder

Dimensions of Loving Get epub | Get mobi - 77,940 words - Published September 1995
In this sequel to the fanfic “Love Beyond All Measure,” Lois and Clark's relationship moves forward, creating some surprising revelations for both of them. Also, while investigating the events that led up to Lois' being taken hostage, they must face an old foe who's armed with a new and deadlier form of kryptonite.

Meet Me in Kansas City Get epub | Get mobi - 106,920 words - Published July 1998
A novel that explores what might have happened if, instead of applying for a job at the Daily Planet, Clark had found work somewhere else. Will Lois and Clark meet? And what would they think of each other? “I wrote this story,” the author says, “because I believe that people who are meant to be together will find each other.”

Janet Owens

The Girl Next Door Get epub | Get mobi - 182,340 words - Published December 2008
Lois Lane has a secret that dates back to the earliest days of her childhood; a secret she's kept all her life. Now a prize-winning reporter for the prestigious Daily Planet newspaper, her safe but solitary existence is shaken up by the arrival of a disturbingly handsome man.

Blaise Pascal

John and Lois and Clark and Joan Get epub | Get mobi - 51,300 words - Published November 2000
An alternate beginnings story that uses both heavenly and earthly intervention to get our two favorite reporters together.

Barb Pillsbury

Smallville Players III: The Final Curtain Get epub | Get mobi - 98,640 words - Published July 2003
The stage is set for the third story in the author's series “Smallville Players.” What mysteries hidden in Smallville will come to the surface? Will Lois and Clark's relationship survive?


Burden of Conscience Get epub | Get mobi - 61,740 words - Published July 2003
In a single moment, a hero is destroyed, a friendship is torn apart, and a partnership is broken. Clark has to struggle with the burdens that defeated a Superman and Lois learns that there's no way to save someone unless they want to be saved.

Lifeflight I Get epub | Get mobi - 67,320 words - Published January 2001
In this enchanting Elseworlds story, Lois and Clark have chosen a different profession other than investigative journalism: medicine. But fate still leads them to each other, and continues to confuse their lives as they fight to right the wrongs around them. Part one of the author's story.

Lifeflight II Get epub | Get mobi - 61,560 words - Published January 2001
In this second part of the author's enchanting Elseworlds story, we're plunged head first into Lois and Clark's developing relationship as they struggle to find common ground. But will the city's most notorious villains, who are conspiring to get rid of Metropolis' new Superhero, spoil their newfound love for each other?

Lifeflight III Get epub | Get mobi - 78,120 words - Published January 2001
In this third and final installment of the author's wonderful Elseworld story, Lois and Clark work to put one of Superman's arch enemies away, but yet another lurks in the wings. Will love conquer all, or are there just too many obstacles in the path of their love?

The Longest Road: The Long Road Home Get epub | Get mobi - 232,920 words - Published October 2010
Separated for years and having faced life's most difficult challenges, Lois and Clark have to figure out how to move forward when they can't go back to the way things were. The final part in “The Longest Road” trilogy.

The Longest Road: The Roads They Walked Alone Get epub | Get mobi - 325,800 words - Published March 2007
When faced with the most difficult challenges of their lives, both Lois and Clark learn that the longest roads in life are the ones you must walk alone.

Ray Reynolds

Too Soon for Love? Get epub | Get mobi - 52,200 words - Published June 2010
In the aftermath of the Wedding Fiasco, Lois is beleaguered by the press, the authorities, and her colleagues. How does she handle the pressure? What does she do when she turns up pregnant?

Wendy Richards

24 Hours Get epub | Get mobi - 75,060 words - Published December 2005
Lois Lane has been poisoned and she and Clark are running out of time to find the antidote. Will Lois live long enough to write her own obituary? The author has cranked up the angst-o-meter to 11 for our intrepid reporters

Carbon Copy Get epub | Get mobi - 72,000 words - Published August 2002
Clark's at home minding his own business when a *very* strange visitor lands on his balcony! An adaptation of the episode “Top Copy.”

The Devil's Bargain Get epub | Get mobi - 64,620 words - Published February 2001
Just what will Clark do to save the woman he loves? In this Faustian tale, a devilish enemy tests the Man of Steel's ethics against his love for Lois.

Don't Be a Stranger Get epub | Get mobi - 95,220 words - Published October 2004
Lois and Clark are best friends and she's in on the Secret. So what's making both of them think that they can never be more than friends? And what happens when Lex Luthor moves in on Lois? A sequel to Tank and Wendy's Strange Visitor: An Evil Vignette.

Faux Pas Get epub | Get mobi - 149,760 words - Published January 2001
Clark offers his new colleague Lois Lane a bed for the night after she's mugged. It was supposed to be all above board, but one thing leads to another…. What *will* she think of him in the morning?

For the Greater Good Get epub | Get mobi - 75,960 words - Published February 2000
What if Clark had to choose between saving one life and saving the lives of millions? What if that one life was his own?

Green Card Get epub | Get mobi - 133,740 words - Published June 2001
Superman has just told Lois Lane that he's from another planet. Unfortunately for Clark, there is a government agency which is quite interested in that information… the INS!

The Healing Time Get epub | Get mobi - 81,900 words - Published January 2000
After her almost-wedding and the death of Luthor, Lois has a hard time finding her equilibrium. This wonderfully written story will take you more realistically through the first few season two episodes.

Second Thoughts Get epub | Get mobi - 115,200 words - Published November 2001
What might have happened if Lois actually considered what Lex Luthor was really like before accepting his marriage proposal? In typical Wendy fashion, this story is filled with angst and smoochies.

So Strong a Foundation Get epub | Get mobi - 118,080 words - Published March 2000
In this sequel to the author's “A Love so Long in the Making,” it's Lois and Clark's son Jon's turn to fall in love. But when did the path of true love ever run smoothly for a Kent?

Strange Visitor From the Congo Get epub | Get mobi - 110,160 words - Published July 1999
In an alternate-alternate universe, Lois Lane, newly returned from the Congo, meets Clark Kent, top reporter at the Daily Planet. They are soon partners and on the cusp of something more, but two minor problems stand in their way – Lois can't stand Superman, and someone wants Lois dead.

When Larry Met Charlie Get epub | Get mobi - 96,900 words - Published August 2003
While undercover, Lois meets car thief, Charlie King. But is he more than what meets the eye?

When Lightning Strikes Twice Get epub | Get mobi - 113,760 words - Published July 2000
Clark finally feels ready to ask Lois for a date. But before he can, an old adversary returns and, in a stunning display of audacity, turns himself into Superman's greatest threat yet: SuperLex!


Love Survives Get epub | Get mobi - 72,360 words - Published September 2007
In this sequel to the author's “Smallville Style,” Lois and Clark explore what it means to be a couple, and they find more than just a few bumps on the road to happily ever after.

Smallville Style Get epub | Get mobi - 87,840 words - Published June 2007
Do the events of your childhood change who you are? How would Lois change if she got to live life Smallville style during her high school years? What if the Smallville boy of her daydreams grew up to become the man every woman dreams of? That would be perfect, right? Except that Clark Kent is busy chasing dreams of his own.


Made to Be Broken Get epub | Get mobi - 85,320 words - Published July 2005
What if Lois had married Luthor at the end of the “Barbarians at the Planet”/“House of Luthor” episode arc? Lois is on the run, Superman has disappeared, and Clark has found a new life elsewhere. Can things get any worse?

David Schock

Conflict of Interest Get epub | Get mobi - 95,940 words - Published April 2000
With her husband away on a mission with the Justice League, the only thing standing between Lois Lane and a crazed super-powered Meta human is the one other woman who is in love with her husband – a woman who has a conflict of interest. A teamup story between Lois and Wonder Woman strongly based on the current DCU (comics universe).

Katie Sizer

That Dear Clark of Mine Get epub | Get mobi - 61,920 words - Published November 2002
In this adaptation of the episode “That Old Gang of Mine,” Lois takes a leap for love – in front of the bullet intended for Clark. The aftermath that follows proves to be a difficult path for both Lois and Clark to follow.

Nan Smith

Charade Get epub | Get mobi - 60,120 words - Published July 2001
In their latest investigation Lois and Clark go undercover with the assistance of Jimmy, completely unaware of the adversary they are about to face. A sequel to the author's “Vanishing Act.”

Degrees of Separation Get epub | Get mobi - 51,660 words - Published April 2009
Following middle school, Marta Kent's new friend has a secret. Her twin brother is missing, and Intergang is making a reappearance in Metropolis. What is the crime syndicate's interest in Allynda Myers and her brother? Part of the Dagger series.

Four Days to Nightfall Get epub | Get mobi - 61,380 words - Published July 2002
What should Lois Lane do when she accidentally discovers a naked man with no memory in Centennial Park? In this Elseworld fic, she takes him home to the Daily Planet, of course, and tries to figure out just who and what he is.

Home IV: Honeymoon Get epub | Get mobi - 60,840 words - Published February 2001
The fourth in the author's “Home” series. Lori and Clark investigate campus drug murders while settling into their new marriage.

Home V: Obsession Get epub | Get mobi - 69,120 words - Published May 2005
In this continuation of the author's Home series, Lori and Clark are on the trail of a serial killer, who may, in fact, be an old friend of Lori's. As in typical Lois style, the intrepid Lori becomes the killer's next mark. Are they getting a bit too close to their story?

Home: Murder by Earthlight Get epub | Get mobi - 62,640 words - Published November 2008
When a robbery on Earth threatens the reputation and career of Marilyn Olsen, Lori and Clark find themselves involved in an unexpectedly dangerous murder investigation – on the Moon.

The Hottest Team in Town Get epub | Get mobi - 74,160 words - Published June 2004
Fourth in the series started by “Four days to Nightfall,” and sequel to “Buried Secrets.” All of Metropolis is curious about its new superhero, while Lois and Clark are hot on the trail of Metropolis' biggest crime boss. But just who is on their trail?

Second Choice Get epub | Get mobi - 53,280 words - Published December 2007
In an alternate version of the Alt World, Ellen Lane and her daughters move to Smallville. A teenage Lois, trying to cope with an alcoholic mother and a younger sister, meets young Clark Kent and finds out just how good a best friend he can be.

Twins Get epub | Get mobi - 78,660 words - Published December 2004
In this sequel to “Pheromone, More Likely,” the author takes on Season One's “Vatman” episode. Why is Clark upset that Superman made a rescue in Paris? If Superman entrusts his problem to Lois, can she and Clark figure out who the impostor is? Will Lois reconcile her growing feelings for Clark and the way she's treated him in the past?

Debby Stark

Dawning 09: Daybreak Get epub | Get mobi - 60,840 words - Published November 1995
Superman goes to court to defend the way he handled the Slime Monster attack. Clark is *finally* ready to tell Lois his secret, but her apartment is abandoned. Is this the end of their relationship?

Dawning 10: Daybreak 2 Get epub | Get mobi - 55,620 words - Published March 1996
As Lois prepares to move in next door to Clark, they discuss marriage and the fact that he is Superman. On a visit to Smallville, Lois gets to meet some of Clark's childhood friends.

Swapmeet: Burbank Get epub | Get mobi - 80,280 words - Published November 1997
Lois and Clark find themselves in an alternate universe where they are characters on a television show, played by Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain. Meanwhile, Cain and Hatcher are sent to Metropolis in Lane and Kent's place. Can the foursome solve the mystery of their switch and get back home where they belong? Winner of the 1998 Fanfic Kerth for “Best Crossover,” this amazing story is now available on the Fanfic Archive! This story should be read along with its mirror story, “SwapMeet: Metropolis.”


Chip Off the Old Clark Get epub | Get mobi - 51,660 words - Published May 2004
Lois learns something unexpected about the man she's about to marry. Will the news cause a permanent rift or will Lois decide that she can love a “Chip Off The Old Clark”?

City by the Sea Get epub | Get mobi - 53,640 words - Published September 2004
Lois has lost her hero, her best friend, and the man she loved… only coming to that realization a little too late. Will she learn to live again despite her loneliness or will she find new direction and purpose in a city by the sea?

Double Jeopardy Get epub | Get mobi - 176,760 words - Published May 2012
In a world where nothing is what it seems, can our favorite couple find their way home?

Everywhere Get epub | Get mobi - 54,000 words - Published April 2011
When Clark decides to end his relationship with Lois for her own good, she breaks. Deciding that she can't handle working with Clark at the Daily Planet anymore, she sets out to collect stories from all over the world. In doing so, she learns that she can't stop loving Clark. She takes him “everywhere.”

Purgatory Get epub | Get mobi - 60,120 words - Published September 2003
Betrayal and revenge set the stage for an experience our favorite couple will never forget. Will Lois and Clark be able to live through hell on earth and bring those responsible for their misery to justice?

The Way It Should Have Been Get epub | Get mobi - 71,460 words - Published June 2012
Regret can be a humbling emotion. After so many years apart, will Lois and Clark realize just what they've missed and set things to the way it should have been?

When Galaxies Divide Get epub | Get mobi - 102,780 words - Published April 2007
In a time when two people are destined to be together, how can they when galaxies divide them?

Stopquitdont and Jenni Debbage

A Gift for Life Get epub | Get mobi - 144,360 words - Published October 2004
When Clark is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Lois suggests a radical plan to save his life. But can their friendship survive the new challenges?

Sue S

Faustian Bargain Get epub | Get mobi - 101,700 words - Published October 2006
What if Lois asked Clark to become best friends with benefits? Faust traded his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge. To “strike a Faustian bargain” is to be willing to sacrifice anything to satisfy a desire for knowledge or power.

Platonic Get epub | Get mobi - 52,380 words - Published June 2007
This occurs after the episode “Contact” in a universe where “When Irish Eyes Are Killing” and “Just Say Noah” never happened. There were so many issues for Lois and Clark to work through after the “break-up” that just got swept under the rug.

Nicole Sullivan

Have a Little Faith in Me Get epub | Get mobi - 94,860 words - Published March 2005
In this rewrite of the episode “House of Luthor,” Superman fails to escape the vengeance of Luthor's Kryptonite cage. He realizes a little faith can go a long way.

Beth Summerson

Honesty Get epub | Get mobi - 60,660 words - Published February 2008
A Next Gen story where Jon Kent meets an amazing woman while he is patrolling one night. But how can they have a relationship when she doesn't know who he really is? And is it possible that she is hiding something as well?

Strength Get epub | Get mobi - 82,980 words - Published December 2008
Continuing with the author's series that began with “Honesty” and continued with “Fidelity,” this story takes the perspective of different characters within the same universe. And a whole new set of challenges.

Written in the Stars Get epub | Get mobi - 66,420 words - Published June 2010
This Alternate Universe story explores what would happen if Krypton exploded when Kal-El was an adult. Are Lois and Clark fated to be together, no matter the circumstances?


Above Alt Else Get epub | Get mobi - 95,760 words - Published April 2008
An alternate universe retelling of the fateful meeting between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. The tale begins the day they meet at the Daily Planet and how fate, flight, and fancy shape how they grow from there. If you think you know the secret, think again…

Shayne Terry

Dear Lois Get epub | Get mobi - 64,440 words - Published October 2000
Clark, thinking that Lois has chosen Dan Scardino over him, leaves and becomes involved in negotiating peace in a civil war in the Middle East. But Lois refuses to let Clark get away from her that easily, and so, in this very well-written and hard-hitting story, Lane and Kent discover that there are many shades of grey – in life and in love.

Duet Get epub | Get mobi - 92,880 words - Published February 2002
In this Elseworld story, Clark Kent is a musician with a son and a secret to hide; but he's about to be discovered by hot-shot entertainment lawyer, Lois Lane.

Family Hour Get epub | Get mobi - 54,720 words - Published December 2007
A chance encounter leaves a teenage Lois Lane a single mother. Twelve years later, as her daughter begins exhibiting strange abilities, a flying man with those same abilities appears on the news.

Fugue Get epub | Get mobi - 52,020 words - Published March 2001
As the world mourns the apparent loss of Superman, a mysterious drifter tries to make sense of his shattered memory, sudden flashes of superhuman power and the images of a dark-haired woman that haunt his dreams.

Fugue II: Fusion Get epub | Get mobi - 79,920 words - Published June 2001
Superman has returned, but Clark must deal with his sense of loss and a dangerous government conspiracy. Meanwhile, Lois heads for Metropolis, determined to take her destiny into her own hands.

Hearts and Diamonds Get epub | Get mobi - 53,820 words - Published December 2000
As the son of Lois and Clark faces a dark future, he struggles to become a new kind of hero. In the meantime, he finds a mysterious woman and discovers they have more in common than he ever could have dreamed.

Single, White Kryptonian Get epub | Get mobi - 62,280 words - Published December 2005
In a world without Lana, Alt-Clark's history is different. He meets the woman of his dreams through a personal ad, never dreaming that he and Lois Lane will soon be partners. Their first case takes him to the last place that he wants to be – a Smallville that holds the secrets to his past, secrets that he has been running from for ten years.

Strong Get epub | Get mobi - 77,040 words - Published September 2007
In her time of greatest need, Lois Lane hears a voice asking, “Are you ready to be strong?” Now she must deal with the consequences, while investigating the collapse of Sunnydale and dealing with her new partner Clark Kent.

Veritas Get epub | Get mobi - 137,520 words - Published January 2011
An alternate Clark Kent finds himself flying a planeload of passengers from 1993 Metropolis into real world post-9/11 2008 Washington DC. How will he deal with this new, darker world?

ML Thompson

Blind (Super) Man's Bluff Get epub | Get mobi - 144,000 words - Published December 2011
What might have happened if Superman's eyesight hadn't been restored in the episode “The Eyes Have It” – leaving Lois and Clark to grapple with a new set of realities?

Cause and Effect Get epub | Get mobi - 73,800 words - Published January 2001
When Clark and Lois meet up four years prior to their initial meeting at the Daily Planet, sparks fly. Will Lois' distrust in Clark ruin a great relationship, or will terrorists destroy them before they even get started?

Curiosity Killed the Reporter Get epub | Get mobi - 90,720 words - Published April 2005
Lois' overdeveloped sense of curiosity finally gets the best of her, sending both Clark Kent and Lex Luthor on a desperate search to find out what happened to her.

Curiosity…The Continuing Saga Get epub | Get mobi - 91,980 words - Published October 2005
This story picks up where “Curiosity Killed The Reporter” left off. Our new couple, still fresh from admitting that more exists between them than either had been willing to admit, discover an asteroid is apparently plunging towards the Earth. Will the world, Superman or their new love survive this challenge?

Echoes of the Past Get epub | Get mobi - 110,520 words - Published March 2002
Two hundred years in the future, a young man is taunted by recurring dreams about a woman. At the same time, a young woman is tormented by recurring nightmares about dangling over the jaws of death. What does it all mean? Assuming it means anything at all.

Escape From New Krypton Get epub | Get mobi - 128,160 words - Published January 2007
The First Lord of New Krypton, Kal of the House of El, finds himself injured, on a strange planet and in desperate need of help. Will he find it? And how far will Lord Nor go to make sure Kal does not return to New Krypton?

First Comes Marriage Get epub | Get mobi - 76,500 words - Published August 2002
'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all – or is it? Three people grapple with that question in this rewrite of the episodes “Barbarians At the Planet” and “House of Luthor.”

Freedom Get epub | Get mobi - 58,140 words - Published October 1999
In this sequel to Shawn V.'s fanfic “Disquiet Nights,” Lois and Clark desperately search for a way to legally sever the marital bonds which have joined Lois to Lex against her will. The two find themselves deeply involved in an investigation into Lex's criminal activities while fighting to resist an overwhelming mutual desire to be deeply involved in each other.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent Get epub | Get mobi - 109,800 words - Published January 2006
Lois is found guilty by a jury of her peers. Superman is found guilty in the court of public opinion. Will either be vindicated? Or is the world destined to be without both Lois Lane and Superman?

If At First You Don't Succeed… Get epub | Get mobi - 49,100 words - Published April 2009
Something very strange is happening in Metropolis, but Clark seems to be the only one who realizes it. But is he just experiencing some strange case of deja vu, or is it something more? Will he be able to solve the mystery on his own, or will he need to solicit the assistance of his often brilliant partner?

Lost in Time Get epub | Get mobi - 68,220 words - Published September 2006
Alt-Lois has been having the same bad dream all her life. While trying to understand it, she makes a startling discovery. Will she figure out the truth? Or will her destiny forever be denied to her?

Nowhere to Run Get epub | Get mobi - 64,980 words - Published March 2010
The headline in the Daily Planet reads: 'Lois Lane Kidnapped; Clark Kent Prime Suspect.' How did it ever come to this?

Out of Time Get epub | Get mobi - 49,140 words - Published October 2000
This is a ghost story wherein Clark Kent haunts his former partner as they try to find out who killed Superman. But once they get closer to the truth, they both become haunted by a new spectre: will they will get a second chance or are they 'Out of Time'?

The People -V- Clark Kent Get epub | Get mobi - 54,900 words - Published February 2001
A day that should have been a dream come true for Lois and Clark turns into a nightmare, forcing Lois and Clark to make some tough decisions. This time will love mean holding on or letting go?

Super Stud Get epub | Get mobi - 52,200 words - Published November 2001
When Clark is affected by a powerful, mind-altering drug, Lois has to protect and defend his reputation while trying to come to terms with some startling discoveries herself.

There's No Place Like Home Get epub | Get mobi - 221,220 words - Published August 2008
From coworkers to partners to friends to lovers. But will it happen the same way every time? As Lois and Clark desperately try to find a way to correct the past, they discover there's a thin line between love and hate.

The Time Traveller's Wife Get epub | Get mobi - 138,960 words - Published October 2010
A journalist who's missing in the Congo, a defective time travel machine and a lonely superhero results in an extraordinary adventure for alternate Clark. Will he obtain his heart's desire or will he destroy his world while endeavoring to do so?

Vindication Get epub | Get mobi - 66,780 words - Published October 2007
Life is not easy if you're a paparazzi who has been discredited in front of the entire world. So… how do you get back on top? By proving you're right, of course.

Without a Superman (Clark Kent's Quest) Get epub | Get mobi - 50,580 words - Published January 2004
It's 1998. Clark suddenly discovers that the Kent farm has burnt down, his parents are dead and his wife is engaged to Luthor. What has happened to his world? And will he be able to make things right?

Without a Superman (Lois Lane's Quest) Get epub | Get mobi - 90,540 words - Published March 2004
This story is a sequel to “Without A Superman (Clark Kent's Quest).” Alt-Lois takes a leave of absence from her job at the Daily Planet to search for… well, she isn't exactly certain. Will she find what she's looking for, and what dangers and surprises might await her along the way?

Without a Superman (Superman's Quest) Get epub | Get mobi - 57,960 words - Published May 2004
This is the third and final story in the “Without A Superman” trilogy. Alt-Lois has found what she was looking for – or has she? Maybe she'll find another offer more appealing. Find out in “Without A Superman (Superman's Quest).”

Without Checking the Water Level Get epub | Get mobi - 73,080 words - Published November 2002
In this alternate beginning to Lois and Clark, our heroes jump in without checking the water level. Will the resulting ripples drown them both?

Yellow Fever Get epub | Get mobi - 69,300 words - Published January 2003
Kryptonite is the only substance which can kill Clark. So why is Lois – his wife! – using it against him? Find out why in this dramatic tearjerker.

Various Authors

Full Circle: A New Day Get epub | Get mobi - 51,660 words - Published June 1998
Lois is in labor – but an earthquake and fire are keeping Superman busy in California. The Lanes and Kents gather to lend Lois moral support as she waits for Clark to come home. Meanwhile, Jimmy is vacationing in California and finds that in a crisis, even Superman needs help! (Episode#24 of The Unaired Fifth Season.

Virginia R.

Green-Eyed Monster Get epub | Get mobi - 178,560 words - Published December 2011
Set in another dimension (but not alt-dimension), Lois works retail while Clark is a delivery man. Can they still find true love? What if canon Tempus visited this Lois and told her that she would fall in love with a 'flying, super strong, super fast Superman' before Superman had yet made his first public appearance? What would she do? A romantic comedy.

Missing Lois Get epub | Get mobi - 496,260 words - Published February 2012
Lois and Clark consummate their relationship the night before he departs for New Krypton, leaving Lois pregnant, cursed, and alone. H.G. Wells shows up and suggests an alternate solution for her and baby Kent's survival, which turns her life upside down and changes alt-Clark's destiny.

Nightfall Honeymoon Get epub | Get mobi - 105,840 words - Published March 2012
This is basically an episode rewrite of the episode “All Shook Up.” What if the Nightfall asteroid showed up while Lois and Clark were on their honeymoon? A romantic comedy. This is a continuation of the author's *Green-Eyed Monster* story and is set in that alt-alt-universe.

The Wrong Trilogy Book 1: Another Dimension, Another Time, Another Lois Get epub | Get mobi - 133,740 words - Published June 2012
This time Tempus succeeds in destroying Utopia with unrealized consequences. Now, it's up to Lois to save the day before time runs out. Set in an alt-canon-dimension (but not alt-dimension). A Dark Comedy, emphasis on *dark*. Wrong Trilogy, Book 1. Each book in this trilogy is stand-alone and can be read in any order.

Alexis Waters

Be Careful What You Wish For Get epub | Get mobi - 62,820 words - Published August 2002
An elseworld story set after the episode “AKA: Superman.”

Judith Williams

Secrets Get epub | Get mobi - 65,520 words - Published September 2001
A continuation of the author's “The Circle Game,” this story, revised from the version that is on Zoomway's Fanfic Board, follows Lois and Clark as they continue their attempts at reconciliation, puts Lois in terrible danger and solves the mystery of Laura and Jack's relationship.

Tank Wilson

Day Follows Nightfall Get epub | Get mobi - 63,720 words - Published March 2002
What is the probability that Clark would have ended up in Metropolis after his encounter with the Nightfall Asteroid? Stricken with amnesia, he could have landed just about anywhere and perhaps somewhere no one would ever suspect. A Tank rewrite of an old favorite, the episode “All Shook Up.”

A Future Reborn (Lois's Story III) Get epub | Get mobi - 50,220 words - Published February 2004
In this sequel to the author's “A Future Rewound,” Lois is forced to confront Clark about his powers, while she continues to establish her life in this Alt-dimension. What does the future hold for Lois Lane?

A Future Restored Get epub | Get mobi - 76,680 words - Published July 2000
In the third installment of the author's “Future” series, Clark and Lois deal with a powerful enemy, a couple of old flames, and the emotional aftermath of their divorce.

Serial Vengeance Get epub | Get mobi - 74,700 words - Published May 2001
When a serial killer goes on the loose, Lois and Clark must investigate. But with new deaths occurring all the time, will they be too late?

To Protect and Serve Get epub | Get mobi - 86,400 words - Published April 2003
In this elseworlds story, Clark Kent, minus his superpowers, MPD Det. Lois Lane, and student reporter, Lucy Lane, unravel the mystery behind a bogus archeological dig at an abandoned mine site.

To Protect and Serve II: The Return of a Superman Get epub | Get mobi - 92,520 words - Published December 2004
In this continuation of the author's elsewhere tale, Clark, still without his powers, teams up with Det. Lois Lane when she and Henderson become victims of blackmail at the hands of Luthor's successors. Add to the mix the appearance of an evil Superman clone who claims to be the real thing.

Crystal Wimmer

Full Circle Get epub | Get mobi - 58,320 words - Published April 1998
Lois and Clark's son, CJ, has more to deal with as a teenager than do most boys. There's finding out that his father is Superman for a start, and the appearance of his own super-powers. What will that mean for his future – and his relationship with his best friend, Kat? On top of that is the mystery of where he came from in the first place – and how he can cope with his mother's serious illness after she becomes pregnant.

Full Circle: Book Two Get epub | Get mobi - 49,140 words - Published April 2001
Lois and Clark, CJ and Kat, and their loved ones continue their journey through life's joys and sorrows. A sequel to the author's “Full Circle.”

Jon Wolff

Lonely Is the Man Get epub | Get mobi - 80,640 words - Published November 2001
Far into the future, Elizabeth Ellington is involved in a car accident while trying to discover the whereabouts of a “secret Superman.” After being rescued by a lonely rancher, who's still recovering from the death of his wife years ago, she ends up finding out more than she expected…


There's Always Something Get epub | Get mobi - 122,040 words - Published August 2003
Lois and Clark have been married for four years when they discover she's pregnant. While they are trying to come to grips with life-altering changes and cope with the astonishing side effects of a human-kryptonian pregnancy, an unexpected enemy comes out of the woodwork, once again threatening their lives and that of Superman.


Persistence of Memory Get epub | Get mobi - 68,580 words - Published November 2002
Some surprising news sends Lois and Clark on a roller coaster of an adventure.

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