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To save the story you're reading to your hard drive for offline reading and archiving, click File/Save As in your Web browser. And depending on your browser, you can just right-click to invoke a context menu that'll let you "save as" too.

Story formats

Would you rather access the story in another format besides HTML (a web page)? If the story was published to the archive after 2008, you have six more formats to choose. You'll see links near the top of the story to read in these other formats: plain text, Word .doc, OpenOffice/LibreOffice .ooo, PDF, Epub and Mobi (Kindle).

The word processing formats — Word and OpenOffice/LibreOffice — are provided for authors who want to edit and resubmit their stories; our preferred submission formats are now Word or OpenOffice. The PDF version is for FoLCs who like to print and read off hard copies. The PDF version uses a paper-saving two-column format and also mirror margins (ideal for duplex printing, using both sides of the page): If you printed using a duplexing printer, run your printouts through a three-hole-punch and store them in a three-ring binder.

The best formats for reading stories, in our opinion, are Epub or Mobi in your ereader device. The customizable font size and dark background color most ereaders offer make reading easier on the eyes. Choose Epub if you've got a Nook, a Sony reader or iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch). Choose Mobi if you have a Kindle or a Kindle Fire. (On an Android device? Install an ereader app.) If you're browsing the archive using one of these devices, tapping on the Epub or Mobi link will open the ebook version of the story in your device's ereader app. Piece of cake.

Things you'll see

These images you'll encounter while browsing the archive ...


... are ribbon icons indicating that the story they're next to either won a fanfic Kerth award (blue) or was nominated for one (red). What's a Kerth award? It's an award fanfic readers bestow on fanfic writers in what's become an annual event. The first Kerth Awards ceremony was held on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in 1998. The name Kerth comes from the show: the Kerth was a journalism award. Want more info? Visit our Kerth page, and also be sure to visit the official Kerth Awards page.

We also mark stories that won the Merriweather award, a contest and award that debuted in early 2005 and lasted a couple more years. The 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and Honorable Mention icons look like this:


We're embarking on a fanfic audio project — AudioFic, which is our answer to audio books (books on CD and tape). When you encounter an icon that looks like this...

... that means the story it accompanies has been recorded by a narrator and saved as an MP3 file. Click the icon to reach the MP3 file on our AudioFic page. Then download and listen at will. Authors, if you'd like your stories to be added to the pool of stories that may eventually be read, please let us know. Readers, you can contribute too. If you'd like to volunteer to record yourself reading a story, please click the above link as well.

The image of two people side-by-side indicates that a story has more than one author — it's a multi-authored story:

Those buttons you see at the bottom of every page...

Invert Off Invert On Increase Font Size Decrease Font Size

... are very powerful. Click or tap them to see what they do. Left to right, here are their functions: The white button displays archive pages in "light theme" — dark text on a light background. The black button inverts the display, putting archive pages in "dark theme" — light text on a dark background. The button with the larger 'A' increases type size, and the button with the smaller 'A' decreases type size. For aging eyes like ours the dark theme, with bumped-up type size, is very kind.

I've written a story. Would the archive host it?

If it's set in the Lois & Clark universe, we'd love to! Check out our story submission info page. For more info on fanfic and the archive, visit our Archive FAQ page.

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