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We've installed Google's free site-search feature to help you track down stories you're looking for when you can't remember the author or title — but do remember certain details.

To find a story, merely type unique details as keywords into the field and click the submit button.

Advanced Search

Are you not able to find the story using the Google widget above, but you know the story is hiding somewhere on our site? You need Google's Advanced Search. For a friendly way to run powerful Google searches with fill-in-the-blank ease, try this Advanced Search page over at Google, where we've pre-populated the site name so that it'll return only results from

Search Tips

You can use some of Google's Advanced Search techniques by using its operators even within our simple Google Search widget above. For example, put quotation marks around words that belong together to help narrow search results: This tells Google to treat the grouped words as a single keyword entity. For example, if you're searching for a story where Clark is referred to by his first name and middle name — you know it's serious when they use your middle name — put "Clark Jerome" in quotation marks. If you searched on Clark Jerome without the quotes, you'd also pull up all stories that use the words Clark and Jerome in any context.

To find stories that do not contain certain words, use a minus sign (-) before each keyword to exclude it. For example, to find a story that mentions Kryptonians but doesn't involve Zara, you'd type: kryptonian -zara

By default Google searches for documents that contain all the keywords you type into its search field. This is called an AND search. That is, it turns up documents that contain this keyword AND that keyword. Searching for lois chocolate rocky road locates only documents containing all search terms. But what if it's a story about Lois and ice cream and you can't recall the flavor (though you've narrowed it to chocolate or rocky road)? :-)   You could do an OR search by typing lois chocolate OR rocky

If you want your search results to show the HTML versions of stories only, not any of the text versions, you can restrict your search like this:

     filetype:html murder "jefferson cole"

There are some orphaned text versions of stories, which we've deleted, that keep turning up in Google searches. Until Google catches up, if this bothers you, please use the filetype operator as described above to limit the results to HTML files.

Keep in mind that Google indexes the stories in the archive at its own pace. Newer stories may not yet have been "Googled."

For in-depth tips on using the Google search engine, visit Google's Search Help and Search Basics pages. Or just go to the Advanced Search page and experiment. The Advanced Operators Cheat Sheet at Google Guide is also helpful for ideas on creative searching.