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We've done some redecorating, but you should be able to find all the parts of the website here.


By All Stories: Visit our Stories Omnibus page for direct links to all our story catalog pages.
By What's New: Find an updated list of the latest stories, newest first.
By Author: Arranged in alphabetical order by the author's last name or username.
By Title: Arranged in alphabetical order by title (note that "a," "an" and "the" are disregarded).
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FAQ Files

Archive and Fanfic: Wondering what the archive is about? Your frequently asked questions are answered here.
Submitting Stories: Have you written a story? Great! Here's how to send it to us.
Critiquing: Our suggestions on how to make helpful comments on stories.
Grammar: Our crash course for fanfic writers.
Story Ratings: A little about keeping within the bounds of PG-13 regarding sex and violence.
Archive History: Some background on our corner of FoLCdom.


Kerth Awards: See stories that won or were nominated in our fandom's annual awards show, held since 1998.
AudioFic: Like books on CD and tape? Listen up! Volunteer narrators have recorded some stories for your listening pleasure.
Fanfic Ebooks (legacy): All those older stories that the archive hasn't yet converted to epub and Kindle versions? Find them here.
S5 & S6: Fans picked up where the "Lois & Clark" TV show left off with virtual Season 5 and Season 6.
TUFS: Another team of producers and writers banded together to create "The Unaired Fifth Season."
Charity Fanzine: Stories by L&C fanfic authors who helped raise money for a FoLC going blind.
Stories in Other Languages: Stories written by native French and German speakers.
Themes (legacy): An early and outdated attempt at gathering stories by theme.
Poll Archive (legacy): Back in the day, the archive peppered readers with questions, and we saved their answers.
In Memoriam: A list of dear friends and authors we have lost.
News Archive: Notable news nuggets that once graced the homepage.
Ereader Link Page: Simplified author and title catalogs for those browsing the site on e-ink Kindles.
L&C Links: A list of other Lois & Clark-related sites.


Archive Help: It's here to assist — and it explains what all the various icons are for.
Fanfic Database: Want to do in-depth searches, sorts and filters for stories by theme, size or various other criteria? Try this spreadsheet.
Site Search: Use the power of Google to find stories based on their contents.
Google Advanced Site Search: It's turbo-charged but also fill-in-the-blanks easy.
Archive Extras: An auxiliary Google Sites site to preserve crowdsourced content (such as series guides)
Formatter: Turn fluid text into fixed line-length (legacy archive text format) and vice versa.
Our Twitter Feed: Follow us @lcfanfic if you want a social heads-up on when the archive is updated with new stories.