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Having my baby
A vignette written to celebrate the birth of a new little FoLC.

It's LabRat's Fault Really
A fanfic writer has some unexpected visitors. A Beta-Reader Appreciation Day story.

Lois and Clark in Chocolate Wonderland
One of the perks of being able to fly your wife to a chocolate festival is having her in the kitchen one Sunday morning preparing some chocolate recipes from the trip. Or is it?

Summer of Unhappiness
Growing up in a dysfunctional family is not easy for a sensitive child. For young Lois, this fatal summer day marks the beginning of an unhappy and turbulent adolescence.

There's Always Something
Lois and Clark have been married for four years when they discover she's pregnant. While they are trying to come to grips with life-altering changes and cope with the astonishing side effects of a human-kryptonian pregnancy, an unexpected enemy comes out of the woodwork, once again threatening their lives and that of Superman.