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Argument in Time
H.G. Wells gets in the middle of an argument between Lois and Clark.


Life Without Clark
In this speculation on what might have happend after Clark left for New Krypton, Lois finds life without him quite a challenge.

Chris Fawcett

Kissing Booth
Superman gets recruited to man a kissing booth at the Metropolis Fair, and Lois is not happy about it. But could there be some dastardly plot behind the scenes that puts Lois and Superman in trouble? Could Lana Lang possibly figure out that Clark is Superman? Part one of a two-part story, which will be continued in the author's next fanfic, "Patching Things Up."

Patching Things Up
Does Lana really know Clark is Superman? Can a mysterious man actually make an army of Supermen? Read this follow-up to the fanfic "Kissing Booth" to find how Lois and Clark fight the bad guys.

Kelly Feenstra

A Dream Come True?
Employees of the Daily Planet are treated to a weekend camping trip, and Lois hopes it will bring an opportunity for her to get closer to Clark.

A Secret Best Kept
Clark's ill-timed proposal in the park, during a downpour, leaves their relationship strained -- and Lois with a nasty cold. Playing matchmaker, Perry orders bedrest for Lois, with Clark to stay by her side. Meanwhile, Jason Mazik, new to prison life, meets up with Lex Luthor. A multiauthored story by Kelly Feenstra and Emerald Shine.

What's in a Name?
Lois and Clark can't reach a consensus on what to name their children, but they have four months to think of something.

You Were My Strength
A story of the despair that grips Lois, who's left behind after Clark flies off to New Krypton in the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

Female Hawk

  Voted Best New Author 2010

Clark is facing a serious accusation, and he has no way to refute it without revealing the big secret. Just when everything looks lost, Lois steps in ...

Anniversary Surprise
Lois has bought Clark a gift to celebrate one month of marriage. But when Superman is called to an emergency, things get heated, and the Man of Steel makes a rather personal public announcement.

Asking Lois Out
Clark is trying to ask Lois out for their first date. It should be simple, right? A story set in the second season.

Awaken My Heart
Lois Lane travels into space as the reporter aboard EPRAD's Mission to Mars. When something goes terribly wrong, her life pod crashes in a strange land. At gunpoint, she is taken before the Supreme Ruler -- Kal-El.

Cooking Class
Lois has a hot date for Valentine's Day. Problem is, she promised him a home-cooked meal.

Early Intervention
A response to Queen of the Capes' challenge to write something "evil, warped, twisted or sinister."

The Gift of Words
It's Lois's birthday -- and everyone has forgotten. Or have they? A story set in season two.

The Hottest Team in Town
Clark Kent has landed his dream job, and, for the first time in his life, he's head over heels in love. There's just one problem. A Tank-and-Wendy-esque challenge by HappyGirl and Female Hawk

One Small Detail
A good newsman notices detail.

The Press Conference
What if Samantha hadn't dropped her camera and ruined the film in the episode "Sex, Lies and Videotape"?

Second Chance
It's Christmas Eve. Lois and Clark are together at her window. The carolers begin to sing ... and then someone needs Superman. A ficathon 2009 story.

Tempus: Four Play
Clark Kent from the parallel universe has a problem -- his Lois is going to marry Tempus. So who better to call on for help than Lois and Clark? Can they help Lois see the true character of Tempus? Can the four of them overcome the time-travelling villain? And will Lois ever see Clark as more than a friend?

Time to Love 1 - Weekend in Smallville
When Lois Lane is dispatched to Smallville, Kansas, she is confident it will not eventuate into anything other than a futile waste of her weekend. Then she meets Clark Kent.

Time to Love 2: First Days in Metropolis
After returning from her weekend in Smallville, Lois is finding it difficult to get Clark out of her mind. Then Perry's new reporter turns out to be none other than the man from Kansas, and Lois and Clark are thrown into their first story together. This is the second story in the Time to Love series that began with "Weekend in Smallville."

Time to Love 3: Adrift
After their first date, Lois and Clark come back to her apartment, and things start to heat up. But then there's a knock at the door -- a knock that changes everything.

Time to Love 4: So Many Questions
Clark has a question he wants to ask Lois. But then Lois discovers that Clark's proposal is only the first of many questions.

Trusting Me, Trusting You
Clark Kent has been trapped in a cell for seven years. Government agent Lois Lane is tormented by grief and traumatic memories. She is assigned to guard the alien prisoner, and together, Lois and Clark find the strength to travel the long journey to healing, trust, love, and freedom.

The Wedding
When Lois is invited to the wedding of a college acquaintance, she is expecting an ordeal of romantic mawkishness. Instead, she meets the man who changes everything she believes about love.

With a Source
This Ficathon 2011 story is set two weeks after Clark arrived in Metropolis and assumes that the newbie from Kansas was not immediately paired with the star reporter, Lois Lane. In fact, they had very little to do with each other, until...


The Christmas Song
It's Christmas time and the daughter of Lois and Clark really wants to meet Superman.

The Naked Truth
Lois always knew Clark had a big secret, but she wasn't prepared for this.

Sweet Dreams
Life in Metropolis is often dangerous, and for Lois and Clark especially so. Will the new villain in town succeed in his diabolical plan to rid the world of Superman and Lois Lane?

A Thousand Little Deaths
Lois has discovered that Clark is Superman and their relationship has been a little rocky. But just as Lois is coming to terms with it, an accident has Clark having second thoughts.

Charlotte Fisler

See "Daydreamer80"

April Flager

Heroes Helping Heroes
A crossover with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Buffy leaves Sunnydale, only to end up in the city of Metropolis, where she befriends the reporting team of Lois Lane and Clark Kent. And just when all she wants to do is forget what she left behind, she finds herself faced with a rash of mysterious murders, and a guy in blue tights...

Molly P. Flynn

Frog Day Afternoon
After he finishes beating himself up for letting Lois -- as Wanda Detroit -- leave with Lex Luthor, Clark sets out to find her, enlisting help from Jimmy and Starr. A humorous continuation of the episode "Double Jeopardy."

The Give-Away
McTropolis is including Superman action figures in its Kiddie Kafeteria meals. The first of the set, dubbed "Lois Lane, Girl Reporter," has Lois fit to chew nails. She's not thrilled with her character's "action" either. Very funny story!


A La Kent
2,659 words (14Kb)
Father's Day through the years for Lois and Clark.

A La Lane
1,637 words (9Kb)
Celebrating Mother's Day over the years has changed for Lois Lane, but there is always a common theme threaded between the celebrated days.

Alone at 7 p.m.
2,705 words (15Kb)
In response to the Kerth 2021 Challenge #2, Lois Lane receives a mysterious text message, sending her on a hunt for answers.

Back to You
723 words (4Kb)
After Lois recovers her memories in the episode "Oepidus Wrecks," she comes to an important decision that will forever change her and Clark's future.

A Bolt of Gratitude
845 words (5Kb)
An unlikely character has a moment of gratitude that catches even himself by surprise.

Brown Eyes
1,202 words (7Kb)
Set in the episode "I'm Looking Through You," Superman doesn't brush Lois off at the auction. How might that conversation have changed things for Lois Lane?

Christmas Wrapping
461 words (3Kb)
Lois basks in the glow of hosting her first Christmas party since marrying Clark.

Collateral Damage
51,454 words (286Kb)
In the conclusion to the "What the Hey" series, Lois and Clark go head to head with a mysterious new enemy as an unknown superhero makes her way to Metropolis. Is everything as it seems or is there more to the story? (Part 3 of 3)

750 words (4Kb)
Set at the end of the episode "The Eyes Have It," what does Clark say to Lois to explain his absence for three days?

Delusions of Grandeur
168,381 words (914Kb)
Set during the Season 1 episode "House of Luthor." Clark Kent has been committed for thinking he's Superman. Lex Luthor has tightened his hold on Metropolis. Lois Lane is missing. In order to stop his greatest enemy, Clark must face his own demons to save those he loves.

Devil in the Details
1,956 words (11Kb)
Just what was the favor Lucifer collected on in "The Nature of Favors"? A Lucifer/Lois and Clark crossover.

Doe for President?
Tempus has the world under mind control in his quest to become the president of the United States. Will Superman be able to expose Tempus for the fraud he is when his powers are still not at full capacity? How will Lois's pregnancy be affected? (Part 2 of 3 in the "What the Hey" series.)

23,419 words (128Kb)
Set during Season Two's "Resurrection" episode: When Clark Kent discovers Dan Scardino and Lois in a compromising position at her apartment, an emotional confrontation unfolds. Lois and Clark are forced to make a critical decision that will shape both of their futures. Will they be able to see past their own insecurities in order to mend their fragile relationship?

213,214 words (1,179Kb)
In the aftermath of the episode "Fly Hard," Clark issues a warning to Lois about Lex as he finds himself at odds with her over his archenemy. Unable to see any other way to make her see the truth, he decides to tell her the truth in hopes that it'll keep her out of Lex's grasp. When Lois learns the truth both she and Clark are forced to juggle the ups and downs of their budding relationship while trying to find the connection between "The Boss" and every story they've covered over the past year.

Fade Into You
4,353 words (24Kb)
Set during the episode "Contact" from Season 3. Lois Lane isn't as easily deterred from having a long-overdue conversation when she shows up on Clark's doorstep after a nightmare of her abduction. Can she make Clark see past his insecurities and move toward a future together?

Flowers of Hope
978 words (5Kb)
Not every Mother's Day is filled with joy, but sometimes a little hope can go a long way.

1,818 words (10Kb)
The second piece of the "Shattered" trilogy. We explore what Lois Lane's thoughts were as she waited for Clark Kent to arrive at the movie theater on the heels of Dan Scardino hinting at his interest in her.

Friends or Lovers?
A rewrite of the episode "Resurrection." Lois has discovered Clark's secret the same way Mayson had. She struggles to deal with the emotional rollercoaster this revelation brings on. When DEA Agent Dan Scardino comes on the scene things begin to get more heated. Will Lois ever trust Clark again?

Ghost From the Past
137,255 words (760Kb)
When the man she loves vanishes, Lois must mend the pieces of her broken heart on her own. Five years later she comes face to face with the man she thought had died, but has no recollection of the past. When secrets are revealed how will they forgive one another?

885 words (5Kb)
In honor of Eddie Jones' passing July 8th, 2019. Clark struggles to come to terms with the reality of his father's death.

343 words (2Kb)
Clark plans a surprise date for Lois. A Valentine's Day fic. So I thought it'd be appropriate to have a date fic for Valentine's Day. This is pure fluff. No plot whatsoever. I hope everyone enjoys.

Greenest Night
1,361 words (8Kb)
In the aftermath of a long-fought battle on Apokolips, the heroes of the Justice League find themselves in quarantine at S.T.A.R. Labs, where emotions among the league's members are running high.

Guy Rule Number One
27,906 words (154Kb)
What if Lois Lane overheard a conversation about the "Guy Rule" and made one too many assumptions about Clark's relationship with Superman? Set during the episode "Operation Blackout" and after "Church of Metropolis."

Hate Myself for Loving You
122,679 words (678Kb)
Mayson Drake leaves the courthouse at the end of the episode "Lucky Leon" in search of Lois and Clark and finds the couple sharing their first kiss. Distraught by her discovery, Mayson takes matters into her own hands.

379 words (2Kb)
In response to a Fanfiction Challenge asking authors to write a story to go with the last song you heard. My song was "Hearbeat" by Carrie Underwood. A heartbeat can mean so many things to so many people. In particular, a certain reporter at the Daily Planet.

Hold On
1,696 words (9Kb)
The final part in the "Shattered" series. Lois and Clark both face up to their faults and have a long-awaited conversation. Set after the episode "Resurrection" in canon.

In Too Deep
4,456 words (25Kb)
After the late night stakeout in the episode "Target Jimmy Olsen," Clark Kent does some soul-searching and has a long overdue conversation with a certain reporter. Is it too late to mend what's already been broken?

176,675 words (981Kb)
Set five years after the episode "Delusions of Grandeur." Lois Lane finds herself and her family in the crosshairs of a political scandal when she tries to help find a missing girl. Heartache and intrigue follow as she and Clark find themselves battling a system built to protect the innocent when it becomes obvious the system is corrupt.

It's a Super Life
3,748 words (21Kb)
A troubling day leads Clark to question just what good he is able to bring into the world.

Just a Ruse
1,745 words (10Kb)
Set after "Over My Head," Lois and Clark find themselves faced with their feelings for one another in a stakeout at the Lexor Hotel undercover as husband and wife.

Just a Touch
1,526 words (8Kb)
What would have happened if Clark had told Lois about Superman before he froze her in the episode "And the Answer Is..."?

Just Hold Me
What if Clark had run into Lois on his walk over to Lois' in the episode "Ultrawoman"? He never would have run into Lucille and Nell ... Lois and he may have been able to talk about their relationship a little sooner.

La Nativitatis (Christmas)
5,011 words (27Kb)
A walk through the many Christmas traditions Lois and Clark have experienced over the years.

Like a Wrecking Ball
1,683 words (9Kb)
In the conclusion to "In Too Deep," Clark Kent finally summons up the courage to tell Lois Lane everything on their long-awaited date.

Lights Out
2,326 words (13Kb)
Set at the end of the episode "Target Jimmy Olsen": Lois and Clark end up trapped in an elevator when the power goes out. Clark can't leave to attend to rescues without revealing himself, and he's faced with the reality of finally talking to Lois.

My Favorite Time of Year
745 words (4Kb)
This story takes place in the universe of "Ghost From the Past" and "My Own Worst Enemy." Lois and Clark share their first Christmas with their son, Jon.

My Own Worst Enemy
136,484 words (751Kb)
In the conclusion to the author's "Ghost From the Past," Lois and Clark confront Sam Lane about his knowledge of Clark's identity. Intergang begins to move in and their latest weapon is none other than Johnny Corbin -- powered by Black Kryptonite! How will Clark be able to defeat an enemy that's hidden inside himself? (Part 2 of 2)

Natural Causes: The Popcorn Kernel
319 words (2Kb)
Everything was perfect. His freedom would be obtained in a matter of hours. Revenge would be sought and he would be the victor. Little did Lex Luthor know it would all come to an end so quickly.

592 words (3Kb)
He told her to never wear the necklace. She didn't listen. A response to Kerth Challenge #1 for the 2022 Kerth season.

The One Where Everyone Finds Out
818 words (5Kb)
Clark Kent can't seem to understand how in the world everyone close to him now knows he is Superman...including Ralph. Have Clark's secret-keeping capabilities finally bit the dust or is there something more going on?

Over My Head
3,463 words (19Kb)
What would have happened in the episode "Pheromone My Lovely" had Clark not barged into the bedroom offering himself up to Lois, but rather waited her out to determine how to handle the events that had transpired over the last two days?

The Press Conference
1,172 words (6Kb)
Jon Kent reflects on how the world has changed after his father's revelation to the world. This story picks up after "Throne of Lies."

Red Like Kryptonite
In the conclusion to the author's "Target: Lois Lane," Clark is acting differently and Lois thinks he's trying to avoid her after the previous night when things got out of hand between them. Intergang is lurking in the shadows, making a play for ownership of the Daily Planet. When Perry is kidnapped the Planet becomes even more vulnerable. Will Lois and Clark be able to stop them or will their personal issues get in the way?

1,139 words (6Kb)
Amidst the uncertainty that looms over the world, Clark finds solace in the completeness that being with family brings.

Rules of Battle
14,814 words (81Kb)
In this installment of "Rules Series," Lois and Clark deal with the headaches of family when Lucy Lane shows up back in Metropolis with her newest boyfriend, Johnny Corbin. After finding out about Corbin's criminal past, Lois does everything she can to pull her sister away from the petty thief, but he may be more dangerous than either she or Clark realize. (3 of 10)

Rules of Engagement
27,382 words (151Kb)
In the next installment of the "Rules Series," Lois and Clark balance wedding plans with her mother and the reappearance of a DEA agent as mysterious gifts with threatening notes appear. An investigation into the murder of a doctor leads Lois, Clark and the DEA into a conspiracy theory with the military. (8 of 10)

Rules of Family
8,036 words (44Kb)
In this installment of the "Rules Series," Lois and Clark celebrate their first Christmas together as a couple. After stopping Winslow Schott from turning the city of Metropolis into a mob of greedy children, the couple share Christmas Eve with Lois' mother and Christmas morning in Smallville with the Kents. (4 of 10)

Rules of Guilt
32,868 words (182Kb)
In the next installment of the *"Rules"* series, Lois and Clark work with Mayson Drake to stop Jimmy from being framed for murder. After a close brush with death, Mayson's federal investigation into Resurrection, a drug being used to help break prisoners out of prison brings a DEA Agent, Dan Scardino to town...who seems smitten with Lois as she ponders over a certain question from Clark. (6 of 10)

Rules of Love
27,721 words (154Kb)
In the next installment of the "Rules Series," Clark prepares a special evening for him and Lois. Sheldon Bender, Nigel St. John, and Gretchen Kelly all reappear in Metropolis. Lois is confronted with a very alive Lex Luthor who's set his sights on reclaiming everything he once had...including her. (5 of 10)

Rules of Marriage
6,271 words (34Kb)
In the next installment of the "Rules" series, Lois and Clark's wedding day is finally here. Everything seems perfect, or does it? (9 of 10)

Rules of the Game
34,590 words (190Kb)
In the next installment of the "Rules Series," Lois and Clark deal with a nosy Top Copy reporter who's determined to expose Superman's secret identity just as a secret witness is readied to testify against an Intergang assassin. (Part 7 of 10)

Rules of Trust
36,702 words (203Kb)
In the next installment of the "Rules Series," Lois and Clark have their date and more than just feelings are revealed. As they navigate through the next step in their relationship, criminals appear to have risen from the dead and are committing crimes across Metropolis. Can Lois and Clark stop them? (2 of 10)

Rules of War
117,987 words (660Kb)
In the final installment of the "Rules" series, Lois and Clark return from their honeymoon and find themselves knee-deep in an investigation into the odd behavior of government officials. When prisoners are released from Metropolis Penitentiary, Superman faces a team of villains bent on revenge. (10 of 10)

Running With the Devil
860 words (5Kb)
In response to Kerth Challenge #8, Tempus arrives in Metropolis at the same time a familiar villain is making his own mark on Metropolis.

1,346 words (7Kb)
The first piece of the "Shattered" trilogy. After overhearing Dan Scardino's request for a date and Lois' answer, Clark is forced to make a decision that will forever affect his future with Lois.

Sleeping With the Boss
14,878 words (80Kb)
What if Clark Kent had been a little more supportive and Lois a little more trusting during the episode "Stop the Presses"? Would things have ended the same or would they have stopped the Press brothers sooner?

Target: Lois Lane
This is a rewrite of the Second Season's episode, "Target: Jimmy Olsen." The A-plot is similar, but not exact to what happened in the show. The B-plot however explores what would have happened had Clark been actively pursuing Lois during this time.

Testing a Theory
45,199 words (249Kb)
Cat Grant is back and she knows a secret...or does she? Taking place after the episode "Sex, Lies and Videotape" in Season 4, Cat Grant goes to hilarious and insane lengths to prove her theory just as Lois and Clark begin to work through the trauma of being under the limelight of the media after the Superman scandal. Can Lois and Clark stop her from discovering Clark's biggest secret? Or will the gossip columnist land the scoop of the lifetime?

This is Our Story
12,932 words (71Kb)
A chance meeting across a stranger named Jack makes Clark think more about his relationship with Lois just as Lex Luthor finds himself faced with never-ending bad luck that can ruin even the best-laid plans.

Three Rules
76,924 words (428Kb)
In this elseworld fanfiction, Lois is not as out of touch with her investigative skills when Superman comes on the scene. With the world in peril, how will Superman navigate this new normal as his enemy circles the gates?

The Throne of Lies
843 words (5Kb)
Eighty years of good deeds comes to an end when good intentions and an old myth cause everyone to question what Superman is hiding. This is in response to the "Liar's Bridge" challenge.

Truth, Lies and Smart Kids
2,174 words (12Kb)
Lois finds herself searching for companionship and reaches out to Clark after Amy Valdez is placed with her aunt. What happens when the truth of the encounter with Lex Luthor and Superman behind closed doors makes its way to Lois?

The Very Bad No Good Day
430 words (2Kb)
Lois is having a very bad day. Can Clark help her?

Virtually Revealed: Jimmy's Story
3,869 words (21Kb)
In the Season 3 episode "Virtually Destroyed," Jimmy sees Clark without his glasses and Superman together. After escaping X, Jimmy is flustered and accidentally calls Superman "CK," to which Superman responds.

Walk Away
502 words (3Kb)
What do you do when the one you care about most wants someone else? A response to an introspective challenge.

What the Hey, You Can't Have Everything
Taking place during the episode "Sex, Lies, and Videotape," Samantha, Mindy Church, and Randy Goode have one goal in common and it equals bad news for Superman. (Part 1 of 3 in the "What the Hey" series.)

When Churches Come Crashing Down
157,879 words (883Kb)
In the conclusion to the author's "Winner Takes All" Lois and Clark are left to deal with the aftermath of the Daily Planet explosion and everything they lost that day. As they deal with their grief, a new head of Intergang begins to make a play for power just as a new face appears in Metropolis.

Whine No More
48,251 words (273Kb)
An episode rewrite in which we explore what would happen if Lois and Clark's date at the end of "Individual Responsibility" went a little *too well* and Clark thought he shared a secret but Lois was just as clueless the next morning? Episode Rewrite of Season Two's "Whine Whine Whine."

Winner Takes All
175,575 words (973Kb)
In this Elsewhere story, a different twist is taken in the Pilot. Clark isn't the only one with suspicions about the man of the year, Lex Luthor. Clark's newly formed friendship with Lois Lane goes through its ups and downs as they work together against the many criminals that cross their paths during the beginning of their partnership.

The World Falls Away
10,696 words (60Kb)
On the run after getting hold of Kryptonite and teaming up with Tempus, Lex Luthor navigates the treacherous events that cost him his freedom and sets his sights on revenge when faced with the revelation of who his enemy truly is. Conclusion to "Running With the Devil."

You Got Me
3,200 words (18Kb)
In response to the Kerth Challenge #2 I was inspired to write a story based on the song "You Got Me" by Colbie Caillat. Lois explores the source of her frustration with her partner after an argument. Set during the Season 2 episode "Church of Metropolis."

FoLCs of the L&C Fanfic Message Boards

Finding Clark Kent: An Experimental Poll-Driven Story
Clark is missing and Lois is the only one who can save him! Whatever will she do? Where will she turn? Which possible leads will she follow? Who will help her make the right decisions, stop the bad guys, and find Clark? The FoLCs reading the story on the Fanfic Message Boards! Written by Paul-Gabriel Wiener with help from the FoLCs of the L&C Fanfic Message Boards.

Allison K. Forbes

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

After the Fact
In this "what if" story, Clark decides not to tell Lois he's Superman until after the wedding. How will she react?

After Life -- When Morning Comes
Lois doesn't believe someone is out to get her, so how can Clark protect her? This alternate take on the episode "Witness" pursues one of Clark's worst fears, but are things really what they seem?

Amorous Lois
After more than two days of building sexual tension between our favorite couple, Lois takes matters into her own hands, in an elevator no less, with some very interesting consequences.

Come Back to Me
Clark comes home from New Krypton eager to be reunited with Lois, only to find that she is not the same Lois he left behind him some months earlier.

The Electrified Bride
In the episode "Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding," Clark was able to talk Myrtle Beech out of trying to hurt anyone else, thereby saving Lois, and their wedding. But what would have happened if Myrtle hadn't listened to reason? Find out in this tearjerker, a deathfic response to the 30-minute challenge.

Even a Super Heart Can Be Broken
Superman reacts badly to some devastating news from Lois. Is it as bad as he thinks? Or has he jumped to the wrong conclusion?

An Extraordinary Case of Bad Judgment and Worse Timing
Being a superhero doesn't always mean making the wisest choices, as Clark finds out the hard way in this rewrite of the author's very first fanfic.

From This Moment
A WAFFy rewrite of Lois and Clark's wedding day -- and night -- with a litte help from Shania Twain. :)

The House that Love Built
On the eve of their son's graduation from college, Clark takes a trip down memory lane, looking at the life he and Lois have built over twenty years.

It's Just a Sweet, Sweet Fantasy, Baby
We all know how Lois felt about kids in the first season, right? Well, maybe not. When she turns out to be really good with a little girl that she meets in Centennial Park, no one is more surprised than Clark, and it starts him dreaming of a family of his own....

"Lane" to the tune of "Lump"
The author rewrites the song "Lump," L&C style.

The Legend of Abigail Rutledge
After Lois and Clark get engaged, they go camping at a lodge, upstate. While on a walk, she and Clark become separated, then she is injured and helped by a mysterious woman. (This story would take the place of the episode "Just Say Noah.")

The Lovers' Tale
Chaucer's take on our favorite lovers.

The Plea
Tired of taking a back seat to Dan Scardino, Clark decides to tell Lois once and for all how he feels about her.

The Ultimate Sacrifice
The big day has finally arrived. Will Lois and Clark live happily ever after, or will Lois's fears drive Clark to sacrifice everything?

Yes, They're Real
Just what *is* it about Lois that's got Clark so excited?

Natalie Fox

I Found That Girl
A new look at the pilot. Clark Kent's dream of being a reporter for the Daily Planet is soon realized. But will he ever find the girl of his dreams?

Just Another Day at Work
A dull day at work is brightened by a small encounter in this vignette.

That's One Way to Learn Your ABCs
When Sesame Street needs help, who do they call? Superman, of course!

The Late Mr. Kent
Clark is shot when he and Lois investigate an old warehouse. But is he really dead?


428 words (2Kb)
Tiny TOGOM variant.

Heat Vision
278 words (2Kb)
The value of experience.

A tiny episode addition to "Tempus Anyone?"

Rules of Engagement
467 words (3Kb)
An Antiplot or Untwist.

Syl Francis

The Bodyguard
When Lois Lane visits Bludhaven to report on city corruption, her "bodyguard" is a young police officer named Dick Grayson.


Alone at Last?
Both sets of parents (and Baby Gunderson) take their leave, and Lois and Clark are alone at last -- or are they? A continuation of the episode "Home Is Where the Hurt Is."

Lois on the Loose: (Ramblings From the IRC)
Lois gets drunk at a party and tries to get friendly with Clark. (A "graphic sneeze" from the IRC. :-)

Timely Return
A revelation vignette.

Richard Frantz Jr.

At the Old Heroes Home
Imagine Clark at age 188. He's retired, he's living in a retirement home for superheroes, and he's still Superman even if he has hung up his cape. But are capes really hung up for good, or just to keep them from wrinkling?

Attack of the Killer Spam
No, it's not what you think: Lois has not tried to cook with canned luncheon meat. But is spam too much for even Superman to handle?

The Birthday Card
Even Clark Kent has trouble getting a birthday card delivered on time, but his obstacles are a little more super than most people's.

On Christmas Eve, Mark Johnson sits down with his family to tell a tale of adventure and magic which features a different sort of hero.

Death Visits Clark
A familiar black-robed figure with a scythe appears to Clark. Is it Clark's time? Or something else?

The E in Clark
Sometimes it's better to let little things, like spelling, just slide. So what if Clark's name was supposed to be spelled Clarke; if you don't stress over it, it might work out OK.

Escaping Trask
Here's a different way for Clark to escape Trask, just when Trask thinks he has everything figured out.

From the Desk of Mayson Drake
This vignette is an alternative take on how Mayson Drake felt about Clark/Superman.

It's Hard to Be an Alien Living on Earth
A strange visitor from another planet, a being whose powers are far beyond human ability, finds it's hard sometimes to be an alien.

Junkyard Wars Crossover
A humorous vignette about Lois, Jimmy and Superman as contestants on the TV show Junkyard Wars.

Lois's Secret
Why does Lois Lane, a sensible adult woman, continually dangle over the jaws of death? Here's one elseworld explanation.

Murphy's Law Retort
This is my retort to "Murphy's Law" by Cookiesmom. When the long arm of the law bothers Superman, it takes a few phone calls, or one really big one, to fix things.

Never Tell Clark
There are all sorts of secrets at the Daily Planet, though secrets are rarely what they seem to be. And Clark always seems to be saying something silly, but don't tell him we noticed.

No Powers
When a descendant of Superman claims to possess no powers, something must be wrong. Right?

Not a Revelation Story, Technically
Clark decides it is time to tell Lois his secret, but she has a revelation for him instead.

Small Things Matter
Small things do matter and sometimes being a hero is very simple.

A Small Trap
To catch a small Superhero, set a small trap.

Tough as Nails
Lois and Clark's daughter is well known as being "tough as nails" on the outside, but few people know the warm human being inside. When history seems to repeat itself, maybe the next generation can learn from the first.

Four microfiction (<300 word) stories on the nature of being a villain.

Beth Freeman

The Next Generation
Tempus kidnaps Lois and Clark's future children, bringing them back 15 years to the present. The kids escape, seeking out the younger versions of their parents for help.

Two Plus One
After five long years, Clark returns from New Krypton with a most unexpected surprise for Lois. An extrapolation of the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

A Very Smallville Christmas
The Lanes and the Kents gather together in Smallville for the holidays, where Lois and Clark plan to share some very special news. But Intergang has come to Smallville too, and finds something interesting in a treehouse on the Kent Farm. (Episode # 10 of The Unaired Fifth Season)

Wonderful Tonight
"Just a little piece of fluff," the author says, written because "many people have been saying they want to see Lois and Clark dance, and this is me agreeing with them."