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Clint Chan Tack
Candace Tackett
Duane Takamine
Lin-Sue Tan
Saori Tanaka
Jill Tanz
Naomi Taub
Lara E. Taylor
Will Temby
Shayne Terry
Karin Tessin
Texas Jewel
That Writer Guy
Lee Thiher
Thomas Mc
Karen Thompkins
ML Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Total Grins
Lauren Travis
Triple L
Judith Tylke

Clint Chan Tack

The New Adventures of Ultra Woman
Ultra Woman's adventures weren't limited to what we saw on the screen. This story tells us more.

Candace Tackett

ATAI ... ?
A continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is..." in which Lois neglects to answer Clark's proposal, then receives a visit from Dan Scardino.

They Really Are in Love!!!
Clark and Lois have an argument over Dan Scardino.


Third Son
Mark Kent is Lois and Clark's "third son," the only one of the three born without super powers. At age 25, he has only just been told that his father is Superman. Clark has asked that Mark go to New Krypton to join his two older brothers in the struggle to bring peace to a society on the brink of a civil war that threatens even Earth.

Duane Takamine

Terrorists create diversions for Superman while they rob high-tech installations. Unfortunately, the miscellaneous explosions make it difficult for Clark to get through a date with Lois -- who is becoming increasingly annoyed with Clark disappearing while she's trying to discuss their relationship. A story that takes place after the episode "Target: Jimmy Olsen."

Lin-Suen Tan

The Day After TOGOM
Lois tries to tell Clark how much he's come to mean to her. A continuation of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine."

Saori Tanaka

Eye in the Sky
The GPS people know all.

If you're a guy who doesn't have to wear glasses and your wife tells you you look cuter with them on, should you be offended?

Jill Tanz

"Lois, I'm Super-"
What would have happened if the telephone hadn't interrupted Clark at the beginning of the episode "And the Answer Is"? This story gives you a chance to find out.

Naomi Taub

The Power of Love
Clark's thoughts are never far from Lois as he travels to New Krypton and battles Lord Nor. A continuation of the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

Lara E. Taylor

Comfortable As An Old Shoe
Shortly before their wedding, Lois worries that she and Clark have never truly let down their guards around each other. Clark's proposed solution? That they spend an evening in ... being truly comfortable.

"I Imagine You There"
A poem sprung from Lois's heart while Clark was on New Krypton.

"Lois Learns To Fly"
A romantic poem about a wonderous love.

Will Temby

Head Over Feet, the L&C Remix
Alanis Morissette's "Head Over Feet," rewritten with a Lois & Clark slant.


All Bets Are Off
Another look at the triangle of Lois-Clark-Mayson.

Mayson's Diary
Clark and Dan Scardino read Mayson's diary after her death.

The Web
What if Lois and Clark were real-life superstars, trying to live a private life?

A World Without
What if things had gone differently in the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine"? Find out...

Shayne Terry

  Voted Best New Author 2001

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

What truly defines Lois Lane? For Clark Kent, beauty is only the start of it.

Christmas in Metropolis
Christmas is a time for taking stock of one's life. Lois has a lot to think about on this particular Christmas Eve ... and maybe her life isn't quite as bad as she thinks it is.

Power isn't everything; sometimes it's all about control.

Dear Lois
Clark, thinking that Lois has chosen Dan Scardino over him, leaves and becomes involved in negotiating peace in a civil war in the Middle East. But Lois refuses to let Clark get away from her that easily, and so, in this very well-written and hard-hitting story, Lane and Kent discover that there are many shades of grey -- in life and in love.

In the small, lonely hours one man reflects on the nature of his love in this introspective vignette.

In this Elseworld story, Clark Kent is a musician with a son and a secret to hide; but he's about to be discovered by hot-shot entertainment lawyer, Lois Lane.

Family Hour
A chance encounter leaves a teenage Lois Lane a single mother. Twelve years later, as her daughter begins exhibiting strange abilities, a flying man with those same abilities appears on the news.

A Few Simple Sugars
It's terrible what mad scientists can do with a little DNA and a few simple sugars.

Forever Young
While on a school trip to Scotland, sixteen-year-old Lois Lane discovers the truth behind a childhood legend and learns to fly.

As the world mourns the apparent loss of Superman, a mysterious drifter tries to make sense of his shattered memory, sudden flashes of superhuman power and the images of a dark-haired woman that haunt his dreams.

Fugue II: Fusion
Superman has returned, but Clark must deal with his sense of loss and a dangerous government conspiracy. Meanwhile, Lois heads for Metropolis, determined to take her destiny into her own hands.

Gender Bender
In a world where the sexes are reversed, will Louis survive the Congo? Will Clara ever be inspired to become Superwoman?

Small towns are infamous for their gossip. Is Clark's "secret" really as secret as he thinks it is?

Group Therapy
Trapped together, several versions of Clark Kent and Superman compare notes, and learn something valuable in the process.

Hearts and Diamonds
As the son of Lois and Clark faces a dark future, he struggles to become a new kind of hero. In the meantime, he finds a mysterious woman and discovers they have more in common than he ever could have dreamed.

While investigating a football scandal in high school, Lois Lane is helped by Clark Kent, a mysterious boy who has more than one secret of his own. A story that follows the author's "Vagrant."

In Time, Somewhere
Lois Lane is drawn back in time to the year 1912 after becoming infatuated with a picture of a local hero, Clark Kent, who has been haunting her for her entire life.

The Kryptonian's Wife
Lois and Clark have a quiet conversation about the future.

An insight into the mind of Ellen Lane.

Memo From the Daily Planet Janitorial Staff
It's not easy being clean.

A moment to cherish.

Nightfall comes more than ten years late, and Clark loses his memory of the intervening years. Can he and Lois reunite in a world that's no longer familiar?

Not Again?
Lois Lane discovers that she's not the only one who suffers the perils of being kidnapped.

Orphan Dreams
An orphan learns of a connection with the Man of Steel.

A Pint of Guinness
Lois is in the Guinness Book of World Records, and whoever put her there is going to pay.

Who is Lois's secret admirer?

Alt-Clark finds sorrow and joy in being a hero.

What is the nature of love? And is it like flying?

Red Tape
In a bureaucratic world, what is a superhero supposed to do?

Role Reversal
In a world where Lex Luthor was born as a woman, many things are different, even though some things stay the same.

Seeking Asylum
Who knows what goes on behind the closed doors of the local insane asylum?

Single White Kryptonian
In a world without Lana, Alt-Clark's history is different. He meets the woman of his dreams through a personal ad, never dreaming that he and Lois Lane will soon be partners. Their first case takes him to the last place that he wants to be -- a Smallville that holds the secrets to his past, secrets that he has been running from for ten years.

In her time of greatest need, Lois Lane hears a voice asking, "Are you ready to be strong?" Now she must deal with the consequences, while investigating the collapse of Sunnydale and dealing with her new partner Clark Kent.

Superman 2012
Life in the digital age is tougher than any villain Clark has had to face.

This Old Heart of Mine
Clark realizes his life and love are lost after he's shot during the episode "This Old Gang of Mine."

Time and Again
With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Lois embarks on a quest to change the past and save Superman.

The Ugly Duckling: A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale
This adaptation of the classic fairy tale reminds us once again how universal the story of Lois and Clark is.

Fifteen-year-old Clark runs away from his foster home and has to make it on his own on the streets of Metropolis.

An alternate Clark Kent finds himself flying a planeload of passengers from 1993 Metropolis into real world post-9/11 2008 Washington DC. How will he deal with this new, darker world?

Karin Tessin

Best Friends
A poem about Lois & Clark's friendship.

A poem about the insanity FoLCs suffer while waiting for new episodes to air.

A Lois & Clark Wedding
A poem of Lois and Clark's wedding.

A poem about fans' obsession with L&C and dealing with LCWS.

The Three Seasons
A poem that examines various stages of Lois and Clark's relationship.

Texas Jewel

Against the Odds
Some difficulties arise early in Lois' pregnancy.

Love Makes Life Worth Living
In Lois's last month of pregnancy, Dan Scardino keeps trying to kill her.

That Writer Guy

Election Day
It's Election Day and the people have spoken. The fate of the world has been decided, and things may never be the same again...

Far From Home
Thanks to a hot tip, Lois and Clark are trapped in a strange new world where they meet new friends and dangerous foes. How will they get home? A Lois and Clark/Harry Potter crossover.

Lee Thiher

The Defense Rests
Lois and Clark conspire to end Dan Scardino's meddling once and for all, but when the plans go awry, how will the new couple cope?

Just Another Day in the Life of Lois and Clark
A mysterious woman is out to topple Intergang and a charity function. To take on these equally mammoth projects requires skill, smarts and a little bit of Super-help. But, it's a piece of cake if the key players are the Daily Planet's own Lane & Kent.

Worst Nightmare Come True
Just when we thought Scardino was gone for good, he returns to wreak havoc in the lives of our star-crossed lovers, bringing with him confusion and misunderstanding.

Thomas Mc

  Nominated Best New Author 2014

Anniversary Gift
The Lois & Clark episode "Brutal Youth" brought out a serious problem for Lois and Clark's future together when it was discovered that Clark aged very slowly, if at all, and was likely to have a lifespan of centuries or more. Many years later as Clark deals with the inevitable result of this fact, a new development brings new hope.

Birthday Surprise
On a boring Tuesday evening Kristen has to spend her birthday working by herself at the music store. Then the most popular boy on campus comes into the store and things take a very unusual turn.

Last Name (Extended Version)
27,006 words (148Kb)
A sequel to the author's story "Birthday Surprise." Martha Ellen Kent wakes up in a strange room in the arms of a strange man and three missing days unaccounted for.

Karen Thompkins

Blown Away
Superman gets a shocking surprise. Written in response to Tank's haircut challenge.

Christmas Wishes
Superman grants a child's wish on Christmas Day.

Lois notices something odd during the episode "Strange Visitor." How will she react to her newfound knowledge?

A FoLC's Revenge
A short crossover between Lois & Clark and "The Lion King."

My Father, the Superhero
Being the kid of Superman isn't always easy.

ML Thompson

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

Blind (Super)Man's Bluff
What might have happened if Superman's eyesight hadn't been restored in the episode "The Eyes Have It" -- leaving Lois and Clark to grapple with a new set of realities?

Cause and Effect
When Clark and Lois meet up four years prior to their initial meeting at the Daily Planet, sparks fly. Will Lois' distrust in Clark ruin a great relationship, or will terrorists destroy them before they even get started?

Curiosity Killed the Reporter
Lois' overdeveloped sense of curiosity finally gets the best of her, sending both Clark Kent and Lex Luthor on a desperate search to find out what happened to her.

Curiosity... The Continuing Saga
This story picks up where "Curiosity Killed The Reporter" left off. Our new couple, still fresh from admitting that more exists between them than either had been willing to admit, discover an asteroid is apparently plunging towards the Earth. Will the world, Superman or their new love survive this challenge?

Desperate Times
There is only so much a girl can stand before she feels compelled to take matters into her own hands. In this story, Lois Lane decides that desperate times do indeed call for desperate measures.

Disruptions in Time
HG Wells interferes with Lois and Clark's anniversary plans with news that leads to a little time travel for Lois and a little confusion for the Clark of three different time dimensions, as both Lois and HG try to undo a few "disruptions in time."

Echoes of the Past
Two hundred years in the future, a young man is taunted by recurring dreams about a woman. At the same time, a young woman is tormented by recurring nightmares about dangling over the jaws of death. What does it all mean? Assuming it means anything at all.

Escape From New Krypton
The First Lord of New Krypton, Kal of the House of El, finds himself injured, on a strange planet and in desperate need of help. Will he find it? And how far will Lord Nor go to make sure Kal does not return to New Krypton?

A Final Au Revoir
This story takes a decidedly different turn in the aftermath of the episode "The House of Luthor." Intergang, Mayson Drake, a lover from Lois's past, and a bad case of miscommunication combine to wreak havoc on the lives of our favourite duo. Will the truth come out before it's too late, or will Lois and Clark be lost to each other forever?

First Comes Marriage
'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all -- or is it? Three people grapple with that question in this rewrite of the episodes "Barbarians At the Planet" and "House of Luthor."

In this sequel to Shawn V.'s fanfic "Disquiet Nights," Lois and Clark desperately search for a way to legally sever the marital bonds which have joined Lois to Lex against her will. The two find themselves deeply involved in an investigation into Lex's criminal activities while fighting to resist an overwhelming mutual desire to be deeply involved in each other.

Galactically Stupid - The Whole Story
A series of deleted scenes from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman that prove that Lois isn't really galactically stupid where Superman is concerned.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Lois is found guilty by a jury of her peers. Superman is found guilty in the court of public opinion. Will either be vindicated? Or is the world destined to be without both Lois Lane and Superman?

I Will Always Love You
After Lois and Clark finally admit their feelings for each other, enemies old and new put not only the existence of Clark Kent in jeopardy, but any chance of a relationship between Lois and Clark as well.

If At First You Don't Succeed...
Something very strange is happening in Metropolis, but Clark seems to be the only one who realizes it. But is he just experiencing some strange case of deja vu, or is it something more? Will he be able to solve the mystery on his own, or will he need to solicit the assistance of his often brilliant partner?

Lost in Time
Alt-Lois has been having the same bad dream all her life. While trying to understand it, she makes a startling discovery. Will she figure out the truth? Or will her destiny forever be denied to her?

Lunkhead, No More
A rewrite of the end of the episode "Double Jeopardy," when we watched Lois drive off with Luthor while Clark stood on the side of the road, helpless.

A Matter of Destiny Part One
This story is set in an alternate universe -- one which we have not visited previously. And although many things are bound to be very different, one or two things will always be a matter of destiny.

A Matter of Destiny Part Two
Part 2 of a story set in an alternate universe -- one which we have not visited previously. And although many things are bound to be very different, one or two things will always be a matter of destiny.

A Matter of Destiny Part Three
This is the third and final part of the author's "A Matter of Destiny." You need to read the first two parts before reading this one or this won't make any sense.

Midnight Gambit
Lois is given three choices on the eve before her wedding to Luthor. Will she accept one of the choices offered, or will she make a different decision entirely?

As the new century turns over, Lois reflects on the past -- and in particular on one sin she has yet to apologize for.

Morning Chores
Set during the episode "Green Green Glow of Home," Lois wanders into the barn while Clark is doing his morning chores -- and she ends up helping.

Nowhere to Run
The headline in the Daily Planet reads: 'Lois Lane Kidnapped; Clark Kent Prime Suspect.' How did it ever come to this?

Oops: The Destruction of Utopia
Lois and Clark leap into their past -- a perfect chance to make things right. There's only one little problem: if they change anything, Utopia could be destroyed. Will they figure things out in time or is this the end of Lois and Clark?

The Other Woman - Part 1
What if Tempus never altered the events of the alternate universe? Perry White would be editor of the Daily Planet. Clark Kent would have married Lana Lang. There would be no Superman. Now imagine that Lois Lane returns to Metropolis ... (Part one of a two-part series.)

The Other Woman - Part 2
What if Tempus never altered the events of the alternate universe? Perry White would be editor of the Daily Planet. Clark Kent would have married Lana Lang. There would be no Superman. Now imagine that Lois Lane returns to Metropolis ... (Part two of a two-part series.)

Out of Time
This is a ghost story wherein Clark Kent haunts his former partner as they try to find out who killed Superman. But once they get closer to the truth, they both become haunted by a new spectre: will they will get a second chance or are they 'Out of Time'?

The People v. Clark Kent
A day that should have been a dream come true for Lois and Clark turns into a nightmare, forcing Lois and Clark to make some tough decisions. This time will love mean holding on or letting go?

Reality Check
As Lois prepares for her second wedding to Clark, she gets a little reality check.

In this elseworld tale, Lois and Clark find themselves involved in an investigation of mysterious drugs and kidnapping. A multiauthored story by M.L. Thompson and Gerry Anklewicz.

Rocks, Rings and Hammers
After a hard day of work, Lois hears sounds coming from inside the brownstone that should definitely only be occurring if she were inside with her husband.

The Second Stage of Grief
This rewrite of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine" deals with how things might have gone if Lois had gotten stuck in the second stage of grief.

The Strongest Magic
It's Halloween and someone is killing the people who have tried to kill Lois. But who is it? Does the time of year have any relevance? And can Lois and Clark figure it out in time to prevent Lois from suffering a fate worse than death?

Super Beta Readers
This story is meant to be a tribute to all the Beta readers out there for their efforts to push us authors to become the best writers we can be. Thank you.

Super Stud
When Clark is affected by a powerful, mind-altering drug, Lois has to protect and defend his reputation while trying to come to terms with some startling discoveries herself.

Temporary Insanity (The Children's Version)
On two different occasions, Clark asks Lois a question that makes her question his sanity.

There's No Place Like Home
From coworkers to partners to friends to lovers. But will it happen the same way every time? As Lois and Clark desperately try to find a way to correct the past, they discover there's a thin line between love and hate.

The Time Traveler's Wife
A journalist who's missing in the Congo, a defective time travel machine and a lonely superhero results in an extraordinary adventure for alternate Clark. Will he obtain his heart's desire or will he destroy his world while endeavoring to do so?

Life is not easy if you're a paparazzi who has been discredited in front of the entire world. So... how do you get back on top? By proving you're right, of course.

Without A Superman (Clark Kent's Quest)
It's 1998. Clark suddenly discovers that the Kent farm has burnt down, his parents are dead and his wife is engaged to Luthor. What has happened to his world? And will he be able to make things right?

Without A Superman (Lois Lane's Quest)
This story is a sequel to "Without A Superman (Clark Kent's Quest)." Alt-Lois takes a leave of absence from her job at the Daily Planet to search for... well, she isn't exactly certain. Will she find what she's looking for, and what dangers and surprises might await her along the way?

Without A Superman (Superman's Quest)
This is the third and final story in the "Without A Superman" trilogy. Alt-Lois has found what she was looking for -- or has she? Maybe she'll find another offer more appealing. Find out in "Without A Superman (Superman's Quest)."

Without Checking the Water Level
In this alternate beginning to Lois and Clark, our heroes jump in without checking the water level. Will the resulting ripples drown them both?

Yellow Fever
Kryptonite is the only substance which can kill Clark. So why is Lois -- his wife! -- using it against him? Find out why in this dramatic tearjerker.

Sarah Thompson

Super One
A Lois & Clark version of Amy Grant's song "Lucky One."


Keys anyone?
From winning Kerths to discovering secrets, no task is too big or small for the tenacious Lois Lane. Or is it? In this vignette Lois ransacks her home in a search for missing...keys? Oh, where, oh, where could those missing keys be?

My Lover's Faithful Love
What might have happened if Clark had been unable to get out of the Kryptonite cage and Perry had not shown up in the nick of time?


See Owens, Janet

Total Grins

Clark has something important he needs to tell Lois.


In an alternate ending to Season Three's "Contact," the author describes what might have happened if Lois made sure Clark returned to listen to what she had to say.


  Nominated Best New Author 2001

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

All I Ask
29,517 words (160Kb)
In this "what if" story, Clark doesn't give up so easily after he declares his love for Lois in the park.

Between Best Friends
Just how close can two best friends be before they cross the line into more than just friends? Lois and Clark explore this intriguing question during a story set in S2.

Dance with Me
What might have happened if Clark had accompanied Lois home after Bill Church's party, instead of showing up at her apartment later as Superman? In this WAFFy rewrite of the ending of the episode "Church of Metropolis," the author shares her version of what could've been.

Feels Like Falling in Love
An evening spent watching a romantic movie together causes Lois to ask Clark if he's ever wondered what if feels like to fall in love. But is she prepared to hear his answer? A multiauthored story by Tracey and Wendy Richards.

Is That All I Am?
Lois and Clark go back to the newsroom to finish their chess game at the end of the episode "Top Copy." What happened once they got upstairs?

A Love Well Worth the Wait
Lois and Clark, after working together platonically for several years, finally go their separate ways. But things change quickly when a couple of old enemies reappear.

Midnight Confessions
Ever wonder what might have happened during the stakeout in the episode "Target: Jimmy Olsen" if Superman hadn't been needed and Scardino hadn't decided to show up? Ever wonder what might have happened if two good friends decided to get together and work on a WAFFy rewrite of this scene? We'll give you one hint as to the consequences: smoochies! A multiauthored story by Tracey and Kaethel.

New Year's Wishes
New Year's Eve is a time for reflection, looking back and looking forward, a time for hope, dreams and wishes. And sometimes, just sometimes, on the beat before midnight, the wishes your heart most desires might just come true...

The Only One
In this WAFFy vignette, Lois's jealousy over Mayson is getting to Clark, so he decides to do something about it.

Proven with a Kiss
"I guess I'm just not attracted to you, Lois," states Clark Kent during one scene in the episode "Pheromone, My Lovely." Not surprisingly, Lois Lane takes this statement as a challenge and, in this WAFFy vignette, decides to prove to Clark just how wrong he is.

The Return to Clark's Apartment
What if Lois had stayed at Clark's apartment instead of Jimmy's in the episode "Return of the Prankster"?

Shadows of the Mind
What if Clark refused to let Lois leave with Lex during the infamous "Arrggh" episodes by reminding her of what they mean to each other? In this vignette, the author rights the wrongs of the scene we saw during the third season.

That Shocking First Kiss
The author's version of Lois and Clark's first kisss, set between the "almost first date" and the real one.

Yesterday's News
Lois fears she's "yesterday's news" when Clark becomes distant after their first date. They talk about it ... and this time, Scardino doesn't interrupt.

You Were Mine
The quiescence of night is favorable for introspection from Lois in this Season 2 vignette -- a little soul-searching that leads her to discover some truths in regard to her rocky relationship with Clark. A multiauthored story by Tracey and Kaethel.

Lauren Travis

A Day in the Life ...
Besotted with Lois, Jimmy goes out in search of a story to prove his worth -- but winds up crossing paths with a criminal instead.


Being different can be very lonely indeed, especially when you're the only one with super powers and there's nobody you can talk to about it. Lois and Clark's son learns the family secret. Will it mean a life of sadness for him?

The End of the Beginning
On the anniversary of Superman's death, Jim Olsen reminisces about his friends with the only people who would understand. Chapter 4 in the series Jon Kent: The Adventures of a New Superman. Serious tearjerker warning!

Here We Go Again
Metropolis is still reeling from the return of its hero, but right now Jon Kent has other things on his mind: like the beautiful new research assistant at the Planet! A sequel to the author's fanfic "Awakenings" and part two in the "Jon Kent: The Adventures of a New Superman" series.

Right on Time
A young research assistant is coming to terms with having a partner who is, well, a bit odd. But she ain't seen nothing yet! Chapter 3 in the author's series, "Jon Kent: The Adventures of a New Superman," this story is a sequel to "Awakenings" and "Here We Go Again."

Triple L

Just Where Is...? or You Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told You
Lois and Clark are out on a story, and Clark disappears again. That starts the chain reaction to this story, Just where is ... Clark!

Lois and Clark Meet Shawn and Gus
Lois and Clark are sent to Santa Barbara to cover the story of the very successful psychic detective, Shawn Spencer and his best friend, Gus, with their agency, Psych. After arriving, they come to find that Intergang is in California due to a murder.


A Flickering Flame
Pregnant women are disappearing. A scientist wants to control Metropolis. And Lois hates Clark. When it rains, it pours. Episode 13 of S5. This story was written by Kathy Brown, Bella and Trish.


  Nominated Best New Author 2006

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Heart
After nearly marrying Lex Luthor and alienating her best friend, Lois feels lost and unsure of her own abilities. Attempting to sort out the answers as well as her own heart, Lois throws herself into finishing her novel. Deciding to model her male lead after Clark blurs the line between fiction and reality. Meanwhile a new and deadly drug has appeared in Metropolis -- one that has devastating effects on Superman. Lois must learn to trust herself again in order to help stop this new menace. Can fiction help her to realize the truth?

Revelations in Captivity
A "revelation" fic that centers largely on the events that took place in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine" and Lois' reactions to them. Lois and Clark get locked in a department store by accident and a secret is revealed during a game of Truth or Dare.

Judith Tylke

Champagne Truths
What if Lois had seen her note to herself after the episode "Tempus Fugitive"? This WAFFy story considers what might have happened.

Forever Obsessed
In this rewrite of the episodes "Barbarians at the Planet" and "The House of Luthor," Lois enlists the aid of a mysterious accomplice while Clark discovers that his secret may not be as secret as he thinks. Meanwhile, the duo is faced with countless obstacles as they work to uncover the darkest secrets of Metropolis's most well known philanthropist, Lex Luthor.

Madder Than A Speeding Bullet
Lois figures out what Clark has been hiding, and suddenly he's on the receiving end of her anger. Can he smooth things over?