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Elva Young
Rachel Young
Susan Young


  Nominated Best New Author 1999

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An alternative universe story in which altClark struggles to come to terms with life without his own Lois.

Battle of the Network Printers
One is sweet-natured and trusting; the other is coldly calculating. They're vying for the attentions of the same woman. Will true love prevail? Read this wacky tale to find out. A multiauthored story by YC and Pam Jernigan.

Brief Encounter
The Nightfall Asteroid leads Lois Lane to a find a very disoriented and an extremely naked Clark in the middle of a crater. Or is it Superman she's found? A multiauthored story by YC and Wendy Richards.

Clark Kent, This Is Your Life
Mixed-up Clarks. One Lana. Two Loises. Add in a couple of universes, a pair of scientists, and you get one big mess. Will everyone find their way home? Read on and find out.

In this sequel to the author's "Addicted," Lois makes the arduous journey from lonely victim to cherished and much loved survivor -- with a little help from Clark.

The Elevator
Lois finds an original way to combat Clark's fears.

Fear of Discovery
One of Lois and Clark's worst nightmares may be about to come true, but who could be behind it all and why? And how will they cope with the pressure and turn the situation around?

Fear of Discovery II: Nowhere to Hide
For readers who wanted to know how Clark2 coped when he went back to his own universe... here is his story, that of a lonely superhero. However, there are a few surprises in store for him. Part two in the author's "Fear of Discovery" series.

Fear of Discovery III: Coming Home
Continuing this author's excellent series, Alt-Clark thinks he's found Lois at last. Only she's calling herself Wanda Detroit, singing in a sleazy nightclub ... and dating Lex Luthor!

Fear of Discovery IV: Lois and Clark and Clark and Lois
Clark returns from the Alt universe, relieved to be home at last after the emotional strain of events in "Fear of Discovery II." However, soon it becomes clear that a lot still needs to be resolved back in the other universe. In addition to unresolved issues between himself and altClark, his friend is having a very tough time dealing with Lex Luthor, and there's even more trouble brewing for both altClark and his new girlfriend, altLois. It takes the combined skills of both sets of Lois and Clarks to sort everything out, and everyone learns a few lessons about themselves along the way.

Fear of Flying
Arianna Carlin's plan for revenge has a surprising emotional impact on the lives of Lois, Clark, and Superman.

Fear of the Unknown
Following an accident, Clark has difficulty coming to terms with the consequences of his actions. Can Lois convince him that as long as they are together, they can overcome any obstacle?

Go Softly Into The Night
A distraught Clark reveals more about himself than he intended.

Half of the Lane and Kent partnership falls seriously ill with a mysterious ailment. Something seems to be killing Superman!

How Not to Build a Library
A couple of shop assistants have some impish fun with a certain book-buying customer.

A story offering a new explanation for the baby at the end of the series. The tragic but well-meaning interference of a third party forces difficult decisions upon Lois, Clark, and the baby's natural father.

The Last Valentine
Clark decides to bid Lois a final farewell in an unconventional way.

In this alternative beginnings story, Clark's parents make a disastrous, though understandable, mistake which has unfortunate consequences on his childhood and early adulthood. External forces also have a hand in his future, but in the end, he overcomes adversity to rediscover his true destiny.

Lois and Clark are about to face an enormous challenge that could have dire consequences on their future life together.

To See the Future
As the Nightfall Asteroid falls to Earth, Lois needs to make a decision on an offer from Lex Luthor. A multiauthored story by Wendy Richards, Kaethel and YC.

Trust Me, I'm a Reporter
What if Superman wasn't recovered sufficiently to fly away at the end of the episode "Madame Ex"? Lois's insistence on looking after him causes Clark some unexpected complications.

The Ultimate Mary Sue
Mary Sue moves into her new apartment and receives an unexpected visitor. A comedy in which your wildest dreams might just come true.

Waiting for Superman
An attempt to write a poignant story about Superman, a rescue, and what happened to Clark as a result.

Elva Young

Alternate Final Scene of Metallo
A scene that might have taken place after the ending of the episode "Metallo."

Rachel Young

Somewhere in Time
A soulmates' story in which a young Loisette and Charles find forbidden love only to be thwarted by their timeless nemesis, Tempos.

Susan Young

  Nominated Best New Author 2006

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The Kryptonian attack on Smallville has repercussions.

Cat has a final conversation before leaving Metropolis.

Breaching the Ivory TowerKERTH 2016 WINNER
Lois sorts through her emotions during Season 2's "Church of Metropolis."

Cheese of the MonthKERTH 2006 NOMINEE
When Clark offers Lois a terrible excuse during a romantic meal, she vows to find out his secret on her own.

Filtering Out
The brain is a remarkable biological machine.

The Florist's Tale
In response to my feedback for her "A Cabbie's Tale," VirginiaR said, "Feel free to write your own 'The Florist's Tale.'" Okay!

The Ghost of Christmas FutureKERTH 2016 WINNER
Tempus travels through time as he teaches himself a Dickens-inspired tale.

Godzilla's HomeKERTH 2016 NOMINEE
A child's toy tugs at a guilty heart.

A missing scene provides context for Lois' varying emotional states during the episode "The Green, Green Glow of Home."

Quick vs. Quickly KERTH 2016 WINNER
A grammar lesson turns into an active demonstration.

The Showgirl's Tale
For "The Canterbury Tales of Metropolis" challenge: Witnessing an event during "I've Got a Crush on You" changed this performer's life.

Smart TeensKERTH 2007 NOMINEE
The Smart Kids have grown into teenagers. What happens when one of them falls prey to addiction again?

Star Stuff
A WAFFY "Season's Greedings" episode extension.

That Old Vat of MineKERTH 2016 NOMINEE
Shallowford issued an Episode Mash-Up Challenge of "That Old Gang Of Mine" and "Vatman." Here's my response. :)

Unique IndividualsKERTH 2016 WINNER
Issues surrounding identity and deepening relationships are at the core of this sequel to "That Old Vat of Mine."

What a Gentleman Desires: The Continuation
Lois and Clark bond as they fix a colorful mistake.

Whining Ends
A minor character from "Whine, Whine, Whine" comes to a major realization.

Xerxes the Great
Clark and Lex square off over ancient history.