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Robert O'Connor
Tara O'Shea
Jana L. Officer
Marta Olson
Sheryl Olson
Janet Owens

Robert O'Connor (aka The Gothamite)

History Repeats Itself
A sequel to the author's "Lex Luthor...Clone Of Steel," this sees a super-powered Luthor clone returning from the grave to begin his war on Metropolis with his own personal clone army.

Inner Demons Unleashed
Clark is exposed to red kryptonite and becomes evil. Her Ultrawoman powers restored, Lois has to stop him.

Lara and Jor-El: The World Of Krypton
A story set in the past about the events leading up to the destruction of the great planet Krypton.

Lex Luthor...Clone of Steel!
A baby-less Lois and Clark discover Lex has been cloned again. Only this time ... with the same abilities as Superman.

Nuclear Families
Set in a world where Lois and Clark get their baby the old-fashioned way (when Lois briefly retrieves her Ultrawoman powers), this story follows the origin of Clark Kent Jr., a.k.a Superman Jr., and is a sequel to the author's previous story, "Inner Demons Unleashed."

Tara O'Shea

Tara's Kissing Scene
Hot in pursuit of a story, Lois and Clark hide in a closet -- with romantic results.

Teaser Start
Lois wakes Clark up too soon.

Jana L. Officer

Being Unique
Lois shows up at Clark's doorstep after the capture of Kyle Griffin. After a dinner of spaghetti, Clark weaves a poignant bedtime story about a boy who grew up to be different from everyone else and yet met the woman as unique as he is.

A strange day at the office leads Clark to reconsider his clothing choices.

A Fishy Story
Lois's tangled life is seen from a fresh and slightly surprising perspective in this vignette.

Grown-Up Christmas List
Lois writes her very own Christmas list.

Lois Lane, the Jesse James of Thought Trains
Clark's attempt to tell Lois his secret goes much more smoothly than it ever did on screen, in this response to the ATAI ("And the Answer Is...") Challenge on the Lois and Clark Fanfic Message Boards.

Love Remains
Lois tenaciously follows her instincts and her heart in this alternate version of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine." A clue, which is meaningful only to Lois, evokes a mystery concerning Clark's alleged demise.

Remember Me?
It has been weeks since Stern's announcement that the Planet was back in business, but Lois and Clark still haven't talked. Can they finally put their insecurities aside and move forward?

Self Determination
Lois had made an important decision which could change her life forever. Does she have enough resolve to see it through?

Lois and Clark find their first assignment together after Clark has broken up with her to be very awkward.

Starless Night
Clark pays Lois a late-night visit as Superman in this re-visitation of the events at the end of the episode "Metallo."

When Pigs Fly
Lois finds out that there are odder things than pigs that fly!


No More Cloning Around
An alien mad scientist, jealous of Kal-El, replaces Clark and the Daily Planet staff with clones. A multiauthored story by Olga and Jo.

Marta Olson

Gypsy Clarkie
Clark must go undercover as a male stripper at a club where female clientele have mysteriously disappeared.

My Mind or Yours
What if Perry White were in Jimmy Olsen's shoes, and vice versa? They may just find out, if Lex Luthor's scientists' mind-swapping machine works on humans. Things get even more interesting when Luthor tries it on Lois and Clark.

Sheryl Olson

It Came to Me in a Dream
Lois' dream of flying over Metropolis -- in the arms of Clark Kent -- brings her to a startling realization.

The Joke
A short humor piece in which Lois jumps to an interesting conclusion after catching Clark wearing nothing but a towel.

Sleepless in Metropolis
A first date -- and Lois did the asking!

Something Completely Different
Clark tells Lois how he feels about her dating Dan Scardino -- with interesting results. A steamy little story.


The Perfect Costume
Lois needs a date for a costume party. A date that would be able to survive the matchmaking attempts of Ellen Lane. Someone with a skin of steel. Only he couldn't go there as himself, right? But Lois has the perfect costume for him.

Tempus Junior
Tempus awaits the birth of his son and heir.

A Wonderfoul Wedding
Lois' sister Lucy is getting married, which is fine with Lois. Well, mostly. Unfortunately, she is marrying Superman -- or maybe not?


The Body for It
19,021 words (106Kb)
The Daily Planet staff attend a very important fancy dress party with a superhero theme. Some people look good in spandex, some don't!

Janet Owens (Tic and Toc)

  Nominated Best New Author 2006

Any Time at All
Does Clark really mean what he said? Really, really mean it? Maybe Lois should just sort of... test that out...

Cloud Nine
Clark has moved to Metropolis, and has the job of his dreams at the Daily Planet. He's also met the woman of his dreams. But that has caused an unexpected side effect...

The Girl Next Door
Lois Lane has a secret that dates back to the earliest days of her childhood; a secret she's kept all her life. Now a prize-winning reporter for the prestigious Daily Planet newspaper, her safe but solitary existence is shaken up by the arrival of a disturbingly handsome man.

How It All Started
The timeless, classic story of how it all started... Or more precisely, how the story would sound if Lois told it in full babble mode. Read at your own risk.

A Little Insurance
In the course of running what she thought was just a little errand, Lois gets some unexpected - and unwelcome -- information. Now she has to tell Clark. (Bonus epilogue included! )

One Slip
He's fallen in love with her at first sight... but is she really the right one for him? Is it true love, or just a momentary lapse of reason?

Resale Value
What do you do if your insurance doesn't reimburse the full value on a damaged item? Lois comes up with a Super solution.

Side Effects
What do you get when you mix an ex-convict and some Kryptonite with Lois Lane and Superman during a bank robbery? Not what you might expect...

Side Effects, Take No. 2
An alternate take to the author's earlier story, "Side Effects": What if Superman didn't react to kryptonite in the way we're all familiar with, but instead.... Well, what do you get when you mix a group of criminals and some kryptonite with Lois Lane and Superman? (Again) not what you might expect....

Step Into My Parlor
Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly...

The Villain's Tale
Sometimes you can put a lot of thought, time, and effort into a new idea, and sometimes your project is successful. But sometimes, all you find out is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Wrapping Up Loose Ends
This time, the path to true love is going to run a little bit straighter for Lois and Clark. All of those pesky little obstacles just don't stand a chance.


Those Glasses
Glasses can tell a lot about a person. In this case more than you think.