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The Letter
A vignette in which Clark shares a very special letter.

A Revelation Poem
A poem in which Clark has just saved the day again, but Lois has become suspicious of yet another disappearance and flimsy excuse. Set in Season 1 or 2.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas....
A poem adapted from the classic "A visit from St. Nicholas," in which Lois and Clark have an unexpected visitor. Set in Season 3. Please forgive the slight adjustment of the time frame.

Carrie Smith

The Metropolis Files
Lois and Clark are distracted from their upcoming wedding when Lex Luthor escapes from jail. In order to track down Luthor and his suspected accomplice, Dr. Mamba, Lois and Clark team up with FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Romance is in the air as the foursome treks to Brazil in pursuit of Luthor. Two of the decade's top television shows, Lois & Clark and The X-Files, are combined in this thrilling rewrite of the episode "I Now Pronounce You ..."

Miracle Child
A continuation of "The Family Hour" in which the question of where the baby came from is answered.

Nan Smith

  Nominated Best New Author 2000

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» Nan Smith Series Guide (compiled by Pam Jernigan, edited by Mike M)

Assassin's Dagger
The third in the author's "Dagger" series, this story leads Lois on a mission to find Clark, who is missing and without his memory, while at the same time she's trying to foil a plan to assassinate a foreign prince. Can she find Clark in time to get some Super help?

Before the Beginning
What happened to Martha and Jonathan Kent after Lois and Clark left them in "Tempus Fugitive"? This story is about the Kents on a certain evening in May of 1966.

Best Laid Plans
Lex has escaped from prison and is determined to get what is his: Lois. This is the third in the author's trilogy that began with "A Night at the Office," and continued with "Strange Relationships."

Blind Man's Bluff
Picking up in the aftermath of the author's "Doppleganger," it's just another day in the life of Lois and Clark when Lois is kidnapped and Clark is incapacitated by a deadly Kryptonite spray ... but will this day prove to be their last?

Buried Secrets
In the third story of the series beginning with "Four Days to Nightfall," Lois and Clark pursue the shadowy figure behind several criminal schemes as their relationship continues to deepen. Meanwhile, Clark's alter ego makes a splash in his debut, but secrets from the past could bring trouble for the reporting duo.

In their latest investigation Lois and Clark go undercover with the assistance of Jimmy, completely unaware of the adversary they are about to face. A sequel to the author's "Vanishing Act."

Christmas in Metropolis
A Christmas story in the continuity of the author's "Dagger" series, told from the viewpoint of CJ Kent.

Following the author's "The Sting," Marta Kent and Susie Jones face each other in court.

Lois, Clark and Jimmy race against time when terrorists threaten the United States with a deadly gas which can even affect Superman.

Daddy's Little Girl
Marta Kent is the only girl in her family, and she's noticed her dad and older brother are always disappearing, without taking her along. Is it because she's just a girl? The answer to her question is a little more than she expected. This is part of the Dagger Series, following Christmas in Metropolis.

Dagger of the Mind
What might have happened if Clark had shattered the Nightfall asteroid only to discover that a mixed chunk of red and green Kryptonite was buried inside? Find out in this well-written story.

Dagger's Edge
Clark loses his memory in the middle of a crisis, and Lois steps in to help track down the bad guys. A sequel to the author's "Dagger of the Mind."

Darn it!
Why are so many inanimate objects such a source of frustration? Lois advances a theory.

Degrees of Separation
Following the author's "Middle School," Marta Kent's new friend has a secret. Her twin brother is missing, and Intergang is making a reappearance in Metropolis. What is the crime syndicate's interest in Allynda Myers and her brother? Part of the Dagger series.

In this conclusion to the episode "Family Hour," Lois is haunted by a stalker; meanwhile someone has been making attempts on Clark's life. Evidence suggests that it's connected to their new adopted son, CJ, but what is the connection, and will the couple uncover it in time to save their lives?

During this third of a trio following "Mystery" and "Getting to Know You," Lois and Clark try to keep their developing relationship on track while dodging tabloid "reporters" and trying to nail Intergang.

When Lois has problems falling asleep in the Lexor's honeymoon suite, she gets more food for thought than just a cup of warm milk.

First Case
Lois and Clark of the Alternate Metropolis work together on their first case, while also facing a challenge closer to home. This story follows "Masquerade."

First Date
Lois and Clark go on their first official date. This is part of the author's Alt-Universe series and follows "First Venture."

First Venture
In this sequel to "Homecoming," Lois reunites with family and joins Clark in efforts to keep Tempus silent for good.

Fly Hard Revisited
In another of the series of Episode Extension Challenges -- this one from "Fly Hard" -- Lois decides comforting a wounded Luthor can wait as she pursues some interesting questions with her truculent partner.

Four Days to Nightfall
What should Lois Lane do when she accidentally discovers a naked man with no memory in Centennial Park? In this Elseworld fic, she takes him home to the Daily Planet, of course, and tries to figure out just who and what he is.

Games People Play
In the sequel to "Lessons," Lane and Kent set out to discover the real reason for Luthor's hidden bunker under Metropolis. What they find is a danger to Earth as great as that of the Nightfall asteroid.

Getting To Know You
This rewrite of the episode "Top Copy" follows the author's "Mystery." Lois learns more about her "super" partner as the two of them deal with Diana Stride's attempt to kill a government witness -- and them as well.

The day after the events in the episode "Blackout in Metropolis" is Halloween, and Lois reflects on what the events of the previous day mean. Does anyone, especially Clark, really think of her as a good friend, after the things that have happened in the last year? When she goes to report on the Mayor's Annual Halloween Party, she gets a chance to find out about Clark's friendship for her, and hers for him, in a most unexpected way.

The latest in the author's "Dagger" series; Lois and Clark's son, CJ, is beginning to develop some abilities he didn't expect.

Years in the future, a talented journalism student meets the new superhero in Metropolis. What she doesn't know is that he's been waiting for her, because true love never dies.

Home 4A: A Valentine Vignette
Part of the author's "Home" series. A charming vignette. Clark arrives home to find a sobbing Lori.

Home II: Beginnings
Lori Lyons, a 21-year-old woman with the soul of Lois Lane, starts work at the Daily Planet News Service, and quickly finds herself enmeshed in a web of intrigue and treachery as terrorists try to sabotage the starship which her brother is to captain. Fortunately, Lori has friends and allies, including her disturbingly attractive co-worker Clark Kent -- and Superman and his family! A sequel to the vignette "Home."

Home III: Memories
The third in the author's Home series. Lori and Clark grow closer together as they report on the theft of the Westhaven diamonds. But will Clark be able to tell Lori about his past before it's too late?

Home IV: Honeymoon
The fourth in the author's "Home" series. Lori and Clark investigate campus drug murders while settling into their new marriage.

Home V: Obsession
In this continuation of the author's Home series, Lori and Clark are on the trail of a serial killer, who may, in fact, be an old friend of Lori's. As in typical Lois style, the intrepid Lori becomes the killer's next mark. Are they getting a bit too close to their story?

Home: A Christmas Story
In this continuation of the author's "Home" series, Clark and Lori have their hands full, juggling relatives, food and burglars.

Home: Circle of Fate
Thinking that Lori will be an easier target than Lois, Tempus attempts to destroy Utopia by kidnapping Lori from her time. However, he made a slight miscalculation...

Home: An Evening to Remember
This is part of the "Home" series, following "Home: Family Party," and rounds off the story of Velma Chow and Oliver Brent. Oliver proposes but will a chance occurrence destroy the future they are planning?

Home: Family Party
At the Kent family's barbecue, Velma Chow feels a little out of place. But Police Inspector Oliver Brent has his own ideas about Velma and her future relationship to his family.

Home: Murder by Earthlight
When a robbery on Earth threatens the reputation and career of Marilyn Olsen, Lori and Clark find themselves involved in an unexpectedly dangerous murder investigation -- on the Moon.

Home: New Year's Wishes
There is reason to celebrate in this family vignette, and there are a few surprises for Lori, too.

Home: On The Fourth Day of Christmas
In this continuation of the author's "Home" series, Uma Kent has plans for Clark. Will she succeed? At the same time Lori and Clark have an announcement to make.

Home: Vendetta
Gaia's Children return in an effort to punish Lori and Clark for their role in exposing the cult's attempt to destroy the first starship. Can Clark find Lori before they harm his wife -- and before their baby is born?

Set in the Alt-Universe, this is the sequel to "How I Spent My Christmas Vacation." Upon her return from the Congo, Alt-Lois takes it upon herself to set some boundaries for the Press in a world where everyone knows that Clark Kent is Superman.

Honey, I Spun the Baby
Lois to the rescue, again. A multiauthored story by Nan Smith and Mr. D8a.

Hot Chocolate and Reading Glasses
A week after the events in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Superman winds up at Lois's without his powers.

The Hottest Team in Town
Fourth in the series started by "Four days to Nightfall," and sequel to "Buried Secrets." All of Metropolis is curious about its new superhero, while Lois and Clark are hot on the trail of Metropolis' biggest crime boss. But just who is on their trail?

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation: An Alt-World Story
After returning from helping Lois and Clark defeat Tempus, Alt-Clark is visited by Wells again. This time with news of his Lois. An Alt-Universe story.

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation -- One Year Later
It has been a year since the Clark of the alternate universe found his Lois, and someone is trying to find a way to attack Superman. Can Lois and Clark discover who is behind it in time?

The Inconveniences of Doing Superman's Laundry
The day after Clark's press conference, he discovers the unexpected consequences of informing the world that he washes Superman's uniforms.

An Interview With Superman
The sequel to "The Way It Should Have Been," that I wrote in 1999. After saving Martha and Jonathan from Jason Mazik and Nigel St. John (and bagging the story) Lois and Clark go to Lois's apartment to talk.

It Happened On Christmas
This story is in the continuity of the show. It was inspired by the discussion on the message boards about Lois's cooking skills, and the famous Christmas dinner in the episode "Season's Greedings."

Just Say ... I Love You
What would have happened if Lois hadn't thought of getting Star to help read that page they found at Larry Smiley's institute in the episode "Just Say Noah"? Find out in this short and steamy story.

Kitchen Crusade
While researching a story with Lois at her apartment, Clark discovers that making coffee is a job for... Superman.

In the sequel to the author's "Tsunami," Superman goes after Nightfall. But when he returns to Earth without his memory, Lois is faced with a problem. Should she tell him the truth about himself, or will such a revelation make things worse?

In the sequel to the author's "The Return," Lois and Clark test Clark's new identity in Metropolis, but the presence of a tabloid reporter could complicate things.

A Matter of Ethics
A different take on the episode "Green Green Glow of Home" and Lois is confronted by a moral quandary that could almost literally change the world.

Middle School
In the continuity of the author's "Dagger" series, following "Consequences," it is Marta Kent's first day in seventh grade. In Middle School, she encounters an old rival, and makes the acquaintance of someone who is more than she first appears to be.

Mother's Day
Someone is watching the Kent family and CJ in particular. Is it an old enemy or someone new? This is the sequel to "Suspicions."

Lois and Clark find themselves involved in more than they bargained for when sent to review Mystery Mansion's Charity Fundraiser.

New Year's Eve
In this vignette, which follows the author's "Best Laid Plans," Lois spends a New Year's Eve with the Kents in Smallville.

The Newlywed Game
What if Miranda's 100% pheromone perfume had affected Superman? And what if he'd accidentally passed along a little of the pheromone to Lois Lane during their kiss at the airport? What happens after they discover that they are married and it is three days later?

A Night at the Office
An alternate version of the episode "Fly Hard." Timing is everything, they say, and if the timing had been just a little different, Lois Lane might have learned a lot more than just what it was like to be a hostage.

Nuclear Option
In this rewrite of the episode "House of Luthor," Clark helps Lois to come to her own conclusions about Lex.

On the Turn of a Card
Important events often depend on very tiny choices. In this rewrite of "That Old Gang Of Mine" find out how things might have been if Lois had reacted in a slightly different way at Georgie Hairdo's gambling parlor.

This well written rewrite of the second half of the episode "Top Copy" develops a more plausible medical scenario as well as looking more closely at how the threat to Superman's life affected the relationship between Lois and Clark.

What if the 2% dose of pheromone didn't affect Clark, but the 100% did? Things might have turned out a little differently than they did in the show.

Pheromone, More Likely
In this rewrite of the episode "Pheromone, My Lovely," Miranda's spray reveals more than Lois's secret attraction to Clark. Can Lois and Clark discover the real reasons behind what happened in the newsroom?

As Lois figures out the important things in her life, a bomber threatens lives throughout the city. (A continuation of the author's Dagger series.)

The Return
After almost five years, Lois returns from the Congo. But is she still the same old Lois? This is the sequel to "First Date" set in the alternate universe.

Second Choice
In an alternate version of the Alt World, Ellen Lane and her daughters move to Smallville. A teenage Lois, trying to cope with an alcoholic mother and a younger sister, meets young Clark Kent and finds out just how good a best friend he can be.

The Sting
In the sequel to the author's "Too Hot to Handle," Marta Kent and her friends decide to prove Susie Jones is really the bully that Marta and others claim she is.

Strange Relationships
The 'what comes next' after the author's "A Night at the Office." Lois and Clark deal with the repercussions of the revelations from that 'Night.'

Whilst attempting to avoid a bullet, Superman and Inspector Henderson are hit by a bolt of lightning, and Metropolis' latest superhero is created.

Supercop II: The Black Knight
Three months after acquiring Superman's powers, Inspector Henderson, Clark, Lois and Jimmy find themselves up against a shadowy criminal who may have targeted a police officer for his next victim. Can they identify him before he can strike?

Ellen Lane's suspicions regarding Clark lead her to far more than she ever bargains for. This story follows "Daddy's Little Girl" in the author's "Dagger" series.

A Tasteful Lesson
When the school ignores a bully who steals Marta's lunch every day, Lois comes up with her own solution.

This is the sequel to the author's "Four Days to Nightfall" and begins two days after "Charlie" deflected Nightfall, thereby saving the Earth from destruction. There is no Superman yet, and Clark Kent has just been hired at the Daily Planet...

Too Hot to Handle
This is the sequel to "A Tasteful Lesson." The school tries to blame Marta Kent for what happened to Susie Jones.

This is the sequel to "Feathers." Lois continues to watch Clark while trying to determine if her suspicions about him are correct.

In this sequel to "Pheromone, More Likely," the author takes on Season One's "Vatman" episode. Why is Clark upset that Superman made a rescue in Paris? If Superman entrusts his problem to Lois, can she and Clark figure out who the impostor is? Will Lois reconcile her growing feelings for Clark and the way she's treated him in the past?

Unforeseen Consequences
An old enemy turns up unexpectedly. But this time they're not only after Superman. Part of the author's "Dagger" series.

The Vampire Murders
Lois and Clark investigate a series of strange murders in Metropolis, and the main suspect may be ... a vampire?

Vanishing Act
The birth of Lois and Clark's first child is sure to be a thrilling event. Especially when it coincides with an important investigation. Part of the author's Dagger series.

A Walk in the Dark
When a super-hero has a bad day ... he *really* has a bad day.

The Way It Should Have Been
The author gives us a whole new take on the episode "And the Answer Is ..." with this well-written story.

Wedding Accomplished
Winding up the Wedding Series, Lois and Clark return to Metropolis to deal with the last details of Lois's inheritance.

Wedding Aftermath
In this sequel to the author's "Wedding Day," Lois and Clark deal with the aftermath of Lois's failed wedding attempt to Lex.

Wedding Consequences
After marrying Lex Luthor and being widowed shortly thereafter, Lois goes into hiding from the media. But what she finds may be worth all the trouble.

Wedding Day
Lois Lane has married Lex Luthor, and starts to realize what this will mean to her future life, and her happiness.

Wedding Rearrangement
This is the last story of the Wedding series, following "Wedding Consequences." Lois and Clark come to Smallville to avoid the media and the new head of Luthor's criminal empire, who wants Lois dead. But Lois and Clark never do things the easy way, and they can never mind their own business when someone else needs help.

Perri Smith

Questions and Answers
A story that takes place within the episode "And the Answer Is..." After Superman has frozen Lois to take her to the meeting with Jason Mazik, Lois awakens in limbo and has a conversation with H.G. Wells.

Season's Greedings (Cont.)
A continuation of the episode "Season's Greedings" in which Clark surprises Lois with a trip to an outdoor ice-skating rink. A multiauthored story by Perri Smith and Diane Levitan.

Tara Smith

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The Black Circle
Lois must enlist the help of more strangers, not to mention Metropolis's newest superhero, when Superman becomes the victim of an evil spell. Will these dark forces prove more than our favorite couple can handle, or will their new allies be able to help them save the day?

Into every TV show, a few bloopers must fall....

Metropolis is plagued by super rats, and even Superman can't control them. Looks like a job for ... super cats?

The Jeep
Lois finds herself in sudden need of a new Jeep, but how will she decide on a color?

After Lois is rescued by the mysterious Maggie, she discovers a very interesting connection between the young woman and her husband. However, before she has a chance to confront Clark, Lois and Jimmy are kidnapped and Maggie is left to do the rescuing. Maggie enlists Superman's help, but will the Man of Steel's aid be enough?

Offending Maggie
A follow-up to the author's "Writers Block" and a companion piece to her upcoming "Threads of Confusion" (Voyager/L&C crossover). Maggie is back, and upset about all the script changes being forced on her!

What's so cute about those furry little Pagimon heroes, anyway? Lois finds her answer after a brief and unusual encounter with the little guys.

Clark has a surprise for Lois ... or will it be such a surprise, after all?

Threads of ... Barbecue?
The cast of the great LnC/Voyager crossover is taking a break between shooting part 1 and part 2. What better way to celebrate than by throwing a barbecue? Someone always has to crash the party, though.

Threads of Confusion
Lois, Clark and their friends and family are getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Naturally, trouble hunts them down. Meanwhile, the crew of the Starship Voyager run into trouble of their own in their search for supplies. Sequel to the author's "The Black Circle."

Writer's Block -- A Mary Sue Intervention
What's a fanfic author to do when her main characters go on strike? Negotiate, of course... and who better to do that than that absolutely perfect self-idealisation known and loved(?) throughout the worlds of fandom as the one and only Mary Sue!


  Nominated Best New Author 2006

"Angels exist. They really do. And sometimes, they are even closer than we think." Especially if you happen to have a six-year-old daughter named Emma Kent.

East of the Garden
Sometimes, in life-and-death situations, being a "cherub" with superpowers is not enough. In those times, a *lot* of extra help may be required...

Fallen Angel: A 'Cherub' Interregnum
This little cherub's fall from grace is only the beginning of her descent...

Dave Songer

Kiss of Steel
A one-act screenplay that shows what might have happened had Clark answered the phone at the end of the episode "Metallo."

Lightning in the Piazza
Lois and Clark investigate a robbery at the Metropolis Art Gallery. The witness thinks that he was struck by the energy of an angel. Could it really be true?

Moon Over Metropolis
Some FoLCs, after liberating a device that allows them to transport themselves to the world of fiction, wreak havoc in Lois and Clark's universe.

Pillow Doubletalk
It's Lois and Clark's wedding night, and Clark has to disappear again! What kind of cheesy excuse can he give Lois this time? :-)

Some Like It Hotter
When Superman disappears without a trace, it becomes a job for that daring group of FoLCs known as the Unreliable Mission Force (UMF). An adventure in script form.

Swiss Family Olsen
Jimmy and Sarah Goodwin take a vacation together in the South Pacific. Their ship is hijacked by pirates, and our heroes make their way to a deserted island. They are alone. Or are they?


He was a constant in life. No one thought he would die... but then he did.

Nancy V. Sont aka Tipiwoman

  Nominated Best New Author 2005

A Future for Us
Clark decides his only hope for a future with Lois will be if Superman proposes to her. As she gets to know Superman's favorite hangouts and activities, she realizes that she had no idea what a fun guy he can be, quite like Clark actually.

Investigating Superman
Lois enlists Clark's help in investigating incognito rescues in Metropolis, shortly before Superman donned the red-yellow-and-blue, thanks to a woman who wants some publicity for her group.

The Kiss of Death
When the gangsters shoot Clark (in the episode "That Old Gang of Mine" -- TOGOM), he grabs Lois as he falls, faking his death. Soon she finds out more than one secret in this challenge response vignette.

Lois and Clark Sitting in a Tree
Lois and Clark act like a couple of teasing, flirtatious teens in this short vignette.

Truth or Dare
Lois and Clark are playing a game of Truth or Dare. Lois reveals something too embarrassing to say, but not until Superman and Clark mess with her mind.

Joy N. Sowell

A Bermudan Love Triangle
When Lois takes a trip to the Bermuda Triangle to dispose of the Kryptonite after the episode "Madame Ex," Clark learns something that makes him follow her.

The Foundling - Part Deux
When Clark decides Lois was insensitive following his break-in, he sends Superman to her place to show her the error of her ways.

Joyeux Noel
When Lois' Christmas plans fall through, Clark invites Lois to spend Christmas with him and his parents in Smallville. A sweet, WAFFy Christmas tale.

Lois and Clark: The Really New Adventures of Superman
It's a bumper week for the Kents. First, a baby left on their doorstep, then they have to handle the raging hormones and budding relationship of Lucy Lane and Jimmy Olsen.

A newly wed Lois and Clark reflect on some of the extraordinary adventures that brought them together.

Lois reflects on her past -- her family, and her "federal disasters" -- and concludes that she's just not lovable. Clark disagrees, and says so -- and also helps her to understand why she keeps getting him mixed up with Superman in her mind.


Like Father, Like Son
A lighthearted story about Lois and Clark/Superman's oldest son, who is proving to be a "Chip off the Old Clark."


Flower Shop Surprise
On their anniversary, Clark is busy as Superman. What surprise awaits Lois as she tries to cover for him?

Samantha Spawley

A distraught Lois beats on Clark's door at 4 o'clock in the morning, looking for a little company but hoping for something more with her partner.

Anne Spear

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Being Alive
A story set during the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine." What might Lois and Clark have been thinking and feeling when they tried to call each other?

Earth's Greatest Hero
Metropolis is under martial law with the "Peacekeeper" as its resident superhero. Can a reporter named Lane lead the fight for freedom?

Family Tree
Clark gets a surprise visitor from out of town -- way, way out of town -- who helps Lois, Clark and Jimmy crack a case involving a dangerous new drug.

Forever Superman
There's a vampire seemingly on the loose in Metropolis, and Lois isn't about to let anyone beat her to the scoop.

The Forgotten Folk
In this Tolkien crossover story, Lois and Clark travel to Ireland, where Superman has an encounter of the extraordinary kind.

Honey, I'm Home
In this prequel to the author's "Tales from the Krypt," Lois helps Clark make an important decision.

It's That Tempus Again
Tempus has two tricks up his sleeve in this delightful adventure: an alternate world for Lois (or is it Teri?) and a special bomb for Superman. How will they sort this one out?

Lost and Found
There's nothing like almost losing a secretly-loved one to snap two very stubborn views into focus...

Not All Geese Are Wild
In order to avoid dealing with Clark's death, Lois goes in search of ghosts in this rewrite of "That Old Gang of Mine."

Oh Well, I Tried
What if Lois forced Clark to tell her where he was at the end of the episode "The Eyes Have It"? This 30-minute-challenge lets us find out.

Regrets. We all have them. But are they enough to push a woman to divorce a man as esteemed and connected as Lex Luthor?

Resurrection No More
This "if only" story considers what might have happened if Mayson hadn't died from the car bomb (with one other twist!), thanks to some help from Superman.

Secret Killers
In this crossover fic-a-thon entry, Jimmy discovers he has step-sisters, Clark discovers strange doings in the conference room, and yet more people discover the SECRET. Prepare to be Charmed.

The Secret That Wasn't
Lois and Clark have a surprise for Dr. Klein. Or do they?

Skeletons in the Closet
Perry finds more than he bargained for in this extra scene from "The Rival."

Tales From the Krypt
15-year-old Liz Kent is facing a lot of changes in her life, so she decides it's time to start chronicling her thoughts in a journal. This is a fun, sweet take on the next generation!

Tales from the Krypt 2: Yes, Elizabeth, There is a Santa Claus
Superman's daughter learns the truth about the magic of Christmas.

The Twelve Days After Christmas
Clark's attempts to invoke some Christmas spirit slowly drive Lois insane in this Christmas Carol Challenge Vignette.

Ultra Squirrel
The Newtrich sisters get more than they bargained for in this plot untwist of the episode "UltraWoman."

Wouldn't You Know It
Is Lois and Clark's life just one big joke?

Wow, What a Game
When Lois tries a new computer game, she gets addicted -- fast, and Clark thinks something is fishy about that.

Zebedee's Sons
As Lois and Clark investigate the mysterious disappearance of two local teens, they try to come to terms with their own family situation and what it means for their future.

Allison Spielzinger

A Freak Accident
Lois and Clark's investigation into the kidnapping of two young children -- whose father is suspected of ties to Intergang -- allows Lois to watch Clark interact with children and leads her to explore her feelings about having kids.

He's Just Not Clark
A phone conversation with her sister, Lucy, helps Lois choose between Dan Scardino and Clark. This story is for those FoLCs who wanted to actually SEE Lois get rid of Scardino.

Lisa Stankiewicz

Computer Glitch
Lois and Clark's adopted teenaged daughters meet Jaxon Xavier in the virtual world. Will the computer wizard succeed in exacting revenge on Lois and Clark? A multiauthored story by Lisa Stankiewicz and Shannon Berg.

Clark and Lois find the real parents of their child.

Tears in Heaven
Christmas is coming and the goose is in the pot. But, something else is stirring in the Kent house; Lois and Clark are fighting to keep their marriage alive. Though Clark is fighting a battle all his own… New Krypton… Will it be a holly jolly holiday for the Kents or will this Christmas be scrooged? A multiauthored story by Shannon Berg and Lisa Stankiewicz.

Debby Stark

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Alternate: The Eyes Have It Idea
A humorous pre-relationship story inspired by previews of the episode "The Eyes Have It."

And Baby Makes Three
A short, WAFFy picnic scene with the family Kent.

Carry Tiger to Mountain
When old enemies weaken Superman with kryptonite, capture Lois and threaten Metropolis with a bomb, Clark finds he must call upon the T'ai Chi teachings instilled in him years ago by a wise Chinese teacher.

Commercial Break
If you didn't have a chance to tune in to the 1998 Kerth Awards Ceremony held on IRC, you missed a good time. But, never fear! Here are the commercial breaks, written with the FoLCs in mind. Get your tongue planted firmly in your cheek and get reading! A multiauthored story by Debby Stark and Ellen Garnett.

Dawning 01: Cooking With Clark
After a slime monster attacks Metropolis, Lois discovers a secret -- and only Martha knows the secret is out.

Dawning 02: What Lois Knows
Lois goes to Kansas to discuss the CK=S situation with Martha.

Dawning 03: Some Days in the Life ...
Rumors fly around the Daily Planet about Lois and Clark's relationship. Clark does some babysitting, and Lois gets a notice about a meeting to discuss the condition of her apartment building after the Slime Monster attack.

Dawning 04: A New Ball Game
Lois and Clark attend a softball game together, where they have a nice, long talk. Clark continues a story on possible city council corruption, and Lois joins him.

Dawning 05: As Crumbled Cookies Go ...
Clark has a conversation with his agent, Murray; and his story on corruption is published. Also, Lois cooks for Clark. Which situation proves the most dangerous? :-)

Dawning 06: Chances Are ...
Lois thinks that Clark may be ready to tell her about his secret identity. Meanwhile, Clark, Lois and Jimmy work on a follow-up to the corruption story.

Dawning 07: It's Not Over Till ...
Lois and Clark worry about a fight they almost had. When William W.W. Waldecker disappears under strange circumstances, Perry thinks it may have something to do with Elvis' diaries.

Dawning 08: The Bank Job
Lois begins to recover from the injuries she sustained in the previous story. The duo continue to investigate Waldecker's disappearance. Superman is sued.

Dawning 09: Daybreak
Superman goes to court to defend the way he handled the Slime Monster attack. Clark is *finally* ready to tell Lois his secret, but her apartment is abandoned. Is this the end of their relationship?

Dawning 10: Daybreak 2
As Lois prepares to move in next door to Clark, they discuss marriage and the fact that he is Superman. On a visit to Smallville, Lois gets to meet some of Clark's childhood friends.

Dawning 11: Extraordinary People
Clark reflects on his past and fate, which sent him to Metropolis and put him squarely in the path of Lois Lane.

Dawning 12: Intermezzo
Clark helps Lois solve the mystery of her missing furniture.

Double Entendre
Clark knows he is married to the clone but has to pretend all is well in order to not spook Lex Luthor, who has kidnapped the real Lois. A sequel to the fanfic "I'll Knot Pronounce You ...," the full title is "Double Entendre - An Alternate View: The Non-Wedding Arc, Part II." This is the second of the author's five stories written to take the place of the episodes in the five-part arc.

I'll Knot Pronounce You ...
A rewrite of the "I Now Pronounce You ..." wedding scene, and the reception, with a much less clueless Clark. This is the first of the author's five stories written to take the place of the episodes in the five-part "non-wedding" arc.

I'll Second That
Lex Luthor plots to kill Superman with a secret weapon, "Wanda Detroit" sings the blues at a dockside pub, and Punkin Kent finds a friend in Superman. A continuation of the fanfic "Seconds Helping," the full title is "I'll Second That, or, Forget Me -- Please!" This is the fourth of the author's five stories written to take the place of the episodes in the five-part arc.

Little Bird
Clark is in major trouble when he learns that all Daily Planet employees must be subjected to blood and urine tests -- no exceptions, and no excuses.

The Long, Dazed Journey From the Night
During his showdown with Lex Luthor, Clark receives unexpected help from ... Superman? Help is on the way for Lois, but it may be too late for Punkin Kent. A continuation of the fanfic "I'll Second That," the full title is "The Long, Dazed Journey From the Night, or, Thanks for the Memories." This is the last of the author's five stories written to take the place of the episodes in the five-part arc.

Saving Geckoboy
Lois is alarmed when a phone call interrupts an important discussion with Perry.

Seconds Helping
Lois escapes from Lex but manages to elude Clark as well, thanks to an amnesia-inducing bump on the head and help from a kindly truck driver named Red Dixon. A continuation of the fanfic "Double Entendre - An Alternate View: The Non-Wedding Arc, Part II." This is the third of the author's five stories written to take the place of the episodes in the five-part arc.

Shortest L&C Story Ever
Exactly 14 words long. :-)

Superman vs. Batman
Superman can't resist checking out the near-mythical Batman of Gotham City ... and he can't resist taking a peek to see whose face is under the batmask.

SwapMeet: Burbank
Lois and Clark find themselves in an alternate universe where they are characters on a television show, played by Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain. Meanwhile, Cain and Hatcher are sent to Metropolis in Lane and Kent's place. Can the foursome solve the mystery of their switch and get back home where they belong? Winner of the 1998 Fanfic Kerth for "Best Crossover," this amazing story is now available on the Fanfic Archive! This story should be read along with its mirror story, "SwapMeet: Metropolis."

Exactly why has Clark Kent always worn glasses? This clever tale from Clark's early childhood offers up an explanation.

What Friends Are For
Lois has a girls' night out with her sister, Lucy, and two good friends. Clark Kent and Superman keep coming up as topics of discussion, to Lois' embarrassment.

Julie Stars

Carpe Diem
Clark and Lois make up in the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine," but something is still in the middle.

Just Say... Yes
With unfinished business between them, Clark makes a move to reconcile with Lois during their night at the Smiley Institute Camp Ground.

Me and My Big Mouth
Lois finally faces up to a few things.

New Beginnings
This short vignette is a continuation of the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine" that takes place a few days after. Lois is shocked to find out that something she hoped wouldn't happen... has happened.

Time Enough For Tears
One eventful night is all it takes to set things straight between two friends.

Mark Stone

The Window
Through his office window, Perry has a firsthand view of the highs and lows of the newsroom drama known as "Lois and Clark."

Susan Stone

Aliens and Strangers
A story tracking the life of Laney Kent (the only one of the Kent brood lacking in superpowers) from adolescence to maturity. This story explores what Lois and Clark's kids might be like, and also sets about reconciling the issue of Clark's alienness with religions of the world.

Laney and the Giant Killers
Five-year-old Laney Kent gets her biggest birthday surprise after the party is over and her guests have gone home. But finding out your daddy and Superman are one and the same isn't a good surprise, especially when you realize you take after your mom and your sisters take after your dad, which means they'll be able to fly when they grow up, and you won't. A prequel to the author's "Aliens and Strangers" fanfic.

Nightmare Revelation
While on a stakeout with Clark, Lois falls asleep and dreams she had married Lex Luthor. In the dream, things go from bad to worse to as horrible as could be imagined.


Almost Home
Clark's been on New Krypton too long, but in his mind he's "almost home."

Blame It on the Mistletoe
It's the middle of December, Christmas is around the corner, and mistletoe is everywhere. Find out what happens when two new friends discover they're standing under some of that mistletoe.

The Chair
Forced into a night out by her editor, Perry White, Lois pulls out all the excuses in order to meet a handsome stranger at a nightclub.

Chip Off the Old Clark
Lois learns something unexpected about the man she's about to marry. Will the news cause a permanent rift or will Lois decide that she can love a "Chip Off The Old Clark"?

Christmas Carol
What do you do when you're alone at Christmas and you've lost your spirit? Listen to a Christmas Carol; it just might change your life.

City By the Sea
Lois has lost her hero, her best friend, and the man she loved... only coming to that realization a little too late. Will she learn to live again despite her loneliness or will she find new direction and purpose in a city by the sea?

Coming of Age
Lois and Clark meet when they're teenagers. Will they make irreparable mistakes? Or will they eventually come of age?

Double Jeopardy
In a world where nothing is what it seems, can our favorite couple find their way home?

When Clark decides to end his relationship with Lois for her own good, she breaks. Deciding that she can't handle working with Clark at the Daily Planet anymore, she sets out to collect stories from all over the world. In doing so, she learns that she can't stop loving Clark. She takes him "everywhere."

Family Man
With the help of a Christmas visitor, a very different Clark is shown what his life could be if only he will allow it to happen.

A Gift for Life
When Clark is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Lois suggests a radical plan to save his life. But can their friendship survive the new challenges? A multiauthored story by Stopquitdont and Jenni Debbage.

I Can't Be Your Friend
When Lois confronts Clark about not showing for an important event in her life, he tells her something she never expected. Will she take it in stride or issue him an invitation he can't refuse?

Mixed Signals
Certain circumstances work against our favorite couple, but time can't change destiny.

My Inspiration
Life can be difficult when you're a celebrity. But sometimes you find inspiration in the most ordinary places.

Not a Day
Lois Lane and Clark Kent meet again after being separated for five years. How is he going to react to another special person in her life?

Old Flame
It seems like there is a bit of unfinished business between Lois and an old flame. Find out if they decide to stoke the embers of a past relationship.

Betrayal and revenge set the stage for an experience our favorite couple will never forget. Will Lois and Clark be able to live through hell on earth and bring those responsible for their misery to justice?

Regarding Clark
Lois and Clark finally make it to the altar. Clark learns that getting to the honeymoon requires a bit more effort and a few sacrifices. Lois proves that she will fight with everything she has if it's anything regarding Clark.

Sleeping With the Enemy
Lois has made her choice. She has a new life, with a new husband. What happens when she wakes up and finds out she's been sleeping with the enemy?

Star Player, Star Reporter
This is an alt-world story that puts a different spin on our favorite characters. Lois works as a reporter, but Clark has another profession. Their characters are different from the ones on the show, yet that doesn't change the fact that these two were meant to meet.

This Magic Moment
It's Christmas in Smallville. The snow is falling, the air is filled with expectancy, but what could be better than this "magic moment"?

Ultimate Soldier
What might have happened to Clark if the Kents hadn't found him? Find out if circumstances turn a gentle soul into an Ultimate Soldier or an ultimate man.

Unexplained Events
Clark is introduced to a new form of Kryptonite in rewrite of the episode "This Old Gang of Mine." Will he and Lois get through the hard times that follow?

The Way It Should Have Been
Regret can be a humbling emotion. After so many years apart, will Lois and Clark realize just what they've missed and set things to the way it should have been?

What Makes a Man?
One horrifying experience causes Clark to rethink everything he's come to know about himself. Will he be able to overcome the obstacles facing him and find his way back to the only woman he's ever loved?

When Galaxies Divide
In a time when two people are destined to be together, how can they when galaxies divide them?

Jenny Stosser

» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

The Chicken or the Egg?
How would Superman act if he found himself transported to a world (um, like ours) in which superheroes didn't exist except as in TV shows and comic books? This is a story in which a well-known villain swaps a well-known actor and Superman out of their respective universes -- and each must try to act the part of the other.

Sue S.

  Voted Best New Author 2007

50 First Revelations
Lois wakes up one morning having memory problems. Is she merely trying to block out a painful experience or is something else behind her mysterious amnesia? (Inspired by the concept of "50 First Dates") A multiauthored story by Matrix and Sue S.

Absolute Proof
Fifth in the author's "Proof" series. Sometimes the truth is right in front of you.

All I Want (For Christmas)
This is a WAFFy continuation of "Witness." It picks up right after Lois asks Clark to walk her home.

And Nothing But the Truth
Linda King is back in Metropolis for the premiere of her movie. This story is a companion/continuation of the author's "The Whole Truth."

Brake Light Confessional
Do you have any idea how much I loved "The Phoenix"? In particular the scene in the marina condo where just the looks they give each other are enough to scorch paint off the walls. This is an alternate take on the end of that episode that has lived in my mind lo these many years. It picks up the next morning when they go to confront Sheldon Bender on his boat...

The Buddy System
Lois: "You could have pretended that we were sharing some fleeting moment of passion, but you didn't think of that, did you? No!" Clark: "No. But I'll remember it the next time we're in a closet."

The Ears Have It
Superman's blindness results in an "illuminating" talk with Lois.

Faustian Bargain
What if Lois asked Clark to become best friends with benefits? Faust traded his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge. To "strike a Faustian bargain" is to be willing to sacrifice anything to satisfy a desire for knowledge or power.

Fire Drill
Lois' hazy memories of her pheromone-induced actions begin to surface.

Flying Lessons
What if the superpowers swap in "Ultra Woman" took place in the second season, before Lois knew Clark's secret?

An exploration of a scene near the end of the episode "And The Answer Is."

Gimme Shelter
An alternate version of the couch scene in "The Prankster." Lois receives a threatening call from Kyle Griffin and seeks shelter with her best friend.

High Tide
What if Lois and Clark had made up someplace that wasn't so musty and owned by a killer?

Honeymoon in... Vegas
An impromptu trip to Las Vegas for a story takes an unexpected turn.

Last Call Casualty
What if Clark hadn't been home when Lois came by at the end of the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine"?

Laundry Night
A vignette based on the original scripted ending for the episode "Voice From The Past."

Moment of Proof
Clark keeps his promise. Fourth in a series. This occurs at the end of "Wall of Sound" in the second season.

The Next Step
Lois feels she has a genuine gripe and has trouble forgiving Clark for his constant disappearing. This takes place right after the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine."

One Defective Bulb
Written for the 2007 Christmas ficathon. Lois goes to replace the light bulb that mysteriously blew out at the marina condo.

The Other Shoe
Lois and Clark dating? Check. Lois being plucky and resourceful? You betcha. Clark testing the ethical limits of his super abilities? In big and little ways. Flirting? Uh-huh. Kissing? Sure! Action on a couch? Oh, baby, yes. Angst? Bring it! This story has a little bit of everything but an A-plot. Well, okay, maybe there's a tiny hint of one, but it's more decorative than functional.

This occurs after the episode "Contact" in a universe where "When Irish Eyes Are Killing" and "Just Say Noah" never happened. There were so many issues for Lois and Clark to work through after the "break-up" that just got swept under the rug.

Lois learns a little something about the Man of Steel. And maybe he learns something about her, too. This occurs within or shortly after the episode "Witness" from the first season.

Proof and Consequences
What's in a name? Lois learns more about the Man of Steel in this Sequel to the author's "Proof." This is set during the first season shortly after the episode "Foundling."

Proof or Dare
Clark continues to flirt with disaster. Third in a series. This probably won't make much sense if you haven't read "Proof" and "Proof and Consequences." This is set sometime between the episodes "Fly Hard" and "Barbarians at the Planet" in the first season.

Revisionist History
When Lois and Clark investigate the disappearance of artifacts from an archaelogical excavation, they both learn how the past can be rewritten. This takes place near the end of season two sometime after "Individual Responsibility" but before "Whine, Whine, Whine." From the beginning it was easy for me to understand what Lois could see in Clark. I honestly used to wonder sometimes just what he saw in her. This story is what my inner mild-mannered reporter had to say on the matter.

Lois switches places with her future self.

What if they had ordered a pizza instead of takeout from Ralph's Pagoda?

An encounter with the clone Superman allow both Lois and Clark the chance to see beyond the exterior.

Let's pretend that Lois was a lot drunker in the episode "I'm Looking Through You."

The Whole Truth
Linda King is back in Metropolis for the premiere of her movie. First in a series.

Worth the Risk
Valentine's Day 1995. With her ex-fiance back from the dead and behind bars, Lois has to decide if falling for Clark is worth the risk.

Megan Sullivan

The End of the Planet?
The Daily Planet's investors are threatening to pull out. Lois and Clark, along with the rest of the Planet staff, have one week to strut their best stuff in order to save their jobs.

A Little Kent in Their Future
Clark uses his "vision gizmo" on Lois to discover that, yes, a little Kent is on the way. They can't wait to tell Perry and the Kents the good news.

Telling All the Friends
A continuation of the story "A Little Kent in Their Future." Lois and Clark decide to forego using a doctor for prenatal care and instead settle on their favorite midwife -- Martha.

We Seek the Comfort of Another
A continuation of the episode "Big Girls Don't Fly."

Wedding Jitters
A week before their wedding, Clark begins to suffer feelings of inadequacy.

Nicole Sullivan

Bad Timing
Clark finally has the courage to reveal his secret to Lois.

The Beaver
Clark Kent leads a double life. And Lois is on to him. Sort of.

Double Fudge Miracle
It's Chocolate versus Rocky Road. Clark's holding his breath... and forgetting one little fact about the woman he loves.

Giving Up and Giving In
Lois sees that something is different about Clark. And it might be just what she needs to realize what is right in front of her. A WAFFY vignette.

Have a Little Faith in Me
In this rewrite of the episode "House of Luthor," Superman fails to escape the vengeance of Luthor's Kryptonite cage. He realizes a little faith can go a long way.

Lois Lane's Diary
Dear Diary, I think I may actually be in love with Clark, but Superman is still, well, SUPERMAN! I think before Clark and I ride off into the sunset, I will add some complications that will teach me my biggest lessons about life and love yet!

Lois Lane's Diary II: And They Lived...
Dear Diary, I am in love and things are going great! I really think Clark and I are on our way to a happily ever... wait... he has something he wants to tell me. Well, I'm sure whatever it is, it's just great, like love is!

Lucy Lane Is Coming to Town
Lucy Lane is coming to spend Christmas with Lois, but she still needs to find her sister the perfect gift. Can that perfect gift be something money can't someone tall, dark, and handsome?

Million Dollar Question
"What's he got that I haven't?" Careless questions can have consequences...

My Best Friend's Wedding
How different might things have been if Clark had granted Lois's request and agreed to attend her wedding to Lex Luthor?

Night Sky, Bright Star
Ten-year-olds Lois and Clark live in two very different worlds, and one night, at bedtime, they have similar experiences that show why they are so different, and how those differences brought them together.

Passing the Torch
In this early Season 2 story, Lois and Clark are challenged by the remnants of Bureau 39, an old love, and a blind date.

Regarding Paris
Lois overhears a conversation between two men in her life and takes action -- an action which gives her more than she bargained for.

To Wake From Dreams
What do you do when the man of your dreams dies before you realize he's the man of your dreams? And what if you are that man... and you're not really dead? A TOGOM ("That Old Gang of Mine") story.

The Way You Look Tonight
Lois makes a birthday wish and realizes, when it comes true, that some dreams are closer to home than she realizes...

Beth Summerson

  Nominated Best New Author 2008

An Early Revelation: Top Copy
Top Copy gets the ultimate exclusive they were looking for, and Martha has no laser sculpture to give Clark. How will the world cope?

A sequel to the author's story "Honesty." This story continues to follow the lives of the young couple as they deepen their relationship and take it to new levels. But the challenges of daily life prove to be difficult as their loyalties are tested and they struggle to remain faithful to each other, despite outside pressures.

Frozen Emotions
Lois has had enough of Clark's excuses and disappearances. She decides to take a stand against his behaviour and let him know how she feels. A 2008 Holiday Ficathon Story.

A Next Gen story where Jon Kent meets an amazing woman while he is patrolling one night. But how can they have a relationship when she doesn't know who he really is? And is it possible that she is hiding something as well?

The Pursuit of Pleasure
Lex Luthor spends a quiet evening at home with his favorite comforts. Well, he tries to.

Continuing with the author's series that began with "Honesty" and continued with "Fidelity," this story takes the perspective of different characters within the same universe. And a whole new set of challenges.

Written in the Stars
This Alternate Universe story explores what would happen if Krypton exploded when Kal-El was an adult. Are Lois and Clark fated to be together, no matter the circumstances?


Revelation Wrecked
Clark's revelation to Lois doesn't go as he planned.


Above Alt Else
An alternate universe retelling of the fateful meeting between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. The tale begins the day they meet at the Daily Planet and how fate, flight, and fancy shape how they grow from there. If you think you know the secret, think again...

All Hallows
All Hallows Eve (Hallowe'en) descends upon The Daily Planet and a skeptical Lois Lane comes face to face with fear in this brief tale that will keep you guessing.

En Dance
Curious to see what a mysterious redhead is doing with Clark, Lois finds herself at a local dance studio and is about to have the dance of her life.


An Almost Dying Love
When Lois feels neglected by her Super husband, she gets some advice from her mother-in-law on just how to whip Clark into shape.


The Truth Lies in Trust
When Lois inadvertently discovers the truth about her partner, loyalty leads her to perpetuate the lie, even before she is certain of just what she is protecting, and what might come of it...

The Baby From The Sky
Lois and Clark have just found out they couldn't have children. In their depression they retreat to Smallville to be comforted by the only two people who can comfort them in their time of need -- and stumble upon a dream and nightmare.

A Christmas Without Clark
Clark has a special mission to undertake in this Christmas vignette. Will it mean he may not make it home in time for Christmas?

Silent Call For Help
Clark's daughter Lisa has a mystery illness. Will Clark be able to help her in time to save her life?

Unpleasant Memories
Nightmares have plagued the mind of the young Sara Kent. Lois and Clark struggle with the hard decision of telling Sara about where she really came from. Will this revelation pull them apart or bring them closer? A multiauthored story by and Chris Bauer.

Metropolis Towers have been attacked by terrorists. Jimmy leaves Sara to fight the war on terrorism and is totally unaware that Sara is pregnant with his child. Jack has come back for a fresh start with his father and son relationship with Jimmy. Will Jimmy return in time to see his child be born, and will he accept Jack as his father again?


» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace

Be My Smallville Valentine
Lois and Clark spend their first Valentine's Day together in Smallville.

Lois tries to prove to Clark, with dubious logic, that chocolate really is good for you.

After Clark runs off once again, Lois puts her feelings on paper -- or, more accurately, on the computer screen. Find out just why Jimmy suggested to Clark that a flak jacket might be appropriate attire for the occasion.

Forget It ... Not!
During the episode "Whine, Whine, Whine," Lois reflects on the events of the last few days -- only this time, she has a piece of information which sheds new light on everything.

A Job Well Done
In this fluffy vignette, Lois tries to restore Clark's emotional balance after a difficult night for Superman. But love and support work both ways it seems.

In this follow up to the fanfic "Clark.doc," Clark replies to Lois's email with one of his own.

Lois's Cooking Diary
Who knew recipes don't quite mean what they say? Not Lois Lane. (Based on an anonymous anecdote.)

Love, Mom
Letters from a mother to her son capture her memories and feelings as she watches him grow up and attain his dreams.

Maybe So
Those last few minutes of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine" from Clark's point of view... with one important change.

Mister December
Lois decides that if Clark wants to be her partner, he must take the good with the bad and forces him to help her with a distasteful assignment. The "Farmboy" from Kansas turns the tables on her in this holiday romp.

Smack Dab in the Middle of Things
In the midst of an embezzlement investigation, Lois's reputation -- and professional integrity -- are compromised with the appearance of a revealing photo. Sequel to the author's "Mister December."

A Smallville Valentine
This year's trip to Smallville for the Valentine's Dance is very special for Lois and Clark. One they will never forget!

Who Wants to Love A Millionaire?
When Lois gets addicted to the popular new game show, Clark decides drastic measures are necessary.


Love's Confusion
Lois and Clark are enjoying an evening of pizza and movies when Lois decides she wants to tell Clark something she has been holding back. Reactions aren't as expected and neither Lois nor Clark knows what exactly to do.


Jupiter and Mars
Kidnappings in Metropolis are on the rise. And when Jimmy goes missing, Perry gets worried and sends Lois and Clark to find him. In the process, they find out something about each other. A story set near the beginning of the second season.

Jessica Sweeny

The Ballad of Superman
This ballad traces "Lois and Clark" through four seasons of their relationship. Short, sweet, and well done.


A Clandestine Disclosure
After having Lois slam the door in his face after their first date, Clark gets brave enough to ask for another one. Will this one work out better?