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Confessions -- eine schwere Entscheidung
Clark chooses not to meet Lois as Superman anymore, but he has to say good-bye at least....

Write Your Own Luck
Clark finds the script of Lois' novel and starts to read it. The similarities with his own life are amazing, but they confuse him - because Lois seems to like him more than he thought she would.


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Wish you could have seen that date promised at the end of the episode "Individual Responsibility," when Clark promises Lois he'll be there at 7:00, and 7:01, and 7:02 ... ? Here is what it might have been like -- a night out on the town as could only happen to Lois and Clark.

The Ankle Bone's Connected to ...
After having to spend a few hours away from Lois -- and on his wedding night too -- Clark returns to their hotel room to embark on a new mission of exploration.

Always Something There to Remind Me
When Superman has to go out into space to save the world, he brings back with him the means to redeem his alternate self's lonely life.

After not objecting to Lois dating Dan Scardino, Clark has a change of heart. He rushes over to Lois' apartment, hoping it's not too late.

The Best Man
It's Lois and Clark's engagement party, and nothing can mar their happiness with each other ... except perhaps the news that Lex Luthor is not only out of prison but reinstated on his throne of power.

Counter Clark-Wise
A dejected Clark Kent, who despairs of ever getting Lois Lane to notice him, wakes up one morning in bed beside her. Supposedly, he's been married to her for years. He's in heaven. Meanwhile, a much-married Clark is sent mysteriously five years into his past. He wants back, really bad.

Cruise Control
Why are the married Lois and Clark going on a singles' cruise? Trouble in paradise? No (okay, there's always a little friction), just hot on the trail of a killer ... with a little time for romance, too. Guest appearances by Ralph and everyone's favorite DEA agent.

Cyber Link
When Lois learns that Clark hangs out on a journalists' chat forum on the IRC, she logs on incognito to ask for help on a story. As her questions turn increasingly personal, Clark comes up with answers she doesn't expect.

Dirty Bubbles
Poor Lex. Three weeks married to Lois and ... things ... are just not working as he expected. But then, hell hath no fury like a woman warned. Is it Revenge? Not exactly ... :-)

Fated: An Elseworld Story
A what-if story in which Jor-El provides his son with more than just passage to a new life on another world.

File Not Found
It was an easy mistake. Lois told Clark to copy the file NOVELL off her computer, and he grabbed NOVEL. Now that he has Lois' fabled romance novel on his screen, can he resist the temptation to read it?

Great Shades of Elvis
It could be that Perry has said, "Great shades of Elvis!" one time too many, because Elvis has taken to conversing with Perry when no one else is around. Before Perry goes completely around the bend, Lois and Clark must tear themselves away from their cozy new relationship to investigate. Who would want to drive Perry insane, and why? Or has the King just gotten lonesome since he died? A story that picks up where the fanfic "Wheels of Justice" leaves off.

If You Can't Beat 'Em (Joe's Story)
A what-if story that explores what might have happened if Superman, not Clark, had first pursued a relationship with Lois.

An Innocent Conversation
Lois and Clark's trip to the supply closet becomes something more as computer tech talk takes on new meaning.

It's About Time
After the Lois-Lex wedding incident, Perry notices that Lois and Clark are walking on eggshells around each other. He decides to help them get their edge back by sending them "on assignment" to a romantic village in South America, where he hopes nature will take its course.

Known Too Well
Superman becomes annoyed with Lois when, after finishing dinner in her apartment, she confides that she knows him "so well."

Like Superman for Chocolate
Lois' feelings for Clark and Superman manifest themselves in her dreams as an ultimate chocolate fantasy.

Lois and Clark Meet The X-Files
Mulder and Scully arrive on the scene to determine if our favorite alien is *really* an alien.

Look, But Don't Touch
Lois and Superman learn the meaning of sexual tension when they are trapped in a collapsed mine shaft with Jimmy Olsen and injured miners. Superman has to slowly chisel away at the walls, while bracing the ceiling, in order to prevent a complete collapse. Meanwhile, Perry wonders why Clark Kent, Lois' fiance, has been missing for days.

Navigating Denial
When Lois and Clark's son, Perry, realizes he has super-powers, there is only one conclusion he can draw -- his mom had an affair ... with Superman!

The Persistence of Memory
Some surprising news sends Lois and Clark on a roller coaster of an adventure.

A Real Short Christmas Story
It's the Planet's Christmas party, and Lois is armed with mistletoe for when her favorite guy shows up.

Speeding bullets
Was it fate or destiny that brought a small spacecraft to Gotham City instead of Australia, Timbuktu, or even a small farm in Kansas? This Elseworld tale explores a very different beginning to the Superman legend. A Charity Fanzine story.

Ultra Matum
A gem of a "what if" story where Lois gets the opportunity to really learn what being a superhero is all about. Plus lots of warm moments and fun lovey-dovey stuff that no one does better than Lois and Clark.

Wheels of Justice
Mayson Drake calls a press conference trying to condemn Superman as a vigilante, but she's unprepared for the response she receives from Metropolis. Before the conference, Lois and Clark spend a few hours reveling in their new relationship. A continuation of the fanfic "You Made Me Love You" that paints a clearer picture of Mayson Drake and her motivations.

You Made Me Love You
Now that she's finally over her Superman infatuation, Lois is embarrassed to have to sing a love song to the hero at a charity ball -- because the committee thought it would be "cute." To complete her humiliation after the serenade, she is invited to chat at Mayson Drake's table.